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  1. Hello Friends Great Topic and I hope everyone is okay and safe
  2. Friends of EarthTR125.0121 We have to be very careful with these stories, most of them are hoaxes. This reminds me of the Accidental Time Traveler of 1950. Rudolph Fentz, Accidental Time Traveler You can read all about in this link.
  3. Hmmm....I think someone is trying to pull Titor on us. Dismiss it.
  4. Terrible Indeed. But he was not alone, there were many, many others which were even more criminal than he was. These were the other monsters under his regime.
  5. Im no time traveler my friends. I am an observer as I have always stated since I first joined this community in 2002, yes that long. With that already cleared up I would state my question again, Hoe does your Bristol Array works. Saying it is a Tachyon Particle Mimicker is like saying that my actual car has a Carburator. So...tell us what does these tachyon particles do for the machine to travel in time.
  6. Yes but what does it look like, how it works, what science is behind is development
  7. Friends of EarthTR125.0121 We live in one of many, many universal mainframes. Most universes exist in complex geometrical arrangements, some others are self-standing. Most universal arrays are only separated by very thin membranes which keep these colossal giants from colliding. Also, these membranes keep them from contact from one another. Although physical laws are very similar for these arrays, they might vary in other universal mainframes. Our universal array is comprised of six stable universes and approximately 48 alternate stable realities. Each universe has approximately 44 dimensions, although the first 16 are really stable for our form, comprehension and experience. After the 17th dimension everything becomes simpler and simpler and instead of big, it begins to contract into quantum spaces. The higher dimensions might be inhabited but we might never know, since we can not communicate with 3rd, 2nd and 1 dimension beings which might exist right inside of us. The most wonderful thing about this is it is not science fiction, it was all explained by Gogberashvili, Thorne and Wheeler decades ago in the scientific community. But we need to read, learn as much as we can so that our minds could think properly and they can come up with the good stuff. But if we keep searching for internet videos of time travelers we might be wasting precious learning time. Read about brane cosmology, M theory, String and Super String Theory and of course all about Archibald Wheeler and Wormholes' theories. You will not believe your eyes.
  8. Still entangled with knowing what is going to happen. Forget about all that. Enjoy life, behave accordingly and above all else calibrate your temporal stabilizers, the next months are going to knock your time matrixes off line.
  9. Hello Friends of EarthTR125.0121 Its great to be back!!! I hope to be able to linger for a little while. I greet Old Friends and the New. Hope to read all past posts and threads. Lussorio please enlighten us a little more about the Bristol Array, I am intrigued. Until Later Becomes Now
  10. Hello Friends of EarthTR125.0121 Its been a while....well yes, its been a while. But as always I was able to resolved whatever it is/was (I don't know anymore) that keeps me away and managed to end up here... I was taking a look at the world today and it really looks like the "we didn't start the fire" thing, I sure hope the leaders can come up with the right decisions, within the following months or the egg is evidently going to crackup some more. I sure hope everyone start thinking positively. I hope everyone is okay and I send my regards.
  11. As if the message wasn't annoying enough, now he made the letters bigger and hurtful to look at.
  12. Indeed! The people of the ancient past held great knowledge, both spiritual and technological. I personally believe that it is through the application of spiritual knowledge that one can get to understand the mysteries of science and the universe. Yes, the Kybalion is one of many books out there that convey powerful concepts, The Divine Pymander is another example of a book which shaped the entire notion of religion and science for the western world. Thanks for reading my old threads, if you have any question just ask.
  13. Although it would make for a great story plot, the idea might be somewhat dangerous. Memory development occurs in a our brain as specific amounts of proteins, neurotransmitters and electric fields coalesce around conscious experience, it is a process which occurs progressively as the "Now" is being processed in our physical brain. If someone is to actually "download" information into a brain a person might need the specific amounts of proteins, neurotransmitters and electrical currents that will make up such memories. If you are able to send a signal through a cellphone the process might take more than a few seconds, probably even hours, and it would exhaust the physical brain, possibly even hurting it.
  14. You are kidding right? Do you even know how complex reality would be to monitor, let alone multiple timelines. My head is hurting just by thinking about it!
  15. Chemist Hopes 'Artificial Leaf' Can Power Civilization Using Photosynthesis browsing the ABC internet site I stumbled with this fascinating piece of news....an inventor by the name of Nocera has actually created an artificial leaf. He claims the device can power a small home with just a a bottle of water and plenty of sunlight. That sounds wonderful.
  16. I get scared whenever someone refers to timetravel as fun!!!! It is not....by altering the minutest details you will be erasing entire lifetimes and timelines. Entire events will no longer be and the most important....people, people you love will no longer be. The study of time should be undertaken with the greatest care and dedication into preserving what it was.
  17. Thanks for explaining, and yes it is very important. What you talk about is a point of view I thought about in the past in this thread, I called it the Prime Temporal Point; from which everything generates, but not because it is time, but because it is the first fixed point of existence. You can check it out if you look for it in the old threads of this website. Now about the Light being female, it has a lot to do with a whole lot of things. Ancient Wisdom relates that when the First Cause manifested existence, it did so accompanied by two other Cosmological Axis, one was the Dark (a masculine resonant power) and the Light (a female frequency power). Together, the Three main Axis created the universes or rather the universes unfolded as these adjusted to each other's existence. As a result four main functions derived from these three. The Arcs, The Cords, The Constants and The Keys. The Arcs are the embodiment of everything relating to Truth, these are the governing laws of the multiverse. Then, as these interact, they create The Cords. Cords are the various principles which state how the higher laws behave in the multiverse, as you can imagine their numbers are countless. Then as these interact among themselves the Constant appear, as emanations which behave in the same way. Finally, the Keys or rather Bodies are formed and these are the actual archetypical images from which creation follows. So in that sense, The Light being a female, is very important because it is the Mother of all the individuating forces; as the ancient ones called it.
  18. Hello Friend Experiumix of EarthTR125.1021 Interesting that you call time a force, in the sense that it moves the universe from past to present. In this sense, time as you define it, is the prime motor of the actualness being experienced. I've always thought about time as an emission or rather emanation which is actually the by product or result of several correlating variables which make up our dimension. The way I see it, Reality can be experienced by an array or matrix of actuating principles. When all of these principles come together Time, and many other things, come into being making reality perceivable. Some of this principles could be summarize as Space, Matter, Energy, Force, Gravitation, Polarity, Emptiness and Pressure; however there are many more. When these come into contact at fundamental levels they make up time. PD: I find interesting that you call Light in the feminine. Would you like to elaborate on that?
  19. Ohhh.....am I too late to say something???? Just in case I am not here goes; To all travelers staying in normal time in Jan 3024 to june 3024 please visit my stranded time traveler lodge located in Bellview Cinnabar, Kentucky. Its great, spacious and it has all a time traveler needs when waiting for rips to pass by. We can retrofit any time travel model, inspect time conduits and even add the new flying servo-motors for those ship still not being able to traverse the skylines. Be sure to visit us. Oh and yes the Vogan Constructor Fleet did built a by-pass but it has way too many toll boots!!!!! Be sure to use the Anderian Time-Way its better and less expensive....although you might be off a couple of decades.
  20. Besides, I remember something about them being made up of stars!!!!! Can you imagine that? The technology needed to move stars in an infinitely long line? We would be masters of the universe when we achieved such might.....which makes me think of.....we might not be interested at all in traveling in time when a being can actually move a star!!!!!
  21. Thanks for the compliments...I guess :) But its true, time travel is more real than anyone here would care to admit. The problem is that when you don't see it you tend to disbelieve it. But there is ample proof out there that time travel has occurred.
  22. I Believe its possible, is even occurring even as we write in this thread. Its a reality more complex and daunting than our wildest dreams. Its real alright....you just wait around and you will all see.
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