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  1. Einstein, Please nothing I have read on this forum alludes to science, Yourself and Darby attack all things scientifically related. Anyone can research what I have posted, time travel aside everything else is true and in use in our everyday lives. If you sir understand as much as your Avatar insinuates, then explain the practical purpose of the Dirac Delta and the reason we use it. While you are on your pedestal please explain why it is necessary for CERN-LHC and the top physicists of this day to accelerate atoms within an infrared beam at the cost of half a trillion dollars. Then you can lean over and ask Stephen Hawking and every other genius involved with this project why they think it will lead to Time Travel. Short of that, bantering everyone that discusses anything to do with science and Time Travel would lead me to believe you are here lead everyone down the wrong path. You would like to discuss things written in books however Einstein was frequently quoted as saying. "Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school." Albert Einstein Following that explain this quote... "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one" Albert Einstein Go ahead and show this forum what you have, at least present yourself with something other than nasty comments. They can do the research for themselves and see what they think.
  2. Darby, I did not mean to dis-mean them In anyway. I'm simply stating that they were never passed as Theories. Relativity was not freely excepted until NASA announced the astronauts traveled time. Yet it still has not been accepted as a Theory. Please look up the definition of what scientists call a Theory, It's sort of a tragedy this work has not been recognized as such.
  3. Anyone on this site can tell you nothing on time travel other than brief time loss has ever been published. Even Einsteins report on relativity alludes that he believed in mass but clearly he believed mass was an illusion. How would you expect him to explain that to a bunch of people that believe the propaganda they have read. Why bother when your family is starving and you need the money. You have a choice, choose what you want, maybe I am hallucinating, but it would appear that over 500billion dollars of hallucination was spent on infrared technology in Switzerland searching for time travel, at least I'm in good company. Unless you think you could have received that much money on some Higgs Boson pitch. That money only comes from one place and that place has money because they never loose. Good luck with your future endeavors
  4. Great, so you agree testing the speed of light in a vacuum on Earth does not replicate any known environment in which usable light occurs. Infrared traverses all dimensions instantly, illumination is not necessary. Where did this come from? The research project I worked on sponsored by the National Science Foundation using experimental results provided by NASA in 1984-85 and a phenomena that had occurred when broadcasting broadband through infrared early in the 70's. It was proven by the phenomena, we only reproduced the phenomena to understand how it was functioning. You can only travel time when you realize we are just radiation experiencing life through our senses and manifesting the persistent illusion of a molecular reality. We are radiation and radiation can travel through time in infrared. Your illusion of reality can not, because it never really existed. It's all in our minds.
  5. Do you really think that information would be accurately published? NASA hires Elvis to man space warp jump to bring back the lost episode of Alf! Light speed was measured in a vacuum on Earth. Is Earths atmosphere in a vacuum? NO it compressed and deflects some bands of radiation Is Space in a heated atmosphere equal to Earth? No it is a super cooled vacuum and has more radiation So Light only has a speed in a vacuum tube that replicates neither Space nor Earth. Nice test... Furthermore I told them this myself and they said they had no way to cool the tube to the proper temperature. Light does not play the part you think it does. Infrared is the key component. and contained within light/electricity/heat Light speed is the propaganda they forced us to read and memorize, left brain mind tricks. In order to accomplish this They will need to reconfigure atoms within the infrared spectrum in a vacuum. space is a vacuum...it is supercooled and just like super conductors. If Light has a speed it travels even faster in space but I say it's almost instantaneous and the propaganda is to keep everyone on the wrong track. What frequency of electromagnetic radiation is the laser in the LHC? What is the Higgs Boson sought after for?... Time Travel Hidden in plain sight, because it's the last place you would look.
  6. If you found a way to view the future, no LSD-25 involved :) What if you could view headlines of the future tragedies, disasters, economic collapse... as well as Lottery numbers, stock exchange, latest inventions, top songs... Would you give it to the world to prevent tragic and disastrous events? or Would you keep it for yourself for power and greed?
  7. In order to believe in phenomena you must have access to it. Plain and simple our senses require it so that we may understand it. In order to accept that the phenomena may exist you would first need to understand the thought process of those that claimed it possible. Tesla and Einstein, alive at the same era both speak of reality as an electromagnetic illusion or just a persistent illusion. Illusion being the key word that everyone discards. Of course they were both completely nuts and void of common sense until NASA stated that it had actually happened. However our reality centers around Mass, we need it and want it and or trained to spend our lives seeking out more and more mass. This train of thought does not reveal a duality of existence, therefore nobody wants to listen to statements of experiences. Especially when Lies are performed written and verbally. We can't blame them either, They deserve and require the proof. As for me I believe without question that it is not only possible, it has already been discovered and new technology has been achieved. I have worked with the proof but it is highly guarded and my written words could be telling lies. I would ask yourself this however, Little boys grew up wanting to reach the moon. They sold the idea and away they went to fill a bag with moon rocks. Upon return they discovered a time travel phenomena, and then what? we hear nothing, no wide eyes! The DoD did not buck up for the greatest discovery of all time and nobody could obtain funding to further research into Time Travel? Instead they decide to call Einsteins relativity work a theory even though it has not achieved nobility. We watch billions being poured into the LHC in search of the higgs boson? or is there an underlying reason for the LHC, Z machine and Haarp programs, that would be based on the electromagnetic illusion of reality? What if we are experiencing the illusion of reality and Life as forms of radiation, without radiation you would not perceive reality and your body would no longer function. The imagination is a terrible thing to discourage, it should be coveted never discarded. It is also the last thing you would want your competition to have.
  8. A glimpse into the future does not necessarily require a time machine. This how children are taught today as well. I get disgusted when I see how an imagination has turned into a disability of some sort. I wish for one week, the fruit of all imagination would vanish from the Earth, maybe this would restore some reality.
  9. I asked a friend a few weeks ago. Given unlimited funding and time, but failure not an option, how would you build a pyramid with 40 ton stones. you can not push or pull the stones with machinery and the quarry is 20 miles away. He was first thinking wheels and ropes So I directed him to a video of the Super conductor trains He then said He would float them I said I would find the largest horn possible, just like the myth at Puma Punku That way I could signal the air ship to lift those heavy things in place, lets get this done! Boss is watching. There is a great video on line where a tourist pans his camera at the H block and then as he pans his camera to an old sloppy stone wall and back to the H block says "There is nooo way the people that built this wall, touched these blocks, There is just nooo way!" I also watched a tour of the stepped burial pyramid of Imhotep, it was lavishly garnished with tile and carvings and built out of small stones. They say it was built first as a precursor to the Giza pyramids but they expect you to believe that their most awesome structure received no internal garnishments, no tile, no hand carved hieroglyphs... They say there are hieroglyphs in the great pyramid in a chamber nobody can access but they are painted not carved, Really? That's my evidence a painting covered in 200 years of graffiti, no carvings. I know if that was my pyramid, I would be a little upset that we couldn't do just a little tile work, I mean come on! Imhotep got some, what am I chopped liver? why would they not adorn the most magnificent structure on it's interior. Was this Pharaoh working on the cheap? Or was it because they could not access the interior? So we are asked to believe they carved tiled and painted everything they worked on before the great pyramid and after the great pyramid and re-carved it with every new Pharaoh but not within their greatest structure. I have no proof of who built them but this is completely inconsistent with the Egyptian society.
  10. Yeah, That was a baaad video, I thought it was attached to an antenna but when I watched I realized I put up the wrong video. I have seen the miniature antennas work but we have such a large amount of radio waves out there today it's hard to know exactly if you are tapping into the Tesla Phenomena or WNEW. Either way the antenna types actually work enough for a few LEDs, but I have yet to see anyone attempt to increase voltage by trying a spark gap and multiple circuits into a regulator/rectifier. Which makes me question why they keep showing their notes... ?
  11. The pyramids at Giza, used granite for the shafts, granite is a very strong, very weather-able stone, that contains radon. It is slightly radio active. excellent if you wanted to fill the shafts with water. The core of the pyramids at Giza were Dolomitic Limestone, which has a high magnesium content and conducts electricity better than the white lime stone The exterior now mostly missing was covered in White Tura Limestone which is calcium carbonate and does not conduct any electricity. Nothing near conductive as a shielded copper wire, but the entire structure is huge. I wonder what the output of energy was at the top when it was in prime condition. It uses the same principle as Tesla's Free wireless energy. Tesla built a technologically advanced pyramid out of wood and metal. Constant questioning of how your surroundings function can only lead to answers. most of those experiments will be wrong, but once in a while....PROOF there it is. The question I have is, WHY did they need electricity? same reason as we do I suppose. You can see evidence of use at Puma Punku WHERE has the evidence of it's existence gone? Certainly today if we were walking through the woods and stumbled upon an old steel wheel tractor we might marvel at it, But what if it was the first time we had ever seen one? Would you not take it for further observation?
  12. Thank you for the great reply, and that was a wonderful video. energy equals life equals energy. I knew you were visual :) it is a wonderful gift, the ability to see.
  13. Very open minded, wonder what your PIQ is your career indicates a visual preference. I have studied the phenomena of medically induced viewing, very phenomenal. Unfortunately, that stuff is for the ones in the know... The why To me there is no reason, only greed would lead a person to travel time. Viewing would be an option, if you could convince people to pass laws and amend there ways for change. never worked out for any one in the past why would it work now? you'll end up nailed to a cross or in a hospital wing trying to explain how they built the pyramids with space ships. The how On the smallest level we are atomic, meaning atoms or particles thereof containing energy are responsible for broadcasting our physical being. These atoms contain specific electromagnetic levels known as frequencies that correlate with the structure they display. Atoms or protons of atoms contain the energetic frequency for time placement, when an astronaut travels time so does his/her watch, ship clothing etc... all of these items are atomic. Atoms/particles can move right through us without us knowing. Imagine a 3 dimensional TV screen, the pixels are atoms and yourself the frequency that tells the pixels to display an image. The reality is exactly like that an illusion of physical properties. the pixels didn't move, the frequency did. We only experience life through the energy received through our senses and directed to our minds in turn we electronically process that information and perceive it as reality. Everyone is always seeking that Delorean :) You would need to realize that atmospheric atoms conduct our energy similar to a electric cable, Electricity does not flow like water. Instead it equalizes instantly with the atoms it is in contact with, every atom charges up at the same time. The reality is that the properties of the cable are telling the atoms how to behave. Just as we do, Imagine yourself as an electromagnetic ghost and when you step into atoms they in turn project your image and properties to your surroundings. But if you would like to travel time you would first need register the atomic frequency of Earth. This way you can determine how much to adjust the frequency of the protons Atoms maintain a frequency of the body they are closest to, Earth and it contains all of us, our combined frequency is ever changing so you would need to take the frequency rate with you on your journey in order to facilitate coming back. Then relative to Earths frequency you would need to speed up or slow down the protons within your Atoms. This could be done in a few ways, LOWER Use an electric arc, increase the resistance between two poles when the energy strains to reach the other pole the atomic frequency will lower. Any atoms in the vicinity of the atoms that have been lowered will instantly equalize to the new lower charge or ELF emission. If your harness that emission and move yourself into those atoms you will go to the past. This process could be introduced mentally through ELF transmissions into your cranium. You might want to test it on prisoners first. I'm thinking of KFC on the first couple tries. Many amateur experiments have been conducted using the lowest portion " the haze" of a jacobs ladder. if you throw a tiny metallic object through the haze on the bottom it disappears for a fraction of a second, but that means it is traveling forward because it reappears. Again it is a fraction of a second, hardly time travel but I held my eyelids open so I wouldn't blink and I did it a few times. It's was so much fun I never tried it again. Because of those tests it has been suggested that when a large electrical arc vaporizes it actually traveled time and disappeared, don't ask me how the heck your supposed to prove that one. HIGHER Build yourself a trillion dollar superconductive subatomic particle collider, while the particles race around the vacuum tube they will increase in frequency, again all atomic matter in the vicinity will equalize their charge and change frequency as well, a small vacuum chamber built off the side of this tube is where you will be situated. At just the precise frequency the new atomic frequency introduced to your chamber through a control valve and off you go to the future. of course if there is no time travel device in the dimension you travel to in the words of brave heart "your fooked" and not coming back. I would imagine you would have to go week by week into the future to be safe and know the equipment your using will still be there. Personally I wouldn't trust the controllers not to dump me off into the ocean somewhere. Considering the money involved I wouldn't think life or being patient matters much to those folks. I can only imagine the loss of life testing tt junk. For all the money spent on the LHC I wonder how many hot meals you could have served to starving children. I guess God was never in their equations, how would you explain what you did with all of that money, when you had the chance to do something humane that might really change the world? Nikola Tesla asked himself the same thing, and he was a hero for trying...Free Energy... I really like him! maybe even enough to risk the chance for lunch one day. I hope he can swim!
  14. We both start off in day 5 you travel back 5 days to day 1 the travel forward to day 4 at the conclusion to your travel I would be in one dimension in day 5, not experiencing any changes you have made You would be in another dimension totally aware of my dimension in day 4, experiencing your changes hmmm, a strange thought i have had indeed
  15. Lets say life is like a deck of cards 1 card for every millisecond of your life each life has a it's own deck from start to finish each card in the deck is running in it's own dimension each card in the deck generally follows the same path as the card before it. The card each of us is experiencing right now has a frequency relative to everyone else we know, gluing us together in this specific dimension but if somehow you were able to change your frequency a little lower and jump back 1 minute or 60,000 cards would your friends shirt change color? probably not, they still follow the same path. Lets say you mark that date on the calender and periodically jump back for he next 50 years to check their shirt would your friends shirt then change color? probably, by that time tiny changes in life would have altered the timeline and you would find out that your friend never bought that shirt. Lets say you go back in time 5 days change something drastically, a huge change but you only come forward 4 days instead of returning to us. would we know you changed something? I don't think so I think the timeline only effects those who are aware of the fact it is being changed since you never came back to us, we would not be aware of it I do think that could be the reason why two people can see the same thing in two separate ways, they may not have seen the same thing at all, maybe they move through their deck a wee bit faster than you. I often wonder if squirrels are going slow and we are moving fast, experiencing the squirrels life cycle faster. Only one way to find out I guess...
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