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  1. I would want to know whether my wife finally learns how to cook in the future!
  2. As has already pointed out, the aircrash was nothing to do with CERN. Apparently, it was due to a cowardly individual who was suffering with mental health issues. Instead of taking his own life, he pathetically took the lives of numerous other people. There needs to be some type of safeguard against the forced closure of a cockpit (and overide) from the inside.
  3. What evidence do you have for your belief that "There is a great possibility that our brain or our thinking may have traveled to the future especially if we are sleeping....."? Btw, Kamusta?
  4. This theory makes the big assumption that the future coexists with the present.
  5. The only way I think time-travel will happen, is a one-way trip forward into the future. If a vehicle was invented that could travel the speed of light, then the occupants would reach 50 years into the future in a MUCH quicker time period than the remainder of us who are not in the vehicle. We would age 50 years, while they would age about 5 minutes.
  6. How do you know that time slows down? Or do you mean it would appear to slow down?
  7. A very nice work of fiction Julius. With a few adjustments, it would make quite a readable novel/film adaptation....(your fictional story has a hunger games, feel to it). If I was you, I'd copyright it, quick sharpish.
  8. If you have any more details about this case (such as the name of the security guard, the full name of the shoplifter etc) then could you post them ? Cheers.
  9. I've had a dream in the recent past, which kind of felt like I had briefly travelled back in time. The only thing I remember about this dream is that I awaken and I am aware that I'm in my childhood bedroom, laying in bed. I am sleepy, and half awake in my dream, but it felt so real, like I was actually in my own bedroom that I've not been in for many many years. There is not much more I remember about the dream apart from the overwhelming feeling that I was back in my childhood home. Maybe I exprienced a simple partial seizure in my sleep, who knows? The mind really is a powerful thing.
  10. In the UK, the term "bugs" usually means "annoy". The conspiracy theory that annoys me the most is the Sandy Hook School conspiracy. The conspiracy theorists who asserverate that it was a false flag operation and that NO children died that day, are totally DELUDED.
  11. Just changing the subject slightly, have you come across an account in Liverpool, England about a young teenage lad shoplifter, who was being chased by a security guard, and the shoplifter experiencing a time-slip?
  12. Keep in mind that the writer mentioned a "fog". Many people who have experienced time-slips mention some type of "fog".
  13. Here is one of the oldest alleged time-slip accounts I could find. It was reported in august 1946, in an australian newspaper, called the Western Mail. The account contains all the classic ingredients of a time-slip as outlined by Jenny Randles. http://trove.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/article/53245563
  14. Maybe I'm over tired from work, but correct me if I'm wrong about the premise of your experiment. You propose that in 2015, we write a note to last for 20 years or longer, in a buried time-capsule. In 2035 (20 years time), if time-travel is possible and exists, time-travellers will come across these buried time-capsules, read the notes inside, and will proceed to travel back in time to the pre-arranged date contained in the note (for e.g. 2019)? Is this the basic premise?
  15. I thought I'd start a thread here and post one link to the works of Dr Ian Stevenson, who over 40 years, collated numerous accounts of children who claimed to have had prior lives as somebody else. http://reluctant-messenger.com/reincarnation-proof.htm
  16. I think investigations into this phenomenon has begun, but I'm not sure if rigourous research has yet been undertaken. Here is a link for you to start with. http://uvamagazine.org/articles/the_science_of_reincarnation
  17. I agree with Nicolas. The 8 points you've outlined could just prove the uniqueness of the human brain. I would be inclined to examine/investigate reincarnation. Even though buddhists do not believe in a soul (eternal or otherwise) there are others who believe that at death, the soul moves onto another body. There have been numerous stories of children who remember details of past lives. They allegedley have memories of the places/countries they "previously" lived in, memories of family members, employment details etc. Most importantly, they have memories of "their" actual death in a prior life. If scientific test/research could determine the authenticity of these stories, then I suggest that it would also prove the existence of a transmigratory soul.
  18. It would only be possible if it was absolutely determined that alternate timelines existed.
  19. I've not watched the link provided by Raintime, but this hoverboard idea was debunked a while ago.
  20. I suppose once the secret is out, there is the potential for it to be accessible to anybody. You know your country has developed time travel? You have to elaborate on this statement. :)
  21. This is an interesting question. There are numerous people who have "false" memories of the past; their recollection of the past does not reconcile with the vast majority. The most popular event that doesn't seem to match up with some people, is the alleged death of Nelson Mandela in the 1980's. Many people have clear memories of the funeral service in the 80's and of the disingenuous speech made by Winnie Mandela etc.
  22. Darby (on numerous occasions) has stipulated that a time-travel device could never remain secret, no matter how hard a person tries to do so. Once the device is used once, then the device is NO longer a secret.
  23. That's quite a lame strawman you've used there. You were the one who kept stating the "John Titor" foolishness about a nuclear strike at the White House on the 12th March, 2015. Today is Friday the 13th March; has the nuclear strike occurred??? NO!! The End!!!!!
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