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  1. On a daytime chat show over here in the U.K., Noah the time-traveler was mentioned. The guy who claims to be a time-traveler who PASSED a lie detector test!!! Whoever you are, you need to raise your game....lol.
  2. You are lying and you cannot prove me wrong, due to you lying.
  3. There appears to be a growing amount of people who are becoming aware of the Mandela Effect.... whether it's The Berenstain/Berenstein spelling controversy, the death of Billy Graham, 4 people in the car during JFK assassination or Kurt Kobains missing pink jacket, people are becoming curious about the phenomenon. As for me, I am 100% sure that Dolly wore braces in Moonraker. My brother and cousin also share my conviction. Anyway, my question is this; What do you believe is causing The Mandela Effect?
  4. I think it's an assumption much like many Christians wrongly assummed the biblical verse of the Lion laying down with the lamb.
  5. Interesting. Any notable occurrences around Yellowstone?
  6. Congratulations Paula. Some good news to read on Sunday evening.
  7. Here ya go. http://www.news4jax.com/news/weird-news/man-named-vladimir-putin-arrested-in-west-palm-beach
  8. Saw an internet article that says Putin was recently arrested.
  9. Mylo.X.


    This is an odd OP. This is either guess work and a coincidence or the poster is privy to some insider info. With the tragedy of Nice, France a couple of days ago and the attempted coup in Turkey (and previous attacks in June) it does make you wonder. If the month of august is quiet then he/she would have been correct about this summer, right?
  10. The Mandela effect refers to the phenomenon wherby people had vivid memories of Nelson Mandela dying in prison in the late 1980's. These people can describe in detail the televised funeral that followed shortly after his "death". Just like the televised funeral of Muhammad Ali's death a few days ago, many have memories of Mandela's funeral that consumed the news outlets of the late 1980's. The Berenstain Effect is completely different to the Mandela Effect.
  11. I've heard about a place in Argentina where people allegedly experience "missing-time". I think the place is route 5 in Argentina. Never heard of these woods though, that you refer to.
  12. Can anybody recommend any other good time-travel movies?
  13. Lol. Of course you've made a mistake (concerning KerrTexas question) Regarding the task I set you; I knew you were going to play-the-old-other-timeline-card....lol. It was so predictable. Answer me this; why are your posts reaching us in April 2016, and not ending up on another "timeline" in "2016"? Lol.
  14. 3 hours have passed. There is no message. With all due respect, I believe you to be a fraud. This is an un-elaborate hoax.
  15. Yes, you are quite right, I don't believe you. Please send message back to the month of February in the year 2013 in this TTI forum and write message in the time-travel claim forum. Also remember to include the names I have given, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and Sepp Blatter. If you guys can pull this off, then I am all ears (so-to-speak).
  16. Why did you choose 2016? Why not choose 2006? Now that you think it has worked, please send a message back to this TTI forum on feb 2013 (in the claims section). Include in your message to 2013, the names Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump and Sepp Blatter. Thank you.
  17. Sometimes it snows in April: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbDF8pXeNNM
  18. Yes, you're right. It was a great movie; much better than flight 1942, lol. That was a terrible time-travel movie.
  19. I'm going to rewatch it again soon. Now I know the full story I'm going to look out for any plot holes.
  20. You asserted on Paranormalis that you would never post in TTI ever again.
  21. Yesterday, I watched a time-travel themed movie called Time Lapse. I must say that I was thoroughly entertained from start to finish, and kinda like how it ended. Here is a link to the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LQtQgFt1_4
  22. I'm sure I've heard Ellen Blair mentioned before (i.e. prior to this recent resurrected thread).
  23. What has this got to do with the identity of Ellen Blair? Are you trying to say (in a long-winded way) that Ellen Blair is the figment of the imagination of a schizophrenic?
  24. I personally think he has failed miserably in trying to convince us of his fantasy claims. Hopefully, when he travels down south, it'll give him time to reflect.
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