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  1. Just out of curiousity, what is significant about the Plural statement you refer to?
  2. Why do you think it was strange?
  3. Apparently, the word "Swiss" is inscribed on the back. If you consider the language(s) spoken by the people of Swizerland, 400 years ago, then it's highly unlikely they would have used the English word "Swiss".
  4. That would be impossible (to link the human mind with an animal). The flatworm is quite unique, due to its regenerative capabilities... it's still a fascinating notion, never-the-less, that the worm maybe able to transfer memories onto its new, regenerated brain. Here is a link to a site, that summarizes the study: http://www.wired.co.uk/news/archive/2013-08/13/worm-brains
  5. Guess what, I was led to this, while reading a couple of totally unrelated posts on Reddit. Coincidence? Who knows? http://jeb.biologists.org/content/early/2013/06/27/jeb.087809.abstract
  6. Darby, very interesting response. "Dr. Mandela." Never heard him being referred to as Dr. Mandela before. I was aware that he had received a honorary doctorate, but you are the first to call him Dr Mandela (but I'm now straying off topic). "In the end if you don't have sufficient convincing evidence you don't conclude that this is some sort of precognition." Yes, I agree. What you say makes logical sense. But I believe that there are some occurences in life that cannot be easily explained by science/scientific evaluation etc. For example, a girl makes a post on a forum, stating that she has just heard an announcement on the radio that Prince William & Princess Kate have a baby daughter, and have named her Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. Others in the forum, inform the girl that she is wrong, and that Princess Kate has not yet had the baby. The girl is adamant she heard the news on the radio. 1 week later, the media announces the news that Princess Kate has had a baby girl and a few days later, announce that the new Princesses name is Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. How does science explain the accuracy of the unintentional prediction made in a forum?
  7. Oh, okay. This info needs to be pinned somewhere for all to see. Lol.
  8. Lol, you're only just releasing this info now, Cosmo? This email exchange could have saved many hours of debating, lol.
  9. No, unfortunately I can't. I remember reading about it online in 2002, as that was the year I got married. I was talking to a friend about it, and he was joking with me saying that I was now a married man & should be spending time with my wife instead of talking non-sense with him, lol. I can't remember what site I read it on but have seen mention of it in recent years on forums such as GLP. Here is reference to someone mentioning about an alternate memory of Mandela's death, that was posted in 2008, so is pre-2013 (which is the date you mentioned) http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread369370/pg1&mem=
  10. Yes, I do find the whole "Mandela Effect" quite fascinating. The sensible side of me is telling me that I should apply occams razor, but the curious side of me wonders if the phenomenon can be explained by unfounded, speculative theories such as mass hypnosis, a mass vision, parallel realities etc etc.
  11. I'm not sure I quite understand what you mean. People have mentioned having "memories" of Mandela's death on Robben Island since early 2002 (that is the earliest reference I have come across). My contention is that these alleged "memories" are not of an "alternate" past history. It is also my contention that a select few had not somehow transversed (temporarily) into a parallel earth. I'm suggesting that they could have experienced something similar to what the Prophets from the old days experienced, i.e. a glimpse into a "what-if" reality. I hope this make sense.
  12. "Imagine the whole universe..is a small box, in a huge warehouse, in an enormous complex, in a large city, in a huge country, on a giant planet, in a large solar system, in a huge universe, inside a small box, in a large warehouse, in a big complex, in a large city, in a huge country, on a giant planet, in a large solar system, in a huge universe, inside a small box, in a large warehouse, in a big complex, in a large city, in a huge country, on a giant planet, in a large solar system, in a huge universe, inside a small box, in a large warehouse, in a big complex,in an enormous city."
  13. Yep, had a good night's sleep thanks. The kids are now at school, and my wife is at work and I have a bit of time to myself. "It is not a past, remembered differently." But who says the Mandela effect is a past, remembered differently? That seems to be the common assumption or concensus of opinion. What I'm suggesting is this: What IF the people who experienced Mandela's death in the 80's had in fact experienced a similar experience to the prophet Amos? What if they somehow were presented with a future reality that may have come to be? Food for thought, don't you think?
  14. And just how exactly, is this assertion determined?
  15. Yes, while alternate can mean to switch back and forth, it can also be another term for alternative or could mean replacement/substitute etc. From your previous posts, I know of your faith. In the bible, God presented the prophet Amos with an alternative reality, a reality depicting the consequences that would affect Israel if they did not change their ways. Amos purportedly witnessed another reality. There are people today who purportedly witnessed another reality; a reality whereupon Nelson Mandela died in the 1980's. These folks have clear memories of the televised funeral, they have memories of Winnie Mandela's insincere tribute; they have clear memories of the oddly shaped headed body guard of Winnie Mandela etc. If God did present an alternative reality, and Amos did experience it, then is it beyond the realms of possibility that others have experienced an alternative reality? Anyway, time for bed. Enjoy the rest of your day.
  16. [ATTACH=full]422[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]422[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]423[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]423[/ATTACH] Instagram selfies is not a new fad/trend, as these 2 pics from early 1900's clearly shows.... and these weird haircuts everybody seems to be having lately is a throwback to the past (if you are referring to the "hipster" haircut and full beard style)
  17. I have always been dubious of the crop circle phenomenon (and their association with the UfO phenomenon). I can dig out, ancient accounts of UfO sightings, from various places on the globe, but crop circles seem to be a fairly recent occurence.
  18. I hear what you're saying, but I personally do not even consider the Berenstein/Berenstain debate as being part of the "Mandela Effect" phenomenon.
  19. When I was at school, I was taught that flies perceived time at a different rate than humans (and that was the reason why it i'ts difficult to swat a fly). I'm assuming that some form of research has to have been done in regard to that hypothesis in order for it to be taught in British schools. Here is a link to recent research, concerning the relationship between size and the perception of temporal information. Metabolic rate and body size are linked with perception of temporal information
  20. Here is a link to a trailer of a documentary that is/has been made about the Zimbabwe sighting: http://www.arielphenomenon.com/
  21. One of the most convincing UfO/alien sightings I have read, occured in 1994, at a primary school in Zimbabwe and was reportedly witnessed by 60 school children. I remember a few years ago reading through some comments on a youtube link (concerning the school sighting) and saw a couple of comments of others who witnessed the UfO while travelling along a highway by car, within close proximity of the school. Anyway, here is a link to an interesting video, of the children who are now adults: http://www.collective-evolution.com/2015/04/08/more-than-60-school-children-witness-non-human-beings-a-large-craft-landing/
  22. Over my lifetime (of 30 or-so-years), there has been a change of weather patterns in the UK. When I was a child, the winters used to be harsh and would begin early November with heavy snowfall and the snow would remain until early mid March. In the past 2 years of "winter" in my hometown, there has been literally 3-5 days of snow. Where has the cold winter temperatures gone? I'm no expert and do not know if weather patterns should be fairly consistent, year after year. You're welcome.
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