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  1. Things of antiquity have a strange charm for me. I especially got a kick out of "The 'Cartwright' Saucer Detector," as I'd not previously heard claims about magnetic compasses' seeming to go haywire when UFO's are in the vicinity. Fyi, something that both makes mention of the the detector and puts a value on a related publication: Australian Saucer Record [Australian Flying Saucer Research Society] - 1st Quarter1956 / UFO; Cartwright Saucer Detector; Millicent Incident / from Max Miller's Collection by [Editor] Fred P. Stone - Paperback - First Edition - 1956 - from Singularity Rare & Fine and Biblio.com No tax
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWFc5mkABNo
  3. Because my time travel can only be explained in terms of the Supernatural, the lessons I have to learn from it may not be all that immediate and/or tangible. The Great Mystery is ever unfolding with each day of new challenges that we, as individual humans, face. And what science was or might be involved shall be, resultant of my previously mentioned head injury, by the grace of God alone. Still, with as fortunate as I have been under the circumstances, I keep faith that what I've only glimpsed so far shall be more fully revealed to me. 0:) MGby.
  4. Seesaw, Thank you for indicating to whom and what you were replying. Now, if you'll click "Quote" before your replies, they will be even clearer, e.g. had you done so, your reply would look as follows: Re: "Do you reckon we've hijacked this thread long enough by now?-- My regards, Zer0Transcendence." I read one traveler trying to find lost receipt for making thermo-insulation materials. It just 1,2,3 for us. 1-find in reference books data and materials 2-make design involved your vision + data +chosen materials 3-manufacture it and item will appear ready to use I ask you again Why your generation lost access to reference books? What happened? and When? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nevertheless, there is still some confusion about what you are talking, because you meant to elaborate on your responses to the following: As I've not had time to consider a best response to your post below, http://timetravel.institute/topic/8105-time-and-place/?do=findComment&comment=89379 please be patient. Busily self-employed, I write during work breaks. Thank you.
  5. That I'll not find any scientific explanation is true; that humans have supernatural ability is false, i.e. I equate the Supernatural with the Almighty alone... Back to seeking causes, it was only after my looking for and failing to find any logical explanations that I so I ascribed my experiences.
  6. Conceded my view of the multiverse isn’t that of the many worlds interpretation (MWI), because I believe personal choice effected by Divine Will in ways profound, your theory, too, is similar to the latter. However, in my case, I have found temporal incongruities too amazing to do anything but ponder them. That, again, is consistent with my seeking meaning for belief in purposefulness. 0:) MGby.
  7. 'Floridan,' Don’t worry about it. Owing to the combination of cultural differences and the English language’s lack of formal pronouns, American women can seem overly familiar/friendly to foreigners. I just didn’t want anyone to get any wrong ideas. Do you reckon we've hijacked this thread long enough by now?-- My regards, Zer0Transcendence. :-) Peace be with y'all.
  8. Not that I take pride in the fact but my having once flown headlong through steel proved me hard-headed.
  9. You know I was just goofing around, trying to cheer you. Just the same, thank you and, if you were looking for endorsements and sponsorship, you just received a free advertisement. 0:) MGby.
  10. Putin is contemplating the fact that “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens [...]”-- Ecclesiastes 3:1-8
  11. You're in Ukraine now? Just about everyone around you probably has more in common with you than do I. Why not pursue interests there where you can get enjoyment out of sharing simple pleasures in life? Even if your present objective matches your plan for adapting to time travel to the past, e.g. you must realize that there is a far greater demand for mail order brides than grooms. Speaking of the former, it appears that there are plenty of available women in your area. So, apart from our enjoying trivial pastimes here, think no more of a matron, such as I, whom has long been happily married.
  12. Here, the name Rover is more popular for dogs and it is said that “Curiosity killed the cat.”
  13. I thank you for your recommendations minus any soapbox, as the sole purpose of this section is entertainment.
  14. AnotherWorldlyDevice, Please recommend a couple or few of your favorites.
  15. Hey, diddle, diddle BY MOTHER GOOSE Hey, diddle, diddle, The cat and the fiddle, The cow jumped over the moon; The little dog laughed To see such sport, And the dish ran away with the spoon. Seesaw, Just because the cow jumped over the moon, you think its made of cheese. Quit fiddling around. You’re late for the awards ceremony:
  16. Our guest of honor reached for the stars and plunged to the depths of the ocean in order to, respectively, pioneer the future (1st link below) and rewrite history. Though he wasn’t the first cat in space, as was the French tabby named Felicette, Seesaw, by traveling back in time, rewrote history, i.e. Due to the previously mentioned whale’s being allergic to cat hair, his coughing up the fur ball... er, the tomcat caused him to simultaneously dislodge Jonah. Therefore, in recognition of both his bravery and these achievements, we present to him the awards following: A personalized keychain, a commemorative plaque, and a trophy: (Applause. Syzygy hands Seesaw the microphone so he can give an acceptance speech).
  17. Global repositioning systems came up in discussion a while back and, now, since Seesaw (who will soon be our honorary guest) mentioned the moon, I guessed that there are in fact lunar positioning systems. Hence, the theme song following: Elephant Revival - Ring Around The Moon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jd57MRcW-NQ
  18. Working on his pectoral muscles, Putin: I'm gonna get PaulaJedi!
  19. I pray a prayer that has empowered countless people to transform their lives for the better work wonders for you as well. Serenity Prayer Reinhold Niebuhr (1892-1971) God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference. Living one day at a time; enjoying one moment at a time; accepting hardships as the pathway to peace; taking, as He did, this sinful world as it is, not as I would have it; trusting that He will make all things right if I surrender to His Will; that I may be reasonably happy in this life and supremely happy with Him forever in the next. Amen.
  20. :-D Hello, PaulLev. I hope you've been well since I was last here to read a post of yours. Thank you for this one. To those whom have not read it, Please be forewarned that a possible spoiler in regard to “the three moments,” respectively, follows: The first was most uncanny. Poe might have been closely affiliated with someone whom suffered exactly such an injury. Fireworks, which have been around since the 12th century, evoke stars shooting out from the burst of something seemingly small. Therefore, they could have inspired such speculation about the Big Bang theory. 0:) MGby'all.
  21. The vodka is 24k/bottle, or $24,500 per bottle to be exact, e.g. Kors Vodka 24k, George V Edition (1/250) – Kors Vodka ® Store
  22. Even in view of the Order of Operations-- 'BODMAS' (see below), http://www.mathsisfun.com/operation-order-bodmas.html least ambiguous and, therefore, preferential is the following: (6/2)(1+2) = 9 Nonetheless, to avoid unnecessary confusion, therein the above URL is the useful mnemonic device following: How Do I Remember It All ... ? BODMAS ! Brackets first Orders (i.e. Powers and Square Roots, etc.) Division and Multiplication (left-to-right) Addition and Subtraction (left-to-right) That is, when operations are put on par with one another, one is to revert to reading left to right. Still, because not all languages are read left to right, and because mathematics is considered The Universal Language, I still maintain that the above equation ought be standard.
  23. David Lewis Anderson aside, more is lost than one's intellectual property when governments would have their citizenry believe themselves property.
  24. Good point. As if the "dumbing down" of America weren't bad enough, even Einstein himself, were he alive today, would have difficulty tutoring children in math.
  25. It seems like your post and my response in "How to build a time machine" would've been just as fitting here for, therein, we both stated that no offense was intended by either of us. Yet, as both your avatar and you seem to be looking askance, I feel like I'm in an old 'Western' movie-- have you ever seen such a movie? Typically, they have gunslingers look sideways, suspiciously, at one another. Each one of them warily looks ready to draw his weapon whereupon the other makes any sudden movement. Sometimes, they reach a verbal understanding and share drinks afterward and, other times, either one gets 'itchy fingers' and immediately reaches for his pistol or they agree to take their contest outside, i.e. they face off in the street. So, with it's being a weekend night and all, this is my cue to leave you with a peace offering:
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