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  1. Yes, scientific evidence for this comment of yours: "Or as I like to say ;what you are remembering in a dejavu event is a sequence of higher dimensional fractally nested temporal fields that have ALREADY collapsed/ into an event in a nearby reality whose time field decision tree leads yours by some seconds to days. and you think you are remembering them as already laid down memories because your brain is used to dealing with collapsed time fields as memory events that have been embedded in a linear, sequential fashion."
  2. Wow. This is quite the comphrensive response. when I have a bit more time, I'll reply to it.
  3. Being a film & digitial photographer myself, a lot of what Marcus Allen claims (concerning photography on the moon, with the Hasselblad camera) kinda makes sense to me. Watch the entire video and tell me what you think. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Lg7M34rnZw
  4. Copied and pasted from elsewhere: "Look at this pic. #1 Why does she already have an orange jumpsuit on in a mugshot supposedly taken during in-processing? #2...Look at her hair...her locs are pointing to the back instead of hanging straight down...which indicates that she was laying on her back, NOT standing up against a wall. #3 The fat in her face is pushed back towards her ears...another indication she was laying down. And #4, look at the right side of the pic, which is the left side of her face...it droops lower than the other side...which happens when you have lack of oxygen to the brain. So my question is...was she ALREADY dead in this mugshot? Thoughts...???" [ATTACH=full]275[/ATTACH]
  5. And the same facial features? Check out the 2 Michael J Smith's; take note of the vertical indentation on their noses and the same shape mouth when smiling and same coloured eyes (and take into account a 30 year time lapse). I would say that is NOT common at all.
  6. I wasn't really questioning the Apollo missions to the moon, but rather questioning what would prompt NASA employee's to assert that humans cannot yet pass through the Van Allen radiation belts. But perhaps more curiously, why would NASA permit these assertions to be broadcast?
  7. Thanks for the snopes link. It really is an uncanny case of coincidence due to likeness and the lookalikes having the same names. However, I do take issue with this comment by Snopes. How "they" could say that both Judith Resnik's have differing facial structures is beyond me. "Nobody familiar with either person would confuse these two Judith Resniks with each other, as they have very different facial structures. And while Judith Resnik the electrical engineer was engaged in work and study at RCA, NIH, Xerox, and NASA in the 1970s and 80s, Judith Resnik the lawyer was teaching law school classes at Yale and USC. How someone could have been simultaneously (not to mention secretly) holding down two completely disparate jobs at opposite ends of the country remains unexplained." Also, it would have been helpful if Snopes would have provided a source to back up their comment of Judith Resnik the lawyer teaching law school classes at Yale and USC during the 70's & 80's. Additionally, I noticed that Snopes did not comment on Michael J Smith, who I personally think is the most convincing lookalike/double. For 2 seperate people to look so alike (even down to the same indentation on the nose) and to have the same name is truly remarkable. Anyway, thanks again for the Snopes link. However, I am not totally convinced (only about 80%) lol.
  8. https://www.linkedin.com/pub/richard-scobee/18/754/238
  9. "I really don't want to say goodbye to any of you people." Christa McAuliffe (Nasa astronaut) Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/c/christamca352980.html#45UHGeojT4uJhFZu.99 So the 2015 lawyer Christa "Sharon" McAuliffe was born on the same day as the challenger astronaut, Christa McAuliffe and actually born in the same place???? Wth is going on? Additonally, if the Michael J Smith of the challenger disaster was alive today, he would be 69 years old. Guess how old the 2015 Michael J Smith is? This can all be verified by doing a bit of investigative research online. This is really an intriguing coincidenc.
  10. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0977855/fullcredits?ref_=tt_ov_st_sm
  11. Nasa employee's in 2015 assert that humans cannot pass through the Van allen radiation belts, but surely Nasa sent astronauts through the belt (beginning in 1969)? Can anybody explain Nasa's recent assertions? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51DED8dcNkA
  12. Yes, I'd be very interested in seeing this claim debunked. I was kinda hoping yourself, or Darby or Rainman time was gonna offer a plausible explanation, to-be-honest, lol.
  13. I'm not sure what to make of this dead-alive-again phenomenon. I must admit, I thought that Za Za Gabor had passed away, and was surprised to find out that she is still alive and kicking. Maybe it's just my faulty memory and I'm confusing it with some other issue relating to Za Za. But your right, it does appear that NASA have been caught out lying. I find it hard to believe that there could be 2 Judith Resnik's that have exactly the same facial features etc....
  14. I've not had time to fully research the validity of the claims in my post, but there is indeed a Judith Resnik who teaches at Yale Law school. http://www.law.yale.edu/faculty/JResnik.htm
  15. Seems like you put a lot of effort into your response Gpa....lol. A great read, none-the-less.
  16. Born on April 5, 1949, Challenger mission specialist Judith Arlene Resnik, with a Ph.D. in electrical engineering, was the first Jewish American astronaut to go into space and the second female American astronaut. She would be 66 years old today if she had not died in the explosion.If she were alive today, it is not difficult to imagine that after 29 years, astronaut Judith Resnik would look like Arthur Liman Professor of Law Judith Resnik at Yale Law School — same dark curly hair, same eyebrow shape, same dark eyes.[ATTACH=full]449[/ATTACH]
  17. Born on May 19, 1939, Commander Francis Richard Scobee was 46 when he died in the Challenger explosion. He would be 75 years old if he were alive today.Strangely, there’s a man also named Richard Scobee, the CEO of a Chicago marketing-advertising company called Cows in Trees, who bears a striking resemblance (factoring in the 30-year timelapse) Commander Richard Scobee.[ATTACH=full]447[/ATTACH]
  18. There’s a man also named Michael J. Smith, who bears a striking resemblance to astronaut Michael J. Smith — same horizontal eyebrows, same grey-blue eyes, same vertical indentation in the tip of the nose. This Michael J. Smith is a Professor Emeritus (retired) of Industrial and Systems Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison,[ATTACH=full]446[/ATTACH]
  19. In the 1980's, Nasa's challenger exploded killing all 7 astronauts onboard. However, there seems to be photographic evidence that suggests that at least 3 of the astronauts are ALIVE and well today, in 2015. What is going on? Possible explanations I can think of are these; 1) Nasa sent up the challenger empty 2) There are people with the same name and same facial features etc as the astronauts who died in the tragedy 3) A crossing over of alternate timelines (sorry, but I had to throw that into the mix, lol)[ATTACH=full]445[/ATTACH]
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