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  1. Dear John, As I begin to write this I am in a little coffee shop with free wifi. I am a little shaken from having to write this. Surprised to say the least. I was hoping I was free. Yet, Cosmo has brought me lo again. John, Please forgive me for having to be honest. I hope it doesn't upset you. Yet, I feel honesty is the only thing I can do in order to protect myself and children. After it all, you have my complete trust John. I am simply trying to do what I can as well. Cosmo, I forgive you for what you have done. I understand you don't understand what you have done. Endangering myself and children by posting every single thing I wrote before, during and after my rescue ~ of which I myself did not understand what was happening at the time. As John said ~ it had to be surprise. And like many, you are simply seeking answers to unanswered questions. I feel John may provide the proof of the realness of this all, and some answers through the numbers he left behind on the titor foundation website of the different visits. When decoded and explained, you may understand further. And, I hope you find some compassion and a sense of protective nature about you for us. I hope to state all of this as logically as possible. John ~ I am so so sorry. I am deeply humbled and doing my best. I am 95% sure Pamela's secret song is Private Idaho by the B52's. I live in Idaho. A rocky mountain state. The mountains are the place I feel the most home. Away from the city and away from what this society provides as "real life". To me real life is fresh air, mountain streams, running horses and living real. March 12, 2001. ~ The foundation was established. March 12, 2009 ~ the numbers were posted. March 12 2009 ~ My best friend and I had the only fight we have ever had in 22 years. Because of it we didn't speak for 3 years. As well, to make her and my mother proud of me, I stayed in a very abusive relationship to prove that I could make it work. To prove that someone could love him to the death if needed, to help heal him. To be a warriors wife and live up to what was expected of me as such. My best friend realized the pressure placed on me. I love her dearly to this day. She is the one to help me place some of the pieces of the numbers puzzle together. March 12, 2013 ~ The day I arrived home because of the rescue. The below will prove the Johns knew everything I would go through before it all happened. And, I pray they know this as well. I trust I will be protected though I am deeply afraid of what could happen because of the gorilla. On to the numbers: When you place the time jumps into chronological order by date it reads like this: Please understand, I had very little time (2 hours to put this together) while using a horrible internet connection that has slowed me down. So, if I get it slightly wrong please forgive me. John 1 John 2 1998 10 12 1998 07 29. There are 2 months and 13 days between these dates. I understand this as John 2. As well, John 2 is known to me as number 13. John 1 is known to me as 116. 1999 12 28 1998 10 29. There is 1 year 1 month and 29 days between the dates. I recognize this as 11/29. 11/29/2009 is the date my ex-husband tackled me while 5 months pregnant and hit me 6 times in the face. My mother only saw three times he hit, I have since learned. Yet, he did hit me a total of six. 1 year 2 months and 16 days as well as 3 months is the amount of time between the 1998 date and 1999 date for John 1 and the 1998 dates for John 2. 1 2 16 3 means this: my birthday is 2 16. 116 identifies John 1. The 1 and 13 identifies John 2 as well as the year 2013, the year John 2 surrounded me with his team and saved me from the gorilla. 2000 10 12 1999 12 28. There is 9 months and 14 days between these dates. I recognize this as 9/14, the day my ex-husband arrived for a two week visit wherein he physically assaulted me for a third time and burned my son with 2nd degree burns on 8% of his body. The police said they would have taken him in, but it didn't happen in their jurisdiction so they couldn't. They let him go.. The time between 1999 12 28 and 2000 10 12 is 9 months and 14 days. The time between 1998 10 29 and 1999 12 28 is 1 year 1 month and 29 days. Both John 1 and John 2 are verifying these dates. The time between 09/14 and 11/29 is 2 months and 15 days. On 2/15/2013 before the rescue John posted the song Here on youtube. It is under the search John Titor - Here. It shows in a way that only I would understand ~ everything I have gone through. 2001 01 12 2000 11 27. The time between these dates is 1 month and 16 days. I recognize this as John 1. The time between 2000 10 12 and 2001 01 12 is 3 months. The time between 1999 12 28 and 2000 11 27 is 10 months and 30 days. I don’t quite understand this yet. But, if I were to use logic piecing together the puzzle using the video, this is referring to my 3rd husband, or John 2 which I know as 13. I am unsure as this has not come to pass of yet. I could be wrong, and if I am would the Johns please enlighten me according to this piece of the puzzle? 2009 3 12 2001 01 31 The time between these dates is 8 years 2 months and either 12 days or 14 days. I am unsure as you loose two days counting that february ends on the 29th. So, it could be 12 or 14. I know that 8 2 could be referring to what the children and I just endured. The gorilla came after my job, forcing me to lose it, and then caused us to loose our home. This began on 08/02/2014. The time between 2001 01 12 and 2009 03 12 is 8 years 2 months. The time between 2000 11 27 and 2001 01 31 is 2 months and 4 days. 8 2 is referring to the day he came after the house. And 2 4 is referring to the gorilla, my 2nd ex husband. 2009 03 21 2009 07 29. The time between these dates is 4 months 8 days. I don’t understand this yet. The time between 2009 03 12 and 2009 03 21 is 9 days. The time between 2001 01 31 and 2009 07 29 is 8 years 5 months and 3 days. I don’t understand the 5 and 3 yet. But, the 9 8 is referring to September 8th, when the judge chastised the lawyer of my exhusband for coercing me to sign the quitclaim deed to the house citing a paragraph that didn’t even apply to the house. He then closed the case when he saw that I signed it. I signed it simply to get further away from the gorilla, as he was using the house as a form of manipulation and further control over me which he does not have the right to use such things against me. He was furthering his abuse. So, you see, the Johns have put all of this in the numbers to prove to you how real this. And, to prove to me how real this is. I am very thankful they have watched over me. Truly deeply grateful. And, I am trying to do as stated in that I shouldn’t fear the future. I ask that the children and I are finally freed once and for all, with a loving husband that will love the children as well, in a place we will never have to fear again. In a place we will love and will be free to be ourselves without anyone trying to harm us in any way again. Cosmo, I am pretty easy to get along with. I actually like everyone. But, it is difficult when you are, over time, attacking me in some way because you don’t understand everything and just have to know. I understand the feeling very well. Yet, if you would like to understand (which I am trying to provide you through the information the Johns provided as well), then please help as well. So, now you know. Will you please stop? Finally? Back off a bit. You are playing with my life and future, when all I want is the freedom, safety and peaceful life we deserve after all we have been through. Let us be. Stop bringing things up that you have no idea what the consequences will be. I left you alone. I moved on. We are doing wonderfully despite everything. Can you please, please do the same? I may be a troll, but you have been harassing. Let it Go and leave me alone unless you plan to be a friend instead of a hindering factor in our life. You had no right to do what you did. Please John, shed a light for them all, free us once and for all. All I want is to live ~ free and in the life we deserve with a man who truly loves us, that I can give all of my love and effort to while no longer being afraid of anyone... Thank you for how you have cared for me, and have shown me such. I'm over the past. I'm good now. I can move on happily. Just please, free us so that we can? Humbly, me
  2. Tooker, After an evening of pondering, please realize I am leaving this site, never to return, solely because of you. I am doing this to prove no one, and I do mean no one, is trying to create disinformation in order to be a distraction for your work. Or to cover it up. Rather, I fully believe its the other way around. And in fact, had I taken the time to observe and ponder your emblem yesterday before ever posting, I would have never asked you a question in the first place. Your the one I've been warned about during the first half of this year. I don't know why. I don't know what you will do. But, your emblem covering up the titor emblem with black wings coming from ~your rear end~ has significant meaning. It means to stay away from you. Allow you to create your own chaos and deal with the consequences yourself. Because honestly, no one is out to get you. And, time will prove it. Love this video. Very comforting. Time to run the other way. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=391FXQhzKLY
  3. John Titor = John Tooker? | Paranormalis In the above link, according to you, some how the Titors have a conspiracy against you to take over your work. Just like all of your colleagues, professors, the government and pretty much anyone who wouldn't listen to you. But somehow, all of the Titors project is about you. And, this comes exactly right after the Titors have made advances in their work. How convienent for you to try to steal the band wagon. Kinda in similitude of your emblem covering up the Titor emblem with black wings coming out your rear end. Appropriate to say the least. No wonder you are referring to feces. As well, you were appropriately named. "Tooker". Trying to take over someone else's hard work. Remember kids, run from male black wings. My goodness. Darby was right on this one. Tooker, even if you are involved, it's not all about you... ;) Night. Lights out. And, say hello to the moon for me.
  4. Actually Darby, I believe you have abused the privilege of having me as your guest. You personally, far too many times. Who is the troll? I would like to thank you for today. It has been proven today a plethora of times, that a true safe place of communication for the true Johns requires building, to ensure the real trolls will never be heard from again. What a brilliant idea. To the Johns, this place is not good for you. It is filled with imposters and people whose aim is to do nothing but disprove you, instead of give you the support you need at critical times. Do the dubstep and run the other way. Love always
  5. RainmanTime, Logic would indicate you should't make available the delete function for your users then. If it isn't a tool, then why make it a tool? So in essence, this site is dishonest as well, and can't be trusted. Typical for this society, but still disappointing and good to know. I know who won't be using this site in the future. Anyone that really matters. My words are not for you to own. Nor do you hold rights to them. The delete function has made that very clear. Thank you. Please, ban me. It is of no consequence personally to me.
  6. Good deflection. Deflect from the fact that you actually have nothing to do with John Titor. ;)
  7. Mr. Tooker, Just as I thought. I observed you watching the thread. You have no response because you're a fake. I apologize for my forward and jaded nature. However, it is best to avoid a long drawn out unnecessary event down a rabbit hole that leads to no where. The lack of honesty in others is quite tiresome. As well, the lack of integrity. I believe you are trying to intrude upon the Titors in order to gain recognition for your own work, when really, Titor has nothing to do with you. If you handle this with a lack of honesty, is it an example of how you have handled those within the scientific community? Because if it is, such is the true reason your colleagues have not paid you what you believe you are due. Simply put, I have grown thoroughly disenchanted with the severe lack of honesty in the people of our society. The Titor story included. If you are truly invlolved, prove it. If not, do not provide a distraction thereby misleading others and watering down the Titor legacy. Allow the Titors their right to one of the greatest happenings in today's history. After all, they have actually *earned* it. ;)
  8. And yes. I did read your post. What was the exact date of your entrance into the military? What was the exit date? What branch were you? What MOS? What were the exact dates of the lectures? John is exact when using numbers and date. If your correlating dates are not exact, John Titor has nothing to do with you. So, you say it is about you. Explain. If you can't explain, you are a fake. And, will be dismissed immediately as one.
  9. You stated the dates of the website are of significance to your life. That they are about you. Which implies you are John Titor. You are not John. Johns would understand the sentence, as they wrote sentence. I understand the sentence because it correlates to"John" and I. Infact, most of the major numbers of Tempus Edax Rerum do. Pardon my skeptism that has developed the past month. Your writing was not concise. It could be interpreted that you believe you are John. In consequence of my skeptism, all potential Johns will be tested against this one sentence. Are you infact stating you are not a John? And simply, the numbers are in correlation to your life as well? I would like to know how the dates correlate to your life. Please explain. Sincerely, onesix
  10. Thank you. It is a two part answer. You are not a real John. However, I do hope you continue your work while applying honesty. And, I hope you find the recognition you desire, only, under who you really are.
  11. Merely one question for you: Please explain the number sentence 1 2 16 3 Thank you
  12. oneisx

    Dear John

    For the moment ~ everything now makes sense. He is a wonderful child. He is fantastic in school, loves motorcycles and is just a neat kid. People know him as calm and easy going. He likes everyone and has a great way of bringing peace to situations. Early in his life I instilled in him, compassion for those with greater challenges in their lives. Today, he is unafraid to be a friend and helper to the handicapped, even while at school, which makes me so proud of him. As well, he will stand up for such individuals if need be. He is highly competitive in sports and is taking advanced classes, to include college preparation. He does chores and cooks without qualm. All around he is just a great kid. Now that I believe I have finally figured out our mystery, and you have seen the end of my twelve year journey, I do ask for our privacy. He is still too young to be introduced to the future. And, it's been important to us all along that he is allowed just to be a kid. Thank you for your respect in this. Love to all.
  13. oneisx

    Dear John

    Dear John, Today I am feeling disenchanted with the world in general. The collective ignorance of society at times is overwhelming. Truth has been overshadowed with personal will, want and desire. People choose to see only what they wish to see, instead of what is real. It is cause enough for anyone with open eyes and a useful mind to wish for the opportunity to run away to a better place and time. Pack up the family, and just leave. Small smile. Lucky you. You can. Small laugh. :) Milk and blueberries muffins should satisfy the craving for a little piece of heaven. Gentle smile. Hope you are well.g Later in the day ~ I am in disbelief of what I just heard. My son is now 15 years old. Born in 1998. Is this how your team informs the mothers of their childrens future? And, is this the reason he looked at you in a way I've never seen him look at anyone before? We did not introduce him to you as an uncle. Momentary shock... Just as many other moments on this journey. His dreams right now consist of joining the Navy, to be a Seal. Unknowing of what I found this afternoon, I have been encouraging him towards the path of black ops intelligence. In memory of his great grandfather who was a great man in his field during his life. My grandfather who has passed on, who I greatly admire. Upon discovering today's information, a thing which you encouraged of me (to seek information via technology, leaving a clue as to read material forwards and backwards. Which I have discovered includes reading information both reading backwards and going up, as well as forwards and going down) I have but one request on behalf of my son. Please include the family in this, so that we may always know he is o.k. And, if he needs help we can be there for him, just as your family was for you. As well, a supportive husband would be greatly appreciated. Enduring such challenges would be made more difficult otherwise. Just wow... No wonder you were so kind and caring towards him the day you spent together. I believe this mother should have a decent cry now... Just wow... I am so happy to be a mother to him, especially for his future as a grown man. You have no idea how much this means to me. To know he will need me, and I can be there for him. Just yesterday I bought his school supplies. All in the colors that you've taught me, that I now can pass to him. pulling on a mothers heart strings... The son I will spend my entire life worrying about... gentle smile and a laugh. :) And, no wonder you made mention of your mother so often. :)
  14. oneisx

    Dear John

    Dear John, Today, I am so thoroughly unsure what to make of all this. My writings of last night: "I'm unsure if the beauty of my lifes journey is the product of your suggestions or my decisions. For ~ with glimmers of joy, and long valley's of pain ~ where you have led, I have followed". This begins my years of an open journal to you. Long hours spent in the evening of simple pondering, at a time when my hope has tarnished and skeptism has found a place within me. If nothing else, these writings are meant as a way to find solace amidst so many unanswered questions of you and life. We met when I was 24 and a single mother. At the time, I was told I was too young to be married. Now 36, married with no plans of a change, with 3 beautiful children, I wonder why this year is so important to you? Why now? My life has a direction. I am married. I made the decision of such based on the fact that you never again came. Logically it was time for me to move forward. You once said to me, "You are so honest", and with a pause then continued "You are so good!". Like a treasure in a locket, these words have remained in my heart as a fond distant memory. Where others find destain for this quality, you found appreciation. I'm unsure if you know how much such simple appreciation means to me. With humble gratitude, thank you. Gentle smile. The past few days, I have been unsure what to make of the things I have recently discovered. The correlation between the distinct numbers your team has chosen to represent events that have transpired for the Titors, is directly and exactly in parallel to the major happenings of my own life. 1. 177 or 1 77 Tempes Redax Rerum. I was born in 77. 2. 2036 was your time period. At the age of 36 my life was abruptly redirected. I may have a small inclination as to why. However, my previous circumstances occur everyday in our society, unnoticed. Why was I important enough for someone to go to such links in order to be of assistance to? And, by who? 3. 1975 was the year you were traveling to. 1999 was the year the second John arrived. The difference is 24 years. I was 24 when I believe I met you. 4. Based on the dates of communication provided by the video, I believe I met John 1. The length of time between the dates of communication exactly correlate to our birthdays. Of which, birthdays were very important to John 1. 5. Between the years of 2013 and 2036 is exactly 23 years. Based on the above number 4 and the clue provided in it, I believe the clue of number 5 is stating John 3 will arrive some time this year. 2 3 I believe is the code for moving on the present timeline while representing John 2 is gone and John 3 will arrive. Number 5 is solely my best guess based on logic and learning. You did say you wished to be a teacher someday. In many ways, I believe your dream has already come true. Gentle smile. One or two occurrences of a happening can be a coincidence. 3 or 4 occurences of a similar happening is a verifiable pattern. Logically speaking, the clues you have left behind are in direct correlation to my life. In the most humble of terms and softly speaking, why am I so important to you? In this society, I am no one of consequence. I have a simple heart, mind and life. I see the world around me, and so dearly wish it could be different for us all. I wish we would focus more on what truly matters. Family first, and then each other. As it is, our nation is crumbling, because our foundation is crumbling. And, our foundation is the family. All of what is truly good begins at home. With a father and mother working together for each others happiness ~ which is their children and each other. So, for now I feel it safe to say I am unsure. And, a small part of me is scared. I don't know where this path leads. I haven't any idea why I would be included. At minimum, based upon the years of pain, I do hope there is a personal reward ~ something of which I am unaccustom to asking for. However, if there is a glimmer of hope, I could day dream that a lasting paradise surrounded by those whom I love, and who truly love me ~ will be there ~. Thank you John. May you always be well, and find your way home.
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