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  1. Been away for a few days. Work got a bit hectic. gpa: I have considered false memory syndrome as a possible explanation, as I am myself a skeptic by training. However, FMS is not a recognized categorical description of a psychosis in the DSM-IV-TR or will be included in the upcoming DSM-V. That being said, some things are slow to be accepted as actual distinct syndromes. FMS is typically linked to either an imagined trauma or one implanted through hypnotherapy by well-meaning but misdirected psychotherapists. My memories are far too vivid, detailed and involved to qualify. If they are indeed false, I would have been an ideal and unique candidate for Freud's couch and he would have written an encyclopedia on me. I must admit that I struggled against the kooky idea that I traveled in time. I railed against it. The more I reviewed the facts and avoided that conclusion, fearing that acknowledgement would be tantamount to an admission of insanity and therefore necessitate a voluntary relinquishment of my personal rights to a psychiatric institution, I repeatedly was lead back to the same conclusion, however unlikely. I tend to favor the "rewound" universe hypothesis simply because I cannot fathom God's celestial servants be complete screw-ups, sticking me in the wrong place. However, rewinding the whole universe for the benefit (yet to be demonstrated) of one being does sound a bit much, to be understated. So, I am left with no present conclusions. Sometimes, the best thing to do is nothing for a while until some obvious avenue appears.
  2. KerrTexas: Very interesting stuff. Makes you wonder if your experience was more psychic than a time anomaly. Maybe they are actually one and the same thing. I imagine driving up on the truck was a bit spooky. The optimal solution out of the trials and errors is extremely telling. Psychologists explain deja vu as our brain remembering something that we just experienced and assigning an incorrect time to it, akin to fooling with a timestamp on an email or a file. The fact that your experience was so potent that it encouraged you to turn around in the middle of nowhere to find the very truck in your vision says something else is at work. Very interesting indeed. Florida_Jim: I was never a person who kept a diary and I do not have an extensive collection of photo albums, but there might be something important in one of those. I would have to look through them. Most of our photos are still in envelopes and are with my wife (we are separated), but I have a few. That approach might be useful for uncovering some other undiscovered anomalies, however most of the incidents I cited above occurred before she and I were married, the exception being #4. Anyway, it's worth having a look. I just might find something recorded that I do not remember and am sure did not happen. All the events I have uncovered really have no immediate bearing on my life. Question is, are there changes to my past, things I said and did that friends and family remember that I do not. I have not come across any so far. I think I just need to crack some contemporary history books and see what shakes out. If I was a historian, anomalies would be easy to spot. Problem is, I am not and a lot of that 25 year time span I was either a kid, partying in college or had my nose to the grindstone in grad school, so not paying attention at all times to the world and its goings on.
  3. Florida_Jim: Very interesting. What you have experienced does sound very similar in many ways to my situation. Likewise, many old topics of conversation with my wife or events we jointly experienced prior to 1996 happened quite differently in her recollection or did not happen at all. To put things bluntly, prior to last month I did not believe that time travel was remotely possible and thought that, apart from the speculations of physicists, any person stating that they had done so was looney. I thought I myself was simply loosing my mind. However, facts are facts despite the rest of the world not knowing about them. It appears that the clever message you sent to your younger self may have been a link to "disconnected" you in some way such that you are able to retain your memories of what the world was like prior to changes. That being said, that Titor must have been authentic. I did a little internet search on him and will simply have to get back to that later. There is a lot of material out there about him. I wonder why changes have not occurred all at once, but you experience them gradually over time. Is it a local effect, as in you must be the observer for the changes to initiate? I was also wondering about the coded messages you sent to your younger self. Do you now have "old" memories of the information enclosed? Do you recall experiencing excitement in the past at seeing your future son and nephew? Just curious and trying to determine how all this works. In my case, I did not have a person who could send information back to "disconnect" me. I am sticking with either the alternate universe or the rewound video tape idea. Regarding the whole Quantum Leap issue, I seriously hesitated to mention it and noted the irony of it in my initial posting. However, it was my favorite show (along with Star Trek, all flavors) and its sudden cancellation was a big disappointment. There may have been other shows and other deceased actors who later are not now deceased, I just probably did not watch them and was not paying attention. All these things aside, that incident in 1983 made a big impression on me, although my classmates reactions were completely negative and life was difficult for 3 weeks time. It made me a believer that psychic and prophetic phenomena were possibilities and that I had experienced an authentic example. All the other issues which were the results of disagreements over current events I just ignored for years, never bothering to verify whether I was incorrect in my recollection or not. But 1983 was a pivotal event in my life, as was 1996, and I was completely shocked when I started digging around and found that it just never happened. In fact there were no hijackings that year and the TWA incident, with that famous photo, occurred after I was already out of school. Its really difficult to grapple with something that was such a big blow up at the time and that affected your outlook on the world for years only to disappear. I just felt like I was losing my mind. So, I posted here expecting healthy criticism and hoping to speak with people who may have spent a little time thinking about this stuff. My wife just simply thinks I am losing it. To her, all of this has been new information I have mentioned after 1996. It is also difficult to imagine that she is really not the same person literally that I married and that my real wive is stuck with some weird version of me in my original universe.
  4. Florida_Jim: I am curious. What occurred between you and a dimensional traveler to alter the flow of time?
  5. One thing, however, sticks in my mind. When I awakened from the vision in 1996, I was disoriented and did not recognize where I was, I did not recognize my wife and I had the same feeling as when the vision initially began. One of being forcibly taken from home to another place, although I was in fact home. It had just been so many years that I had forgotten and I had come to believe that this world was something I simply dreamed. My wife can attest that I was not the same person who went to sleep next to her the night before. Also, I should mention that the anomalies only seem to span the years of the vision, which I estimate are from 1971/1972 to 1996. There have been no other incidents of which I am aware that are anomalous since that time. My history only during those 25 years appears to be altered, but since then I share the same memory of historical events that everyone shares. So in my mind, the world has been as it has been historically recorded for the last 17 years. Nonetheless, keeping an open mind I will meditate awhile on your hypothesis and consider all its aspects. After all, I have no tangible evidence to go on, only memories. Perhaps I am having some retroactive delusion. If so, it is rather elaborate.
  6. Thank you for your input Einstein. I am working from the assumption that were a time traveler to alter the past, our memories would similarly be altered. The past we would have experienced as events unfolded would be dependent on those changes and we would be unaware of a change. If someone was changing the past routinely, we would likely have no knowledge of it since the world would be exactly the way we experienced it. The only approach that seems to fit, in my opinion, is that either the multiple universes hypothesis is correct and I have been deposited into a very similar universe to my original one or (and this seems like even more of a reach), the universe was "rewound" like a video tape and then proceeded to unfold in a slightly different manner. Regarding the events I experienced which differ, it was probably easier for me to detect those alterations. Most folks, though this is changing these days, tend to live the in the same place, work the same job and hang around with the same people day in and day out. I have had a rather chaotic life with many moves and many jobs since the nature of my work is mainly short-term contractual. That being said, I can distinctly relate events during those years to specific times and places where I lived, worked, etc. That makes it a bit easier to pinpoint the dates. Would those past/future memories be extremely visceral? I lived those experiences and I am quite certain they are not vividly remembered altered realities. I did not remember several different versions of events and topics I have discussed with family and friends relating to some of those events were old topics. Now it seems those conversations never took place.
  7. I suppose I should follow on with some data, since the first part of my post made several allusions, but did not give any facts. Here is what I have uncovered so far to date. There are likely other anomalies, but these are all I have found so far. Examples of Collected Anomalies: 1. My History: Athens, Greece, a TWA hijacking occurred in March of 1983 – Plane was grounded, was resolved after 3 days following a request to have food and water brought out. A Greek commando team emerged from food service truck, entered though the landing gear. All 5 terrorists were shot, no passengers killed. I saw this 3 days before it happened and was convinced I had seen it on the news each night, told classmates about it in algebra class. None had heard of it, including my algebra teacher. I chalked it up to my classmates being a bunch of boneheads who do not follow current events, but arguing back and forth with my algebra teacher, I could not understand how she failed to see the story on the news or miss it in the paper. I recall the famous photo of the terrorist issuing demands out of the cockpit window holding the pilot at gunpoint. I gave my classmates updates each day. When the crisis was resolved, I went home only to have my mother tell me in a panic that a plane had been hijacked in Athens, Greece, and that Americans were on board. I told her that was old news, that it was already over and told her how it would end. She insisted that it had just happened that afternoon. The next day at school, nobody wanted to talk to me, including my friends. They were really creeped out and this went on for about 3 weeks until the frost broke, so to speak. My algebra teacher even told me that something special had happened to me and that I should speak to a priest about it (she was Catholic). I remember seeing Learning Channel documentary on the event in 1992. Same story. Saw it with my wife and future brother-in-law, neither of which now have any recollection of the documentary. History Now: TWA 847 hijacking in Athens occurred in June, 1985 when I was no longer in high school, so I could not have had a conversation with the aforementioned people. The famous photo of the terrorist issuing demands out of the cockpit window holding the pilot at gunpoint still occurred but was taken at the airport in Beirut, Lebanon instead of Athens, Greece. The hijacking consisted of back and forth flights across the Mediterranean between Lebanon, Algeria and Egypt. The Mediterranean hop scotch of flights was bizarre enough that I would have noticed had I experienced it through news reports. I cannot imagine that the international community tolerated that amount of brazen manipulation. In my timeline, that plane never got off the ground. 2. My History: Achille Lauro hijacking occurred in June 1983. Disabled passenger Leon Klinghoffer killed by was thrown overboard alive and he subsequently drowned at sea. History Now: Achille Lauro hijacking occurred in October 1985. Disabled passenger Leon Klinghoffer killed by being shot and his body was thrown overboard 3. My History: The lack of security resulting from the TWA hijacking spoiled the Athens, Greece bid to host the 1984 Summer Olympics, which were instead (ironically) held in Athens, Georgia. Many commentators joked about the irony of the associated name in months leading up to the Summer Games (Winter games were held in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia) which angered Greek government, who issued a series of statements to the press claiming that their airport security was not an issue and that the IOC was playing favorites with the Americans. By the time the games started, talk was toned down. I remember Athens building a sizable Olympic village out past the university. I remember that Mary Lou Retton and Carl Lewis won all their medals there, in the little city of Athens, Georgia. The winter Olympics was in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia. History Now: 1984 Summer Olympics were held in Los Angeles. The IOC in 1996 initially convinced the city of Athens, Georgia that they were selected at the site of the 1996 Summer Olympics. It was held instead in Atlanta, though many events were held in nearby Athens as well as an appeasement to the city since substantial amounts of money had already been invested. I have had several conversations over the years about the Olympics in Athens, Georgia, only to end up arguing with people about it. I had never heard of an Olympics being held in Los Angeles, but apparently here it was. 4. My History: (I realize that the topic of this show is time travel and marvel at the irony). Death of actor Dean Stockwell from stroke at age 57 in 1993 while vacationing in France. I remember interviews with Scott Bakula on Good Morning America and he discussing that the producers decided not to substitute another actor, that fans of the show would not accept the change and that a final episode was made from pre-existing, unused footage. Reporters speculated Stockwell's death resulted from his heavy cigar smoking. Bellisario pieced together a show ending by using an unused season ending shoot to close out the show. History Now: Dean Stockwell is still alive and acting. I saw him in several movies that came to cable afterward and simply thought that they were shot before his death (for example, McHale’s Navy). When Manchurian Candidate came out in 2004, I first suspected something was very wrong. Looking up information about Stockwell I also found that Ernest Borgnine did not die of a massive coronary arrest in 1995 (he appeared in McHale’s Navy remake also), but was alive and well. Mr. Borgnine recently passed away this past July from kidney failure. 5. My History: Rodney King Riots occurred in April of 1988 (King was attacked in May 1987). Copy-cat riots across the country included Shreveport, LA. The new chief of police (Charles Gruber, recruited from the LA County Sheriff’s Department) had only been in office for 2 months. Rioters attacked and overturned his patrol car, setting it on fire and injuring him in the process. I remember this happened when I was in college. My friend’s grandfather’s store was burned to the ground in the riots. His grandfather, Sam, had built that store up from nothing when the family first immigrated to the US from Italy. I recall my racist work colleague, Joe Frasier, using the riots to justify his dehumanizing views of African Americans. I had to listen to this rant from him for 2 years on a regular basis. Anytime he wanted to denigrate black Americans, he would always bring up that Rodney King was really a criminal and that the response of the black community, including the community in Shreveport, proved his twisted point. In October of 1990, Joe was fired and went to work at a local bank selling mortgages. The riots now are recorded as occurring in 1992. At that time I lived in a city with some history of racial tensions and I went out to clubs where, if there had been race riots even in other cities that year, I would not have done so. The Rodney King riots, while still relevant, were old news. History Now: Rodney King Riots occurred in April of 1992. [i was married and in graduate school, living in another city]. Chief of police was Charles Gruber, hired from Quincy, Illinois (the first non-native chief of police), not known to be a hub of drug gang violence. Rioters attacked his patrol car, but he withdrew from the crowd unharmed. Court documents refer to the 1988 riot event as the Cedar Grove Riots and name Sam Digilormo as the owner of the Sack-n-Pack Grocery. Riot was result of the shooting of drug dealer after Cynthia Johnson and Tamala Vergo attempted to buy drugs. Vergo shot the dealer and a bystander. Police arrived, then a crowd and the riot began. The irony is that I went to high school with both of those girls as if some strange synchronicity is at work. They were in no way connected to anything regarding the riots in my timeline. I realize this is a long post and appreciate your patience if you take the time to read it. Regarding time travel claims, you could say I have an iron-clad argument that reads like an alternative history novel. Difficult to refute and based solely on my own testimony. Those are the facts and I have only recently determined that this happened to me.
  8. I am a time traveler. This fact only recently came to my attention as it took some time for the facts regarding my present existence to awaken me to this reality. At first it was very hard to accept and I simply dismissed everything. One cannot ignore forever the elephant in the room.[/font] In 1996 I had an epiphany of a religious nature, which was quite out of character since I was an agnostic and teetering on the verge of declaring myself an atheist. After all, all of my colleagues and friends were atheists and socially atheism is an appropriate worldview for a scientist. However, this revelation struck me like a ton of bricks and information was imparted to me of which I could not have had any prior knowledge. That being said, I will not discuss the nature of that epiphany, since it is not the focus of my disclosure here. I am simply writing because there is no person with whom I can discuss this, so I was hoping that some of you could be of help or at least offer alternative explanations. This vision in 1996 began with me as a young child of about 5 (I was 29 at the time). My first response was panic because I had been abducted and had been shrunken in size. Imagine, if you will, suddenly being 5 again with the knowledge of who you are now, your arms and legs being short, chairs being too big, etc. Anyway, in this vision I aged over many years until I reached my age in real life, so I estimate about 24-25 years elapsed. I have lived the last 17 years guided by that vision and have struggled to come to terms with it. Until recently, I took the 25 years time to be allegorical only in nature. I now find, regrettably, that assumption is wrong. To be blunt, some events of the past are now either events that happened differently, exactly the same but about 4-5 years later, or did not happen at all. When some of these events are news events that I have talked about at length with people and were the events of the day, and so I have a long history of “knowing” them, and now I find that they did not occur at all, I am left speechless. In retrospect, many aspects of my life after the vision seem to make more sense within the context of my new interpretation of the situation. Even my wife was concerned at the time (1996) that I was having an affair, since I was completely different to her in the bedroom. As she put it, she felt as though she was sleeping with a different man and this took some getting used to. I was still me, as far as I was concerned, but she was different as well. So I now conclude that I in fact was taken back along my own worldline approximately 25 years, allowed to grow up again in a different place (which was a symbolic landscape) and then re-merged with the world. However, this is not exactly the world I left, but one very very close. Nearly everything I have read and can of course remember is the same as I recall it, but there are differences. I have been documenting the differences, but I must rely on my own recollections. I only wish I could remember more in detail so that I might uncover even more differences. I have considered psychiatric syndromes and none seem to fit. I am competent in my job and have friends. I am considered emotionally healthy and stable. These memories do not fit the standard model of false memory syndrome since many of them are not traumatic or personal in nature, but have to do with world or national events. So what then? Do any of you think this is even remotely possible?
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