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  1. We do not need any answer to the question 'is there a global conspiracy" because if there is not there can and will be one. We are divided nation electing people for reign and conquer. Because we are in an idiocracy they can do anything to help their networks or to achieve their plans. People react like we ask them through education : they do not give any interest into the reality of what people(government & finance) are doing because they believe so much in the system we learned them. They think everything is gonna be alright without doing anything. They do not give any interest into things that TV is not telling them ! Most of the best scientists believe in god, civilization existed really long before we believe, the holy books are the compilations of the old science - but no if it was true - TV would have told us... Let do some conclusions... What happens ? Do the whole system is based on the negation of god and on the holy power of money ? Don't we think that we are right to do anything ? Don't we act against the life itself ? Aren't we running on head ?
  2. Here is my point of view. - People are blind. - Conspiracists (lol at this term meaning conspiracy theorists) are people who know the truth but they don't know how, who and why. - The Government try to keep the people calm and sedulous to what they tell to make and let be the system that is enriching them. - Conspirators are those who act to dismiss the people, to achieve their plans. Because of their ignorance most of the conspiracists work hand in hand with the conspirators by putting names on the theories and by dismissing more and more people. We do not believe anybody yet. So that is the present now let me tell you what can be our future : Option 0 : The people dismiss more and more and the war will come over again to achieve the conspirators plan : Ordo Ad Chaos - to divide and conquer. Option 1 : The people through awareness start to think in harmony, to cogitate and live to gather. That's why conspiracists live in a better way because they know what not to do : hating. But many of them are not knowing that they must love everybody, and not hate people they suspect. That was Gandhi's fight : Prove the inhumanity by his courage and honor, facing the armed idiot with any fear.
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    ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Theme: Section/Topic: America Member/Avatar: American? Song Title - Artist, LP (optional) : The KLF - America: What time is love ? Genre: Pop-Breakbeat URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JzNKXTAi658Lyrics: America What Time Is Love Lyrics - Klf -------------------------------------------------------
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    ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Theme: Section/Topic: Truth and Faith :) and/or Member/Avatar: Syzygy & everybody else ;) Song Title - Artist, LP (optional) : Keny Arkana - 5ème Soleil Genre: French RAP URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVR6xL7fkaYSubtitles on screen ! -------------------------------------------------------
  5. I'm French, speaking scholar English. :) What are you meaning by unity ? The all linked to everything ? My final goal is to restore the real way we should live. To know every thing that could ensure a better life. To get ppl to know themself and to love each other. To stop fighting and start looking at the sky as a united planet trying to survive. To prevent from future apocalypse...regardless of whether it is human or cataclysmic. And finally to improve our knowledge. You know "limitless" movie ? Well to me that is reality but without the pill and the speed. But each of us once he understand how the world is ruled, then he come to understand everything to do. PS: What kind of words or expressions are vintage ? ^^
  6. Well before the big bang (or whatever you call it) we suspect there was a sort of high energy concentration. We know thanks to the ancient that 2 forces rules everything : Motion and Static. So so many static energy resulted into the creation of motion energy. I don't know when but these 2 forces came to thrill in harmony. So gravity and waves let the matter be and divide and create everything :) Phi is the life growth constant : the subdividing of cells, the repartition of leaves, the landmass repartition... And Pi is the preservation constant : the revolution, the cycle of water, the ovulation cycles... Everything could be explain this way :) These are the matrix forces, the elementary constants. The holy miracle of life. But what we have to keep in mind is that the very origin is still influencing us through phi. We are one of its subdivision. Everything influence everything so everything have to be very calculated or I should rather say harmonized, from planets to atoms, there are equilibrium between motions. That is where our knowing stops and where we should start believing that the chaos universe is a masquerade and that there must be an intelligent source at all. ;)
  7. "Is to "go through the light tunnel" an euphemism?" Not at all, the way I use it meaning the tunnel of knowledge, the virtuous ascension ! "as though belief isn't preamble to hypothesis?" Well it depends. But here I mean belief as a dogma, something you can't get over, containing to itself. "has more to do with the NDE thread." ...go back to my conclusion. If you don't get that there are enormous dogmas and that you only can skirt by thinking as a good guy you won't be able to do anything so... In the darkness comes the light ; Light can lead you anywhere, anytime ; Light is the revival of mind ; NDEs will let you know the strong reliability of life. I should be more clear, but I await your response to try to explain it better :) Ps: "Where did you get your avatar?" GIYF my friend, that is a well know avatar... I don't know any about its origin.
  8. Ho sorry, I meant "there is no random/chance" ! (False friend word...) Lledbetter, this argue comes from René Descartes which said : "Je pense donc je suis" / "I think so I am" But it is taken from latin "Cogito ergo sum" which means : "Je cogite donc je suis" / "I cogitate so I am" And in this verb : to cogitate there is co- prefix which means together.... So : we think together so we are. The only way to get back to real consciousness of what we are is to think together - and don't let ppl think for you.. If we do war everyday that not our cause... our goal... our envy...
  9. Welcome to the new millennium : Da vinci code x 10^999 But the message is really stronger, there is no hazard... !
  10. I'm glad to read your enthusiasm. I've been really further in my understanding of the world you can ask me whatever about ancient knowledge and civilization but it's a kind of philosophy ;) Maths were not the same... For them it was something like : 0 - At the beginning there where nothing 1 - Then everything happens 2 - and divdide 3 - equilibrate 4 - by subdividing 5 - and sub-equilibrating 6 - and cycles by cycles 7 - came in harmony 8 - to logic 9 - in total equilibrium of sub-matrix 10 - from everything to nothing 11 - everything and everything again by subdividing (1+1=2) 12 - gave us a whole matrix to understand (1+2=3, 12=3x4=2x6) And forces to know : pi - (pi/6) ~= phi pi-phi-1 =~ pi/6 There were visible distance and invisible... Logic in design ;) Jean-claude Perez - CreationWiki, the encyclopedia of creation science
  11. I don't know much than you about the source, it just look interesting.. Supersonic speed may be a range of speed ?...
  12. BREAKING NEWS: Powerful Magnetic Outflow Coming From Milky Way Galactic Plane
  13. Well I did not read all your messages but I saw some interesting things. As Syzygy topic suggest, NDE have to do with time travel. Why ? because by going faster than light you go through the light tunnel... ;) And so it goes all together with this topic. But I know and can tell you that making such a topic does not consist in any need for a time traveler. If you reach to achieve a time travel machine, you must be as wise as possible. Here is an example that can explain it : The alchemist, when they looked to turn lead to gold have never been able to do it. But if they look differently they will be able to do it but will never need to do because they will have reach such a consciousness that everything is nothing for them. Well when you go faster than light, navigating through time, you are in the same feeling. Nothing will never achieve to distract you from the only one and indivisible thing : KNOWLEDGE. The light ! Go looking in dead languages such as latin and Greek for the definition of "mathematikos" or "astrologus" ;) Time traveling, needs all knowledges : astronomy, alchemy, astrology, physics, chemistry, architecture, history, navigation, ... and so many other ; time traveling requires to be as god. No beliefs just knowledge ! o_O The "bad guys" are grouped in the side of all those who conceive the existence only through the DOMINATION of their fellows, including up to exorbitanceand by any means. These are the individuals whose existence revolves around the "self-serving". The "good guys" are all those whose aim is the existential FLARE of others by transmitting knowledge in a future life worthy of the name and knowing that this path is the one that produces the optimal Harmony in all things. These are people-oriented in the "Service to Others".
  14. After a long time not posting there I found the original TRUENGLISH version of the documentary : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKeaIy-mrL8 Enjoy ! Back to the tower of babel there is a word in old french which is "baubel" meaning bauble, trifle, small jewel, small gift, can be read as "beau" (beautiful masculine) 'belle" (beautiful feminine). It means a vain thing desired by man. Dieus ne samble pas a l'enfant qui s'apaie pour un baubel. Gods don't look like the children which appease for a baubel. ...
  15. Thank you for this great explanation, I'm really happy to see that your experiments consists in the same kind of work than with Blackholes (using 2 'generator' facing each other to display an 'isolated' system) but with waves. It's getting really interesting to me as I have been confirmed that music, harmony have to do with everything. Sound is a wave as light but music is not the same. It is the physical paradigm whose example lets say that the Big Bang (unproven theory) is a deception: it is at best a Big sound: an orderly sound. And order, coming before the time, space, and energy, is part of alchemy, whose outlines are all necessarily 'in accordance' (chord ;) ) with the music ... I have to go further in this way but with a harmonious wave you might be able to get to the second step which is synthesizing space.
  16. I think he understand how but can't explain how.... If you have a design why didn't you suggested it to me before ? The whole problem is that society can't take this for real as we can't get to see farther than our own digit (what we believe in !) so we will not get scientist to ask themselves about this and so we will stay in our own shit. The system is running wild ! The only way you can get what you want is to submit and get ppl to ask them-self !
  17. Well so try to demonstrate me the same thing without believing it, you should be embarrassed to lie ! Good maths make good demonstration, even more than physical experiment because it can give exact values that are not subject to the accuracy of the instrument used. But bad maths leads nowhere and that is where we are. Take a look at how ancient were thinking mathematically and I'm sure you would be disappointed a value can be visible, vertical, horizontal, invisible, and that is changing the meaning of the whole demonstration because it implies another dimension of mathematics, the fractal real one. Einstein, "The fact is, there is no white hole theory. The scientific community really doesn't have any ongoing theories for the continued creation of matter. They believe the amount of matter and energy in the universe is fixed, or constant in nature." I agree with this but that not what they call a white or a black hole, they never talked about creation or destruction of matter. They just talk about some specific magnetic regions. White hole - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  18. You must believe in something to make it true. That is the basics. What makes a theory real is a demonstration so the maths are the best way to do it. Your point is quite right indeed Maths are the way to god. 22/7 is somewhat it's voice mail... But behind the theories are facts and observations. The density of stars in the center of the Milky Way is so big that special techniques of imaging as the Adaptive Optics are necessary to increase the resolution of the VLT, thanks to which astronomers were able to follow with an unequaled precision the journey of several stars around the Galactic Center. Their trajectories betray unquestionably the gravitational influence of a great massive black hole, an equal mass about three million suns. The observations of the VLT also revealed, at regular intervals, infrared flashes of lightning from this region. Even if the exact cause of this phenomenon remains still unknown, it could mean that the black hole turns very quickly on itself. " The life of a black hole is not a long quiet river". The astronomers use the VLT to scrutinize the center of the other galaxies and also discover there the undeniable tracks of super-massive black holes. In the active galaxy NGC 1097, they observed in detail a complex network of strands winding in spiral towards the center of the galaxy. It is maybe the first detailed view of the routing of matter, from the main part of the galaxy up to the central core. ... And I though about this... doesn't the white hole theory coincide with the matter definition itself ?
  19. Posting my last post about black holes I had also a great déjà vu of answering to Einstein with this image but time is still running wild ! :cool:
  20. Watch MIB you should be at ease as they are a lot of much more important problem than you. But you must know and convince people. You must search for your origins and open the eyes of the nations to live in a better world where we are not our own enemies. ;)
  21. Einstein you can't say there are no facts. Here is the science opinion summary : The first Black hole observation were Cygnus X1, 1965. They say now they clearly identified it... Quasar are QUAsi-Stellar Astronomical Radiosource. The consensus is that they are the compact extreme lighting region around a supermassive black hole at the center of a massive galaxy. The white holes are speculative, they describe it as the opposite of a black hole. As you can't get out of a black hole (can be called the future as you can't go back in time), you won't be able to stay or get in in a white hole (can be called the past). The limits of these singularities are called horizons. And while one is repulsive the other one is attractive. The problem in the Schwarzschild white hole theory is that the configuration is supposed to be static and we do not know black hole otherway than by massive stars implosion. It does not exist in eternity so the white hole could not exist. But this position is to me really strange. It means there is no physical process able to explain it's formation. But you know black holes so why couldn't this be the origin of whites ? Also they say Quasar are acceleration discs so they can't be whites holes. But Quasar origins are often young stars and they deliver a lot of energy ;)
  22. I did not read all the posts but don't forget one thing, excess of anything creates it's opposite. With that assertion I can easily imagine black and white holes. Well to me they are excess of matter. Black is a excess in negative form, white the positive one. Black is matter collapsing on itself. White is energy explosion as suns. Much more we are far from big bang much more there will be black. To one moment everything is just black and then big bang again. Too many matter created energy.
  23. This is a much more remarkable problem. It started during wwII and even more during cold war and so the context made the government use this to ensure international trades. Then the bankers and big industrial took the control of the machine and it became unstoppable because they could anticipate any action. Now because of the cold war we live in a half-real world trying to know what is the truth and so they still ensure their control by delivering informations to governments in exchange of some contracts and they also deliver false information to get us lost. They own the medias, the bourses, the medecine, the military, the entertainement, and a lot of other industries. They are not lying, they are hidding. When they say : nobody's listening you .... it is true as it is an automatized program. Also when they say there is nothing E.T. in the area 51 it is true too, it's in reality located in a smaller area next to it ! Behind the walls there are a lot of puppeteers.
  24. Do you mean NSA ? Echelon program ? Well look around, there are plenty of parables all watching at you. Then watch the sky by night and admire the satellites. Welcome to the new millennium, the war of investigation and information (disinformation)...
  25. For some theorist time is gravity as Einstein statement. To me it is true, and it is perfectly in agreement with your theories. Well Ancients believed that Sun is god and moon is Mom as it is round and white. Sun is the main object in our solar system and the origin of its whole organization and origin. It's origin is a more massive thing and at the very origin we believe that everything where one and the there were so many energy that it exploded, big bang. The matter is running through space and organizing... The big bang is a very expensive explosion so it's a light-ball. The female light were there too... You can easily understand how comes the following. ;) Time=energy/speed/light/material..Everything. And at the end of time we can only imagine what happens. o_O
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