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  1. I think you should take a look at this : Whoa, Dude, Are We Inside a Computer Right Now? | VICE
  2. Taurus model ? When I started looking about this I directly saw the 4th dimention such as space/time environement. 0 dot 1st line 2nd plan 3rd tube/sphere/donut 4th animate it Then : E=mc² oh wait 5th ? Yes the ENERGY ! To me it is so important !(not limited as unique dimention but symbolized). Because when you live you're material you are acting thanksfully to the energy ! And when you die you become energy ! Big bang : E=~100% mc²=~0% Then E diminuates, the dilating force. Toward half-bang (quarter animation) : E=0% mc²=100% And then E become negative or idk it's a phenomenon called black hole ! Material become Energy. So now we need to know how energy becomes material ? ho wait I forgot about a thing, NOW ! I think so I am. E=mc² Now is one of the million possibilities respecting this equation. That's the point about time travelling. Changing things... but if you go back and change something, the equation and reality does still exist, material is here ! energy too ! That's it. you should accept that if we do we will for sure kill somewho but he never existed ! And for sure there are good intentioned people so the builders will for sure prevent for this to happen ( I hope and I think because I am !). And look paradoxaly : if you destruct universal equilibrium in the past, so you will never exist so you will never do it ! because you are still the guy from the future so it is so easy to deal with some malintentioned time-traveller, go find his mother at nursery !
  3. Not earthquake but volcano erruption : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQzcqCzNm8U EDIT : LOOK AT THIS ! Happenned over australia on 2010 January 15, 22, 27 & 28 and february 2, 4 May due to H.A.A.R.P or extraterestrial force : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V01JYl9_mmw
  4. @Mylo : Hum I don't know what to think about this, I'm about to watch MIB russian movie and we will see but this news look like a hoax. I would think it is if there was not this. @topic : This UFO seems real as many ppl saw it. Do they called norad to know more about it ? Hell no you're in USA.... (I love so much France sometimes for things like that, military would have investigated it in France) I think taking picture is alot beter than videos because of focus ! Take a look at this one : UFO Sighting: LA Police Helicopter Accompanied by Strange Craft in Witness Photo [VIDEOS] - International Business Times here we can see something.
  5. I read it all... I agree with you, spirituality have to do with this in my opinion. And as you're talking about death and after-life, I'd like to remember you that people who made a Near Death Experiment they all saw diferent things but the most remarkable narratives said that they heard celestical music and that they saw a kind of paradise and they were feeling a universal knowledge they knew it all but they knew nothing. (as Dr. Raymond Moody saw it ;) ) Some other atheist saw geometrical shapes... Some agnostic saw all relgions represented during the "light tunnel"... In conclusion I think that once you're dead, you see what you want to see until you could not imagine any other thing. Then nobody came back to tell us what happens but some cartesian spirit would fastly be in the infinitesimal vacuum. So where do I bring you ? If your spirit can leave your corpse why would you think that by teleporting (through time) your body you will teleport yourself ? I think that before a Time travel you should know where and when your body go and your spirituality will led your spirit to this place & time. But it is only my opinion. And btw I think travelling to the past is possible but only if we proceded at some pre-establishement in the past we should place the "receptacle corpus" at the right place & time and then remember it until you teleport back to it. So when you create this receptacle you should appear into it ! But only if you succeeded preserving this corpus and remembering the place.
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