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  1. Many people will argue against reincarnation with this simple argument: In 1500's England there was 2 million people. In 21st century England there is approx 50-60 million people. If reincarnation is simply a recylcing of souls, from one body to the next at death, then why the discrepency with numbers (i.e. population figures with the past and the present)? Having said that, reincarnation makes perfect sense to me (and not only due to my buddhist background). Even the bible hints at the concept of reincarnation, and the early Gnostic Christians accepted this concept in their teachings/belief system.
  2. I always remember the books being called the Berenstein Bears, never remember it being called Berenstain Bears. I have read a couple of comments in this forum about an anime cartoon called Stein Gate. I wonder if the two are connected? ;) Beren"stein" & Stein....lol.
  3. If lines or surfaces are parallel, then they are side by side and have the same distance continuously between them. As soon as lines or surfaces cross over, touch etc, then they are no longer parallel and were NOT parallel in the first place.
  4. It should also be noted that any time-traveller to the 1500's will be a carrier of diseases and will also be vunerable to diseases of the 1500's. This is an era that was just getting over the black plague a century or so earlier (in Europe).
  5. It would depend on your location in the year 1500. If you travelled back to the Andaman Islands, in the 1500's, I doubt very much the peope would be interested in being convinced that you have travelled back from the future. Additionally, you'd have to overcome the language barrier of the Andaman Islands. Similarly, if you travelled back to an "English" speaking country, you'd still have to overcome certain language barriers, (due to the evolution of language over the centuries). If you travelled back to the Tudor period in Britain (1500's), then you'd have in theory travelled back to an alternate world line, and not the world line you read about in school on your original timeline. Why is this? Because the events you would have read about in school have NOW been altered by your presence in 1500 and your efforts in trying to convince people of your time-travelling exploits. I personally think they're more fun and imaginable things you could do, other than trying to convince others of being a time-traveller.
  6. The reason I created this thread, was simply because I found it amazing that people still think that the sun orbits the earth (with the planets orbiting the sun). There are a number of catholic scientists who will adamantly defend this view. For the sake of repeating myself, I believe (due to stellar parallax etc) that the sun does NOT orbit the earth. Here is a trailer of the film by those who propose that the earth is the centre of the universe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8cBvMCucTg
  7. Good question: Who is Ellen Blair?????
  8. Yes, if such a thing a mutliple time lines exist, then it stands to reason that there must be a common point that existed which unified the vast amounts of time-line off-shoots. For example, baby x is born. The birth will exist in all timelines, but the nature of the birth could/would differ i.e. one time-line for baby x could be a traumatic birth, another could be a c-section birth etc.
  9. I'm not belittling you. I'm genuinely interested to read what you post.
  10. Thanks for the heads up. I'm surprised at myself for not even hearing about this show. I'll definitely check it out, by some means or other.
  11. I wasn't thinking of that, tbh. I was thinking of Andrew Basagiao, who claimed to have travelled back to 1885 to the Gettysburg address and who will be running for the White House in 2016.
  12. I suppose if one alleged time-traveller is gonna run in the 2016 campaign, then why not two? lol
  13. A better question is how do you explain 2015 to people in 2015? I have relatives who live in remote regions of South-East Asia. I remember once trying to explain the concept of paying for goods at a self-service till with a debit card. They could not grasp the concept. There are people still living on this planet, whereby time has stood still for them; the life they live in 2015 is no different to 1915 or 1815.
  14. I think John Titor 2036 would make a better banner (though I have no clue whether there is an election due in 2036).
  15. It would be great if you shared the pic on this thread.
  16. I hear what you're saying. Obviously, any dialogue about the "soul" can only be speculation. If Joe Bloggs was to stop me on the street and ask me to give a definition of the "soul", I'd be hard pressed to give an adequate reply. There seems to be anecdotal evidence that suggests that when a person dies, memories are carried through into another life via reincarnation. I have posted elsewhere of children providing detailed accounts of a prior life. If these accounts are indeed true, then we can confidently assert that a "soul" does indeed somehow store memories. In the bicycle analogy, everything could be subjected to the same concept since everything is made up of atoms but, once you get to the most basic component, the last hydrogen atom, it does have a definitive essence. (As would each of the other atoms but, hydrogen is the smallest atom state.) Yep. Basically, "everything" consists of "something" and is made up of "something". I'm not scientifically minded, but even quarks must be made up of something (that has currently not been discovered). Maybe I'm taken this thread off track, but I'd end by saying that a well detailed. scientific study of those who claim to remember past lives, may provide us with a little bit more evidence into the existence of the "soul". P.S. Can someone explain how I can quote multiple sentences (from one member or more than one as well); cheers.
  17. Yes, you do ask very interesting questions. Where does deleted data from hardware go? In science, energy can neither be created or destroyed. Theistic religions believe that God was not created, but always "was" and "will" be (eternally). You mention burning and melting a hard-drive, surely that process permanently "deletes" the data? When a candle flame is extinguished, that particular "flame" has gone forever and thats what I believe happens to memories as well.
  18. I personally do not think that it is memory "recall" that is affected with people dementia (i.e. memories not being accessed) but I believe the memories are actually gone. I have had first hand experience of the last stages of Alzheimer's dis. ease. During these later stages, there is no recognition; the person does not remember how to chew, eat and swallow; the person is just a shell. In regard to the analogy of the bicyle, maybe I didn't clearly explain myself. What I meant to convey is that the "bicycle" is nothing more than a name/label that refers to a collection of components such as wheels, a seat, splkes, nuts, bolts, frame etc. The bicycle has no true essence; similarly, people argue that human beings are just a collection of components that has no true essence/soul.
  19. At present, memories are deleted forever in all forms of dementia. With alzheimers dis. ease, the build up of plaques on the brain rids the person of memories, therefore a person with dementia who dies, does not have memories floating away into "cyberspace". When talking of the soul, many people often mean and define it as the true, everlasting essence of a person; but think about this question... what is a bicycle? Does it have a true essence, that makes it a bicycle? Does a bicycle actually exist? If you were to remove the wheels, the handlebars, the seat, the chain, the nuts and bolts etc etc, where is the true essence of the bicycle? Similarly, where is the true essence of a person located? Many people who have loved ones with dementia, say that the dis. ease has robbed the person of their personality/character. They assert that the person is not the "same" and the person has in effect, "died". So is the soul related to the true essence of a person OR can the soul be likened to a battery, that enables a person to operate (separately to the heart)?
  20. No, I don't think there was any time-travellers in that scene. I will need to do a rewatch to make absolutely sure though.
  21. Maybe we have our wires crossed. Nasa's "accident" was posted beforehand? This was what I was referring to in my faster-than-light speed prior comment. I was just wondering why it's not been plastered over the internet (this accident that Sevant X has posted about).
  22. Faster than light travel maybe possible??? Really? Why is this speculation not plastered over the internet?
  23. Yes, there is a saying along the lines of, "Time is what prevents everything from happening in an instant". I think what you're saying is that time has happened (in the past, present and future).
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