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  1. Gow (Aliens) are from era 4 Giants are from era 5 Humans are from era 6 Shnaught are from era 7 Era 4 is the earliest point in time we are able to travel back to. The dominate species of planet earth in Era 4 was Gow, ( what you describe as aliens.) This species became extinct from starvation. Gow lived both on land and deep under sea. Gow travel through time in their gallsk (what you call space shuttle) Gow created the pyramids in their era,
  2. People from the past are ignorant, arrogant and unappreciative of the effort that goes into time slips. You are correct, I do claim I am from 2072, however I posted into discussion for people to discuss the near future. I may have the wrong meaning on discussion, could you please refine for me?
  3. I cannot explain everything, I will try as much as I can. A world spiral, is what multiple world lines form. Every action has two world lines. If you choose to do one thing, you would create a world line for that action and a world line without that action. A world spiral is what keeps it all together. It is similar to a tree branch, I am from the year 2072, My name is JacobTitor, Son of JacobTitor and MarissaLunge The worldline that you live in is currently known back in my world as "287866" The worldline that I am from is known to my world as "1" I have travelled to 3 different world lines not including my own. And studied 287866 for 3 years. WL287866 is unhealthy, the earth, the race of human and the ocean. This world has limited time before its own version of N-Day. Quite soon, just over 3.4 billion people are going to all die. A very rare siting of a hurricane - typhoon fusion will soon begin when their paths meet. The typhoon will sit around the equator until the hurricane is created, pushed north east, few days later this hurricane will reverse direction going back through its path of destruction and meet up with the typhoon. The world storm (as my associates describe this as) will be alive for 42 days, Through out its lifetime, 3.4 billion people will fall. My father lacked on his rules when he visited 287866, 36 years ago. He said too many names, the rule is zero. Hence his actions, this has split your worldline more times than usual speed. If anyone would like to ask questions, feel free. I will answer as much as possible.
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