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  1. There appears to be a growing amount of people who are becoming aware of the Mandela Effect.... whether it's The Berenstain/Berenstein spelling controversy, the death of Billy Graham, 4 people in the car during JFK assassination or Kurt Kobains missing pink jacket, people are becoming curious about the phenomenon.


    As for me, I am 100% sure that Dolly wore braces in Moonraker. My brother and cousin also share my conviction.


    Anyway, my question is this;


    What do you believe is causing The Mandela Effect?



  2. For quite a long time Mary Magdalene was said to be a prostitute. In recent years, it has come to light that this judgment is false. It is said that there is NO scriptural basis for such a conclusion. Can anyone find any passages that proclaims Mary Magdalene was a prostitute ?


    What was she afflicted with in truth ?


    What relationship did she potentially have with Jesus ?

    I think it's an assumption much like many Christians wrongly assummed the biblical verse of the Lion laying down with the lamb.



  3. This is an odd OP.  This is either guess work and a coincidence or the poster is privy to some insider info.  With the tragedy of Nice, France a couple of days ago and the attempted coup in Turkey (and previous attacks in June) it does make you wonder.  If the month of august is quiet then he/she would have been correct about this summer, right?



  4. The Mandela effect refers to the phenomenon wherby people had vivid memories of Nelson Mandela dying in prison in the late 1980's.  These people can describe in detail the televised funeral that followed shortly after his "death".  Just like the televised funeral of Muhammad Ali's death a few days ago, many have memories of Mandela's funeral that consumed the news outlets of the late 1980's. 


    The Berenstain Effect is completely different to the Mandela Effect.



  5. we didn't really choose 2016 because you know the year unit has been created by us (humans) so it doesn't really exist we just tried and as we had access to the internet ,we add access to UTC but obviously now our sensors about time units are calibrated.about the message ,in which topic do i have to write ?(i see that you don't believe us but i understand you it was the same for us when we first get answered on this forum )

    Yes, you are quite right, I don't believe you. Please send message back to the month of February in the year 2013 in this TTI forum and write message in the time-travel claim forum. Also remember to include the names I have given, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and Sepp Blatter. If you guys can pull this off, then I am all ears (so-to-speak).



  6. I'm an engineer who work on sending data to the past,we(16 others engineer are on this project) have made a sort of supercomputer who can access (i hope i didn't fail and you (peoples from 2016 as our computer tell us) can read this) to the past but only by internet and some others network so this is a test to see if we can send some data's from 2103

    Why did you choose 2016? Why not choose 2006?


    Now that you think it has worked, please send a message back to this TTI forum on feb 2013 (in the claims section). Include in your message to 2013, the names Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump and Sepp Blatter. Thank you.



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  7. This was a great movie - Watched it a while back an really enjoyed it. I'd like to do a proper review of it soon, once I get around to the ten billion other things that should be accomplished here ;)

    Yes, you're right. It was a great movie; much better than flight 1942, lol. That was a terrible time-travel movie.



  8. I was asked about this on another social media platform and watched a YouTube video to gather what we currently know.

    You don't get tested for a mental illness on just one day.




    Schizophrenia(split mind) is a spectrum mental disorder


    People who exhibit at least 2 of these traits may have it.


    1.) Delusions(false beliefs) of Grandeur(I am a black ops agent who flies a UFO triangle.)


    2.) Delusions of Paranoia(Satanic aliens are working with a secret cell within the CIA watching my every move.)


    3.) Disorganized Speech(flight of ideas(talking too fast), word salad(like Yoda but sometimes incomprehensible), making up too many words


    4.) Hallucinations(hearing voices, seeing things)Not to be confused with Disassociation/Multiple Personalities as these hallucinated voices or things do not have names or background stories.


    5.) Waxy Flexibility(strange posturing, ridged posturing, especially in the hands)


    6.) Flat/Blunt Affect(no sympathy, no emotion, or expressing the wrong emotion at the wrong time)


    A person with Schizophrenia may also be considered to be a genius by some.


    Perhaps because of something called "Brain Pruning" the person naturally focuses on the areas of the brain that work well.


    As you might guess, these behaviors can also be seen in other mental disorders and that is why it is on a spectrum.


    What has this got to do with the identity of Ellen Blair? Are you trying to say (in a long-winded way) that Ellen Blair is the figment of the imagination of a schizophrenic?



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