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  1. Already happened, I think. The John Titor Foundation attempted to cash in on the hoax and publish JT's posts in an overpriced book.
  2. Nothing ruins a good debate like spam. Agreed. Just be glad you aren't the one that's getting this crap force-fed to him. Every time I walk into my US History class, I have to prepare myself for one and a half hours of worshiping FDR and "Progressivism." And my Chemistry class was a complete joke. The "teacher" sat behind her desk, wrote a few equations on the board, and turned us loose to complete problems we only half-learned how to do. I eventually figured out that the "A" kids in the class were the ones that walked up to her desk and FORCED her to teach them. And don't even get me started on my Creative Writing class. One student wrote a story about force-feeding Mitt Romney aborted fetuses. The scariest part? My high school is considered the best in South Carolina, as well as one of the best public schools in the nation.
  3. I apologize for my profanity and attitude, RMT. I will try to improve it. I just forget occasionally that I'm not on "a certain fourth channel" XD. And for the sake of everyone, Syzygy, I suggest we ignore eachother. Our personalities seem to be abrasive of one another.
  4. Mylo.X. Brilliant work! Best I've seen in many years.
  5. I I actually made that comment BEFORE creating my thread. The only reason I created the thread was so that I could continue my discussion there, rather than shit up that thread with off-topic posts. Basically, do to that at thread what you guys did to this one. And yes. I am an asshole. Deal with it.
  6. This thread is a prime example of why we don't have such a "God debunking" section of this site. Again, I restate my earlier opinion that this site should stick to time travel and conspiracy theories. It's the same reason why I attempted to send Syzygy and 201ajgrant to debate.org to continue their arguments in another thread.
  7. No shit. I'll only believe someone is a time traveler if they show me some pics of the future, along with a PDF of a history textbook (English translated of course).
  8. >>The Premiere Online Debate Website | Debate.org Please take your argument here. You're annoying us pseudoscientists with your religion/anti-religion bullcrap. This is a forum on time travel.
  9. So it's all a Jewish Illuminati conspiracy to steal our money? That's basically what I'm getting out of your statement.
  10. No seriously, what the hell are talking about?
  11. Can someone please explain this to me in plain English?
  12. Exactly! Thanks for explaining that for me Darby. Computer data seems like it would also be a lot easier to send through time as it has little to no mass, and consists completely of EM waves, unlike a physical human. Again, this is all my speculation. I have no way of knowing if any of this is true. It just seems like it would be logical.
  13. First of all, none of your "theories" are actually theories. They're inferences based upon your understanding of the subject. Second, I agree with you that time travel could destroy the human race. It must become a well-kept secret. If the secret gets out, the time machine's inventors must prevent the time machine's creation.
  14. @Syzygy I still have no idea what you're talking about.
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