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  1. You remind me of a character from EastEnders.
  2. Mr F Lusorrio, after giving some thought to the matter, I do not want to meet up with you. I have better ways to spend my time, other than conversing with fantasists. I bid you a good day.
  3. Lol, now I understand. I completely forgot about my Buddhist monk avatars....lol.
  4. LOL.... thanks for the laugh. If you're still in the location that is indicated on your profile page, then I will send you a p.m.
  5. Mr F Lussiorio, we both live in the same vicinity. Would you like to meet face to face with me, so you can prove to me that you are a time-traveller? You should really have no objections to this.
  6. Out of all the time-travel claimants to have graced the internet, I found this guy the most convincing. He said back in 1998 that in the future (from where he alleges he is from) that people use a LOT of acronyms in everyday speech. He also added that the language that was been spoken back in 1998 sounded strange, because of a lack of acronyms. Fastforward to 2016 and acronyms are slowly finding their way into everyday (english) speech.
  7. I have another couple of questions. Seeing as you're literally in my neck of the woods, what do you do to keep yourself occupied in 2016? Are you working? Watching Jeremy Kyle? Additionally, have you any connection to Trina Dopp?
  8. So David the Time traveller is 500 years from the future/ Who is he trying to kid? I find it extremely difficult to believe that the English language has NOT evolved at all in 500 years from now. I know that if I was a time-traveller from 2016 and travelled 500 years back in time, I would find it very difficult to communicate with the people of the differing regions of England during the 15th century. Their language back then and the language spoken by myself in the 21st century are/were literally worlds apart. In my humble opinion, David is a hoax :)
  9. Yep, life was never quite the same everytime I checked TTI website and it was dead. Glad Cosmo has restored "things" P.S. Season 2 of 12 Monkeys begins mid April.. :)
  10. Thanks for sharing. If I read it correctly, discovery was made sometime early 2015? I always wonder what the ultimate goal/agenda of the CERN scientists actually is.
  11. Fair enough. You may think I'm a dunce, but never-the-less, I offered you an explanation (which is what you asked for in your OP). ;) P.S. "who doesn't know" NOT "who don't know". Your grammar has just been corrected by a dunce. ;) P.P.S. shouldn't NOT shouldnt. Your spelling has just been corrected by a dunce ;)
  12. I have an explanation as to what is happening (in-my-humble-opinion). You are concocting a story that you hope will illicit responses on a time-travel themed forum. How's that for an explanation? ;)
  13. I find it puzzling that scientists/astronomers etc have telescopic equipment that can detect Exo-Planets that are many light years away, but cannot detect a hypothesised Planet "Nine" that supposedly resides on the edge of our very own solar system???
  14. Well, well, well; this is a surprise!!!!! When did TTI get back online? Who is the new owner?
  15. Always good/refreshing to read good ole fashioned, clean jokes..... they always seem funnier to me than the innuendo laced non-sense you hear on the workfloor.
  16. Thanks for the interesting info about L points. For some reason I thought the moon would be bigger than what it is in the video. Also, is that a "ufo" I spotted on the top centre of the video.. :p
  17. Thanks for sharing Scott. There is something not quite right (in-my-opinion) with the image. The perspective seems all wrong to me. If I've understood this correctly, a camera has captured the far-side-of-the-moon as it passes the earth? Shouldn't the moon be bigger in comparison to the earth (in regard to perspective etc)?
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