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  1. I sort of agree with the general gist of your comment here, but it seems like you have misworded the sentiment you wish to convey (imo). However, if we have discovered how in the future, then it technically exists because time travelers could be visiting at the moment. Because the future has not actually occurred yet (from our vantage point of April 2015) then technically time-travel does NOT exist at the moment, from our vantage point. If time-travel to the past IS possible in, lets say, 2063, then YOUR comment will make perfect sense. So what I'm saying, is that your comment could be correct in 2063, but as of 2015, its not correct imo. Backwards time travel could exist and not exist at the same time. I actually like the quantumness nature of this comment. (and yes, I did make that word up, lol).
  2. "Thumbs-up" for this 1 simple, yet astute sentence.
  3. Lol, oh I see! Seems like I missed my calling as a lyricist/song writer for a Brit synthpop outfit. ;)
  4. Thank you for the translation. Not sure what happened, but only just saw this now.
  5. I mean you no disrespect, but you seem to possess an uncanny knack of talking non-sense.
  6. time does not exist? If time does not exist, then space does not exist. If space does not exist then nothing exists, right?
  7. I understand this point, but I should point out that your assertion does not apply to all. My mother is currently living with Alzheimer's disease, and she is incapable of mustering memories from her past, as they are simply NOT there. We are all time travellers to the future, and we will continue to move to the future for every iota of the time we exist. Like I said, people with any form of dementia, such as Lewy Bodies, Alzheimers or Vascular dementia etc will more likely than not have any concept of the past, present or future. So while we (the people who are not living with Dementia) recognise and are aware that tomorrow awaits us; that 2016 awaits us etc, this is not always true of people with dementia. Memories are dimensions in time... I would respectfully disagree. Memories are just the storage and remembrance of information/past experiences by an individual, much like the pages in a book. These pages can be ripped out and discarded forever, at any given time. Addtionally, time is regarded as the 4th dimension, so for a dimension to have dimensions (memories) within it, would be pretty weird/non-sensical. Anyway, having said all that, welcome to the forum.
  8. You speak/type a lot of words, but don't actually say anything as such; that's quite a feat. For brevity's sake, can you summarise the point you wish to make?
  9. Came across this Amazon link to a time-travel card game, called Chrononauts. This game has approx 50 positive reviews (on Amazon). "The general premise is that you're a time traveler from an alternate timeline (not the history we know, but some alternate history) who has to return home." http://www.amazon.com/Looney-Labs-009LOO-Chrononauts/dp/1929780109
  10. It's a shame that the youtube video trailer is not available in the UK.
  12. [ATTACH]510[/ATTACH] Even the "Question Mark" is confused.[ATTACH]510[/ATTACH]
  13. Did this alleged time-slip episode occur in the UK? I'd be very interested to hear more details, when they become available.
  14. Or another example of the speculative time-slip phenomena? Maybe what we call a "ghost" is a person who had a time-slip from our past (its present) to its future (our present)?
  16. I'm a fan of time-travel tv shows/films, and must admit that I quite like the angle you've taken concerning the time-travel genre. I speed-read your post, but did not read any mention of space and time, while moving through time. You mention the "overlapping" phenomenon in your story, but does it account for the fact that the planet earth would be at a different co-ordinates in Space in different times/era's?
  17. "I believe Jesus is the son of God; He paid the price for my sins, having lived a sinless life himself; because of His death and resurrection, I have a path to an eternal afterlife with Him and God. (what it might be like I have no idea but that doesn't matter) If I am wrong and at my death everything I am ceases to exist, I loose nothing." Does the fact that you say "if I am wrong...." mean your belief is just based on faith? You are not absolutely sure that what you believe is true? This is a genuine enquiry on my part.
  18. I think the comic series is still currently being published, so I can't see the walking dead ending anytime soon....I hope there is the same emphasis on character development, as that is one of the appealing elements of the walking dead..... that together with the notion that the living pose more of a threat than the dead.
  19. Just an addition to Nicholas's reply re: Tacitus. It is very possible (though unlikely) that the actual source for Tacitus account of Jesus could have come from the hearsay of Christians. Also, it is also worthwhile considering that some of the events mentioned in the Bible, such as Herod's infamous murdering of the "innocents" is not mentioned elsewhere in any other source outside of the Bible. This is food for thought. Additionally, the Bible states that Jesus was well known, that multitudes of people from beyound Jordan, from Jerusalem, from Decapolis etc came to listen to him preach. If this was indeed the case, then why did no scribes or jewish historians who lived at the same time as Jesus not ONCE mention his name in their writings? For example, Philo of alexander, a Jewish historian, lived during Jesus' lifetime, and in his vast volumes of writings, there is no single reference to Jesus "the Christ"; not once! But if Jesus did NOT exist, then WHY were literally thousands of "Christians", in the 1st century AD, willing to die for Jesus, and live their lives as martyrs? This is a question that I have not seen adequately answered yet.
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