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  1. The same Andrew D Basiago who was involved in the legalities of the unsuccessful bid of a gaming company to release a game about a Space/time traveller? Wow!
  2. Yes I agree. Whoever "Lyndzee" was, he/she expended a lot of time and energy in making their claims and responding to numerous amounts of questions etc... I'm guessing its a lot more than just concocting erroneous claims; I would suggest its an addiction of sorts. I have now read all 36 pages of this saga, and I have only one comment/query: "Lyndzee" asserted back in 2008 that the 2012 U.S. elections would be fought between "Clinton/Patrick ticket campaigned against the Romney/Guiliani ticket". This was a very good guess on behalf of "Lyndzee" (in regard to Mitt Romney). Would she have known back then in 2008, (due to whatever source of information) of Romney being a possible future Rep. candidate in 2012? Are speculators now in 2013 predicting likely candidates for 2016 U.S. elections etc?
  3. "before "Lyndzee Grummond" began her hoax." I have an unsubstantiated hunch that Lyndzee is still with us... (p.s. I have only reached page 17 of this September 2024 saga).
  4. Ah, I see. Thanks for the clarification... (being from the U.K. I was not aware of the name).
  5. "The current President is Deval Patrick who is running against Senator Paul Ryan of Wisconsin for the Presidency." I remember the name Paul Ryan (Mitt Romney's running mate in 2012 election) But never heard of Deval Patrick. Has anybody heard of him?
  6. "Well done to the guy who plays JT.He might not of intended for some positive results from this stuff, for all we know,he was a dumb kid who watched too much Star Trek and has a craving for attention, or a psychological genius doing a thesis. But not a time traveler." "He" could well have been a "She".... ;)
  7. I'm pretty sure UfO's are real. There are long, documented history of sightings. UFOs were around, in fact, long before humans themselves took to the air. The first account of a UFO sighting in America was back in 1639, when Massachusetts colony governor John Winthrop noted in his journal that one James Everell, “a sober, discreet man,” and two other witnesses watched a luminous object fly up and down the Muddy River near Charlestown for two to three hours. In 1561, there was a mass sighting in Nuremberg, Germany, where a number of UFO's seemed to be engaged in an ariel battle. A few years later, there was another mass sighting in Basle, Switzerland that was recorded and reported in their version of the local newspaper back then.... The "newspaper" article from back then still EXISTS today in a museum in Basle... I can name numerous more sightings and legends from the 4th century onwards ranging from such diverse cultures and tribes such as the Pauite tribe to west African tribes (such as the Dogon) to Australian aboriginal stories of flying objects and ancient Indian Sanskrit tales of flying machines....
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