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  1. My apology in regard to the quote below.
  2. No prophet, I'm unable to make sense of mayhem. I wish there were no such nonsense. I can only pray, "Have mercy on us and on the whole world." (Edited was much thread drift).
  3. Hi, again. Two comments in regard to the a-v: - The guest describes (4:06), as a "third time zone," time space; time space, today, is referred to as "the unification of time and space as a four-dimensional continuum." Fourth dimension - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Flying saucers, invented by the Germans, were existent when the subject interview was conducted.
  4. Greetings, Timezoid. Contextually, I don't know about magnetic energy fields. Hello, Pacram. I'll brush-up on time dilation and, perhaps, provided time, point out a few of your fallacious assumptions--instead, inasmuch as you mentioned gateways, meditate upon thresholds simultaneously past, present and incipient i.e. much as one would pray for generations past, present and, yet, unborn, harmoniously merge in kindred spirit. The possibilities are endless. 0 : - ) MGby'all.
  5. All, Writers, even in striving to be objective, take artistic license in omitting some details while choosing to focus on others that they regard most indispensable. For example, of limited pertinence was [...] my having floated on my back down a nearby creek while watching clouds move in the opposite direction[.] Still, it is a memory that tends to transport me figuratively, if not in actuality. That I viewed the subject time slip an omen for me to cleave to my spouse via our returning to the country is suggested by my word choices, e.g. those Gpa perceptively pointed out. Thank you. 0 : - ) MGby'all.
  6. I was multi-lingual prior to a weather related accident. Circumstantially fortunate, I cannot complain. Yet, it is for faith that I can only be in and not of this world of illusion.
  7. Greetings, Gpa. Core are two factors to my husband and I, our familiarity, then, with the city together with our having double checked the time at crucial points. While our minds were elsewhere*--where, consequently, both of us would return, our 'slip' from point A to point B was too instant to allow for our having conventionally driven from one location to the other. Therefore, whereas you might've had to have been along for the ride to believe it, I must deduce we time traveled. *Please see post #10 wherein you are mentioned in this regard. Thank you.
  8. Thanks for helping me to catch a typo, Einstein. Some might guess my last grammar professor older than the hills, but it's possible that the gentleman is still alive.
  9. "The map is not the territory"--author unknown.
  10. Herein is a promised account of my time slip on a highway loop: My husband and I were living in the Alamo City. Whereas city dwelling has never suited him, I had resisted our returning to our country residence. After all, we had never had better jobs and, rising, profits from my business were twice my salary. That day, however, we forgot our conflict. We drove northward for about an hour. Back on our former ‘stomping grounds,’ we marvelled at how much it had rained. Pastures were lush; creeks were running and stock tanks (ponds) were overflowing. Reflecting upon my having floated on my back down a nearby creek while watching clouds move in the opposite direction, I dared, “Let’s check out the pond by the old grainery.” “Okay.” He knew I was even more interested in exploring the long abandoned building. We did. A barn owl flew out and startled us. I fell through the rotten floor and, jumpy about creepy crawlers, as quickly sprang back out. Afterward, as I was fine, my haste seemed hilarious. Evening came. We headed back. On I-35 again, we talked about and more laughed at our adventure. And, before we knew it, we were back in San Antonio. “That was quick,” I said. We glanced at the clock on Loop 1-410 West and let our thoughts lag. Leon Valley was nearly behind us when we gave passing thought to the chores awaiting us and noted the time, again. Absently anticipating the Culebra exit one moment, we were literally miles away the next instant. “What?” we asked each other in great confusion. Equally in disbelief, we noticed that we were inexplicably northbound, again. In unison, we read aloud upcoming signs, “I-35?" ..."Austin?”* We gaped at each other, and double-checked the time, again. My cowboy started to talk himself out of believing what had just transpired really happened, but I wouldn’t let him. Insisting that our observations were mutually confirmed along the way with repeated referrences to the time, I told him,“Believe it, because you’ll never convince me the fact isn’t true.” * The exact number of miles indicated on the sign, I do not now recall. But, for those unfamiliar with the vicinity, Loop I-410 North merges with I-35 North. Our time slip placed us where the two interstate highways begin to diverge from one another.
  11. Hello, KerrTexas. I know of a case where a woman traces her photographic memory to the parents of a woman born in the mid-1800s. A few things about her gift lend credence to her having 'cellular' memories, e.g. her ability is limited to their specialized area of expertise. And a professor, known for giving impossible tests and using a curve, was satisfied that she could both reproduce any part of the text from memory and thoroughly explain it as well.
  12. I like your avatar, Maverick1, "If you wish to understand the universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration"-- Tesla. All, Don't you think Tesla's reportedly being an eugenisist inconsistent with the strict moral code by which he lived?
  13. Time Tunnel, in light of your username, it is significant that worms are diodes-- put the ends together, and, woolah, you have a low-cal donut (punny, if you're doing a backyard experiment). Metaphysically, such donuts are deemed powerful.
  14. But, if the worm were partially under a rock, it would likely tear into two, and, SURPRISE, a worm would be left in its place. You know I'm correct, Einstein, because it is by dividing into two that worms, themselves both male and female, replicate.
  15. John, If you've been playing war games your whole life, you need be saved first. Quit trying to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. Trust in a benevolent power greater than yourself, greater than any of us. After all, while it is only for Divine Mercy that any good ever comes of bad, the best we can do is ask forgiveness, try to make amends and accept healing. Peace be with you. All, Is it not evident that children, at so-called play stations, are being programmed by the very eugenisists whom, when standing armies are no longer necessary, would have all of us dead? So, while I'm not ordinarily so given to preaching, I don't care who objects to my contending: Ultimately, good will prevail for, when it's darkest, in steps God. IgetwhatIwant et al, as promised: Carefree Highway | Time Travel Institute
  16. Eerie as was that tale, that is just as well. Nonetheless, as I promised in another thread to post my recollections of a time slip, I wonder whether we might exchange stories? [...]Here goes [...] Carefree Highway | Time Travel Institute
  17. I'll take idiots over Machiavellians any day on behalf of children, whom can learn cooperation as means to everyone's winning. What is an idiot? Shall we represent morons as cats while you argue, "Dogs are smarter"? Go ahead, and I'll maintain "Each is better at different things..." A venomous snake will come along, and a cat will prove himself valiant-- slap the thing a half of a dozen times upside the head and, also, between strikes, easily jump beyond reach... and all to forewarn and protect me did my tom, whensoever the serpent dared crossed my path. How about my vicious watch dog? Twice bit by copperheads, she barks for someone to chop a snake's head off.
  18. I'll take idiots over Machiavellians any day on behalf of children, whom can learn cooperation as means to everyone's winning. What is an idiot? Shall we represent them as cats so you can argue dogs smarter? Go ahead, and I'll maintain each better at different things... A deadly snake will come along, and cat will prove valiant prince-- slap the thing a half of a dozen times upside the head and, between strikes, easily jump beyond reach... and all to forewarn and protect did a tom, once when a serpent did dare cross my path.
  19. In deed. It is my experience that persons who would rid me of God want to play Him. And, while I do not presume to tell others what they should or shouldn't believe, my deference is to the Holy Spirit alone. Thankful, I recognize Him in people everywhere for, otherwise, devoid of virtue, man is but reptilian beast.
  20. Resist letting others define you. "[A] few years" of that is too many. Granted playing the devil's advocate isn't without merit, doing so can take its toll. Give some thought to how you would like to be known, and we'll look forward to meeting the authentic you. 0 : - ) MGby. p.s. since your being a member of TTI that long suggests you've more than a casual interest in time travel, what drew and continues to draw you here?
  21. Take you on a time slip? I was in the passenger seat. That tale was awaiting the return of the host/ess of this thread. Do you expect IgetwhatIwant taking great care in for what s/he wishes? New here, I require a crash course-- figuratively, in what you deem redundant. What is "this level"? How do you hope to progress?
  22. Hi, Darby and John. Your claims evoke an image of questionable aim, http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRgfWolwrVpyURsy-pVflMmuvSwpI_SXZVc7ljUdq_wjc4fk9-k which, symbolically, borrows from the Alchemical Symbol of Transmutation. https://fbcdn-sphotos-e-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/p480x480/947043_653455264670923_1669210205_n.png The above is corrupted with an eye drawn on the representation below of Earth. http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mdatncRYwK1qa18sao1_500.jpg Thence, though the second example contains elements of syzygy, I rejected it as a replacement of my initial avatar. All, despite :D Darby’s being self-described as an “evil debunker,” I can but pray “May the force be with you.” Why? Because the greatest of forces is often subtle and sometimes, for various reasons, even imperceptible. And that is also why I ask you to speak for yourselves-- Darby, while I’ve yet to discover how it is possible, I have experienced time travel. In fact, a skeptic once time slipped with me. Later, I'll post my recollections of that occurrence.
  23. Greetings to both of you. IgetwhatIwant, is that a time machine in your avatar? "Sadly," you have no story to share from your past? Or, do you more regret lacking time travelers within your acquaintance than their failure to be more forthcoming with details of their journeys? Were it either of the last two instances, I might soon find time whereby to humor your handle. Then, should the former cause you lamentation, you might anticipate a time slip a chronoclasm, and evade a time loop altogether... hmm, it is for one time loop's being culturally confusing, even to me, that I am reluctant to attempt an account of anything so ambiguously enthralling.
  24. :-D Hello. Servantx. Thank you for posting these "Time Slip Stories." Is "Home... In Another Dimension" a personal account of yours?
  25. Greetings. Pardon the fact that this thread could have a better title. Supposing my father had a vasectomy prior to my conception, might my soul have inspirited another embryo? In other words, of all that does and can exist in the meta-universe, who is to say whether or not parentage is a constant? Thank you.
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