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  1. Wow Transient001, this is a very interesting explanation... I see some resemblance with the "Kybalion" and this make me think that ancient wisdom was much smarter than we believe. We today are using technical and physical explanations but the essence of the problem has already been discovered eons ago. This is an indication that we are on the correct way ! I will look at your old threads. Regards
  2. Hello Transient001, as You said, I consider the time the prime motor. In my opinion our consciousness (and the whole universe) is active only when the time move forward of one step. Between two step there is the non existence. The matrix of actuating principles (as You call them) are children of the time. My vision (contrary to Your) is much more simple, there is a "Prime principle" from which everything else is generated, and this is the time. The reference to the female of light is because I'm Italian and in my language light is a term female. Do You think this could be of some interest ? Maybe also this kind of detail could be important to better understood the essence of time, who knows...
  3. I've always asked myself why the time has been defined as a "dimension". I think instead that time is a "force". Consider this hypothesis : time is the force that move the whole universe from past to the future (arrow of time). The movement is composed of STEP. Each STEP have the length of the Planck time of 1^10-43 sec. The speed of the movement is the speed of light. Like the frames of a movie You could explain why when traveling at the speed of light the time slow down and then stop. Cause You've reached the same speed of the time. And if You go faster then You'll travel back in time, like looking the already showed film. The Wheeler's quantum foam at the base of the universe, should be formed of "temporal quantum" where the "physical quantum" are anchored. I've made some thought on this idea and considered also the relativity implications (think how and why the light herself is moving at the speed of time), but now is up to You to decide if this description of "time" represent a new "theory". Let me know Your thought on it ...
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