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  1. The simplest and most obvious way to prove with absolute certainty that “Time Travel” will never be possible is; it never has, hence, it never will! Let me explain. Think of any technological breakthrough past or present. What transforms it from cutting-edge to obsolete, exclusive to common? Time. When the first car was rolled out how many had access to or the means to acquire one. Or consider the computer. At first, used exclusively by the Government, Military and a select number of major companies. And now? Now before you counter with a rant about how something so powerful and dangerous, would of course be limited, secure, protected and used only when absolutely necessary; that’s what we said about nukes. Time has a way of making the unobtainable, attainable. Simply put; Man is incapable of possessing such power. Look at the unintended consequences from trying to “improve” our environment. Or consider the catastrophic outcome to humanity when, inevitably, a “madman” obtains this power, our world would be in perpetual chaos. This is why I say, “it never has, hence, it never will”. Pure logic. “Time Travel” is best left to an eternal omnipotent God!
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