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  1. They could say ANYTHING but there's no way to prove it yet... Of course if we'll not deny Time Machines possible existance in future/present/past.
  2. Because of Titor CERN will not announce about anything Time Machine related. Maybe John Titor of this world line already dead...
  3. Don't be limited by other's knowledge - they could be false.
  4. He warned us and this made significant changes to events. It's almost much past 2015 year, yet there still no World War (but several local wars). There is so much differences...
  5. This is subconscious' effect when your experience is far more than you think and you started using it - something like "unlocking" it. If you from another interpretation of this world - why you skill will suddenly improve if you never used them? It's like having a great sharpest sword but without skills to use it... Or having skills but the sword are paper one. Got my idea? In your case you just aloved yourself to work harder despite your sickness.
  6. I was just trying to say that sound cannot be "left" in past since it's also "travels" forward.
  7. And about Titor... I think the W.W.III wasn't canceled but delayed...
  8. There is one issue: sounds are produced by movements - vibrations. And each movements (in our case - vibrations) meets resistance which in turn will be stoping sound from being produced. If vibrations doesn't meets any resistance - the sound will not apper as well. And this proves that the "pin drop" experiment are incorrent from the basics. Yet, everything are moving through time, but only future and same speed.
  9. I wonder what happend to RF, USA, NASA Europe, etc...
  10. How about longest-life power sources? F.e. gravity, magnetism etc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2BqZCup4Tbw
  11. Hey, what's about CERN? 3rd World War? Maybe Titor was just making a camouflage to be like "lier, who lies"...
  12. Hey... How could we help you, if we don't have precise information and any "tools" for it!?
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