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  1. If you're planning on visiting her website (on 26th June) for definitive proof that "she" and her companion have travelled in time, then I advise that your computer/laptop/device is up-to-date with anti-virus software etc.
  2. If you're planning on visiting her website (on 26th June) for definitive proof that "she" and her companion have travelled in time, then I advise that your computer/laptop/device is up-to-date with anti-virus software etc.
  3. Thanks for sharing. A very interesting read. I have not got time to respond in detail atm, but will reply later in the new week. You seem adamant about your memory of Japan's location; are you from Japan or the region of Asia that is close to Japan?
  4. Go ahead and make your post. I first came across this phenomenon (now commonly referred to as the "Mandela Effect") some years ago, after reading about somebody who experienced it. What have you personally experienced, that makes you think that the "past" you lived is now different from what the past that the vast amount of people have lived?
  5. Yes, and out of the many time-travel claimants I have heard/read about, single seven was the one who always stuck out in my mind, as he claimed that from the time he allegedely came from, people used a lot of acronyms in everyday speech. Bearing in mind that this art bell show was broadcast in 1998, I found it quite fascinating. Today in 2015, young people use OMG in conversation, I've even heard people on the tv say "lol"..... whoever this Single Seven person was, he made a good prediction about acronyms.... In the near future, I can see dedicated "lol" keys on qwerty keyboards. I can see acronym's being taught to pre-school kids etc. Acronym's have already been added to the Oxford english dictionary, such as IDC (I don't care) & PMSL. Will be interesting to see how the english language evolves in the future..... hopefully, I still have another half-century of life to live, so look forward to what the future holds.
  6. Okay, I understand you now. My prior comment was obviously made, due to a misunderstanding on my part. Have you got a pic of yourself in 2008 (that ideally has something in the pic that can verify that it was taken in 2008?) so that comparisons can be made?
  7. You gotta be kidding me? Ren is suspected of instigating the single seven hoax? If that's correct, then he is definitely a serial deceiver.
  8. I think he is referring to Single Seven (aka Jonathon). Just type in single seven into youtube search bar, and a coast 2 coast show dealing with this alleged time-traveller will appear.
  9. I've no idea what it is. My initial thought was helicopter. Keep an eye on internet forums/youtube for other people who may have posted this unidentified ariel object from another vantage point in the city.
  10. Sorry dude, I cannot. Just use the search function. I know that Darby has made a couple of comments about the whole Titor farce, if that's any help.
  11. Can you explain what's going on with this pic? If I understand you correctly, you claim that you were taking a pic of this picasso building and your alternate self just popped up and photobombed your shot?
  12. If you search through this forum, you will be presented with overwhelming evidence indicating that the whole John Titor saga was a HOAX. The previous owner of this site/forum located the IP address of the person posting as time_travel 0 to a high school in celebration, Florida. Like I say, these details can be found in this forum. There will be NO world war 3 in 2015 (and I'm not even a time-traveller!)
  13. I remember when studying at University, one of my lecturers was a Non-realist minister or a Christian Atheist. He didn't believe in a God, and perceived the bible as an instructional guidebook for moral living.
  14. You must be able to think of at least one reason, right?
  15. LOL. Today, you have been awarded the John Titor memorial award for the most "entertaining-comment-of-the-Day"
  16. I presume this thread has been snipped, due to going off topic?
  17. NO! This whole titor saga is a sad hoax, that has gone on for far too long! Time to put an end to this foolishness, imo!
  18. Are there any pics of the odd-shaped trees and the odd vegetation in the forest?
  19. The table was named after the boy who was found dead underneath it?
  20. My speculative thoughts on the meaning of that particular verse are as follows: When god says let "us" make man, god is making an annoucement to extra-terrestrials. What I mean by extra-terrestrials is "not-of-this-earth" or terrestrial planet (whatever the angelic beings maybe). If I'm correct in the next verse, no-where is it implied that "they" created man, but rather "god" created man. So basically, I understand that verse to be a kind of one way dialogue between god and others, and the actual creation (mentioned a little later in the next verse) was undertaken by the singular entity, referred to as god.
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