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  1. Maybe the aliens sent their criminals to mars to work in mines.Then they nuked them after they found a
  2. Sounds crazy i think.Wouldn't dropping a few asteroids do the same trick. Why would primative egyptian aliens pose a threat to very advanced aliens?I guess they could pose a threat only if it was like in the movie stargate.
  3. 6 inch radius that goes 6 inches per hour 3.1416/6=.52361/2=.261805/3 radius divided into three.Then divide 3 into 261805=.07933 To find the circumfernce do this..07933x2=15866x3.14=.49819 This would make a even better time machine.
  4. I believe that the government is using pi and some of modern day mathematics to cover up the secret of time travel.Which i have found.That is why you cannot find out how to time travel.
  5. It is a classical problem we always see in people who do not have a grasp on engineering principles.
  6. 1 Rev/Hour = .00175 radians/second. Do you understand that if the circumference of particular spot on the wheel that if it it is larger than the speed more time would pass when it fully rotates and if the circumference is smaller less time would pass when it fully rotates?That was what i was saying.
  7. No I don't understand.I guess I forgot.On second thought i get it. The wheel rotates 36 inches per hour and it has 36 inch circumference.That is not clear to you.That translates into one revolution per hour.
  8. a wheel that rotates 36 inches per hour. 36 inches circumference diameter 11.45 2 divided into diameter to find the radius 5.72 radius 3 divided by 5.72= 1.90 the radius of the first of the third spots find the circumference of the first of the three spots. 2 multiplied by 1.90=3.80 diameter multiplied 3.14=11.932 inches 3 divide 36 inches per hour=12 inches per hour The radius of the wheel is divided into three equal spots. I believe even with a 11.932 inches it would still work.That area would be moving at 12 inches per hour. I am still making the diagram.Just incase you do not understand.
  9. You have to include the percentage of the inch in each circumference within the wheel.When you do your calculations or else i will not believe you.That means no rounding off.
  10. You know i said i was not an engineer.Dont beat me up about it. I won't stop arguing my point.Because i believe it is still valid. I will start now using engineering math. I guess i need to refine my calculations a little. I still believe that is not going change anything. I used this to get the radius of the wheel. Given the circumference, divide the circumference by pi (3.1416) to give the diameter of the circle, then divide by 2 to find the radius (half of the diameter). Since C = (pi) D and D = 2r, then r = C/2pi This is what i came up with. 1.909854851031322 Is it correct?
  11. Did you look at the diagram and read what it said.I believe i am right.The people will decide who is right.I think the people will get it but you won't.I can't believe you are so blind.
  12. Wheels cause greater time dialation close to their center and less at their outer rims. Here is a diagram of this. http://www.pasteall.org/pic/79853
  13. I think it would be wrong not to warn them that you could possible vanish from this worldline completely.But if you told them that they probably would object to it strongly.Then they would not let you do it.Or they might think you were nuts and need to be put in the mental ward.
  14. Has anyone heard of the ong's hat time machine.It is on a keely net article.
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