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  1. Actually, I tasted black caviar once, but didn't acquire a taste for it. My previous three posts in this thread were composed in jest. Knowing that I was just having fun with your avatar, understand that I was just kidding-- I neither meant nor took any offense. Peace be with you.
  2. That's it exactly, he's game hunting:
  3. Still celebrating your return from outer space? Wait, that's a potted plant-- not cat litter box... too late. Seesaw sings "step in through the mirror into the past," https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJnFFHsbAYI and walks right into the mouth of the aforementioned whale.
  4. Oh, thank you. I haven't been invited to drop dead in a while... It must have something to do with my presuming you nodded your consent to become a test subject-- You know what they say, "All's well that ends well."
  5. You're back! Congratulations, Seesaw-- You brought Foomeow with you? That explains your successful mission. "He seems to be a magnet for good fortune. Luck befalls anyone who befriends him"-- https://foomeow.wordpress.com/ We are honored to meet you, Foomeow.
  6. Look, Seesaw's reaching for the stars. When have you ever seen a cat of that calibre?
  7. Do you feel lucky, quantum kitty? If so, how about a one-way ticket with disclaimers as to when and where you'll wind up? Okay? Here goes... (...lights flicker...) POOF!
  8. There is a such thing as precognitive dreams, a subconscious recognition of the supernatural's reminding us that there is more than meets the eye-- a force awaiting one's calling upon something greater than himself whereupon he is equal to whatever lies ahead of him. Some members here have suggested lucid dreaming dangerous, which I reckon a matter of personal intent. My use for such things is as innocent as harmless in that I've trained myself mainly to evade nightmares and/or heighten my creativity, e.g. when in a dark place, I find and follow a light that, for my love of architecture, allows not only escape but delightful exploration. 0:) MGby.
  9. That depends upon what future, when, where and whether or not mammoths' with laser vision factor into normalcy.
  10. :-D Hello, Mylo.X. It's so good to have you back that I posted something especially for you-- Of course, it's a short film about time travel: Aficionado that are you, I hope you've not seen it. At least, according to a search, you've not posted it.
  11. The same thing repeatedly? If so, I cannot understand what would compel someone to do such a thing, i.e. unless the first time were an accident that knocked you senseless, but, then, your aptitude for languages suggests you've intelligence left that is worth preserving. After all, you are bright enough to seek viable solutions. Peace be with you.
  12. From wikipedia, I gathered: Voyagers! is an American science fiction television series about time travel that aired on NBC during the 1982–1983 season. Is it available on Netflix? Tell us what you most liked about the series, and I'll recommend it to my spouse.
  13. So long as deja vu isn't linked to a time loop, the curiosity, which many have tried to explain, isn't bad. If it's creepy, one ought closely scrutinize the vicious cycles in his life in a resolute attempt to break them. As such cycles usually involve others, that isn't always so easy. Sometimes, because the known seems safer than the unknown, people resist the very change necessary to free them from ruts. Liberating oneself from counter-productive behaviors, however, is worth overcoming the obstacles and set backs. Time slips are peculiar in that the persons subject to them might never or only belatedly associate the experience with time travel. An inquisitive mind is an intelligent mind. Keep faith. 0:) MGby,
  14. Someone struck you with a hammer? Granted life's lessons can be hard, I'd not want to speculate as to what err might or might not elicit such a response-- what about the other three times?
  15. Would you rather we copied articles? I have uncertainties about what might be construed copyright infringements, e.g. should we ever post copyrighted images? Re: Sawsee, maybe I shouldn't pun about his avatar? e.g. Sourpuss https://s17-us2.ixquick.com/cgi-bin/serveimage?url=http%3A%2F%2Ft1.gstatic.com%2Fimages%3Fq%3Dtbn%3AANd9GcSLW-oLMEQAWBzEk-qYGmHcAFsZOwytZ0c5pdI9v-oC4drEEm4xFQ&sp=0600e66150dc5f1fac0a485be23b99d9 & nice pussycat https://s17-us2.ixquick.com/cgi-bin/serveimage?url=https%3A%2F%2Fs-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com%2F236x%2F3e%2Fdf%2Fd9%2F3edfd9e668676cf349b52556abe8f8a6.jpg&sp=75f4d28b67cea058729a10533fe18fd9 A medal should put a smile on your face. Are you smiling yet? How about now?
  16. Since the title song of this thread has an Ecclesiastes theme, I decided to include a second song that has a biblical reference. I’m not exactly sure about what is the first selection while, though silly, the upbeat latter reminds me of Jonah and the whale. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DaaS6625NYo
  17. It is my understanding that it wasn't an outright ban on all things pertaining to time travel, i.e., at least, not anything consistent with the government's propaganda campaign or, more expressly, its textbook versions of history. Therein the comments I found most interesting: I wonder how anime is supposed to survive then? Don't half those cartoons involve time travel?
  18. Seesaw, while many of my compatriots and I aren't foolish enough to believe our corrupt government answerable to the people, evidence reflects the fact that the power-crazed corporatocracy generously funds anything conceivably strategic. So, since it is they who would keep the populace at each other's throats, please do not blame fellow pawns simply for seeking state-of-the-art information. Give AWD and others the benefit of a doubt necessary for them to prove friendly. AWD, after starting a number of threads related to physics-- string theory/wave functions, gravitational waves, MWI/the multiverse, free energy ...&c, I shouldn't have presumed you'd be specifically interested in the following: Therefore, respond as will you. And, once I've had a chance to read your posts, I'll do likewise. 0:) MGby'all.
  19. Being that I'm most interested in discussing possible implications of the conclusion of an episode of a series I've scarcely viewed, a spoiler is the following: "Wave function versus [...]an underlying physicality [...]that requires a physical interpretation[...T]he solution may lie in this fascinating phenomenon of quantum entanglement. As we’ll see in the future, entangled particles really are able to influence each other instantaneously [...]Their nonlocality doesn’t violate causality so, perhaps they can even effect coherence and decoherence retroactively and physically without making a causal mess. Perhaps this thing we call observation is just entanglement between the observer and the experiments. Perhaps the evolving tapestry of entanglement, in all of its impossible complexity, is what really defines reality in this space time,"-- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ORLN_KwAgs
  20. The initial links in this thread are about movies, which are directly relevant to this section. The story/screen writers familiarized themselves with theories in regard to time travel and, in doing so, realized that some involve paradoxes that run counter to reality as most sane people know it. Some of them demonstrate those inconsistencies while others are more interested in projecting actual possibilities. Lighten up, sourpuss, and do as would do any movie goer who is interested in time travel: select and watch whichever movie most appeals to you and, then, if you're inclined to objectively discuss the film's merits and shortcomings, provide us a review.
  21. Aaron Behron's concept of time may not be that of a physicist, but I like the song. When one focuses on things he likes, he can find reasons to be thankful. Those who are thankful tend to be happy, which not only makes them more pleasant but may give others cause to feel thankful ...etc.
  22. Oh, boy-- someone with whom to discuss physics (nonmathematical suits the majority of, though not all, TTI members). I heard a statement today in regard to quantum physics that I can hardly wait to replay, quote and, if you wish, discuss, i.e. after I get through my to-do list for today.
  23. Seesaw, does your government penalize marriage Madhan, It was I who mentioned my spouse's need to honor God, if he wants me to readily obey him in the immediate manner requested of Mrs. Hocutt. But, were my better half not virtuous, I'd have never betrothed him in the first place. Back to the story, a clock's chiming is a recurrent theme in everything from fiction, e.g. Cinderella, to sayings, e.g. "thirteen strikes of the clock," which is to infer that "the previous events or 'strokes to the clock' must be called into question"-- Wikipedia. The fourth chime might be significant, but it's probably not as important as some anniversary date to which they are to return in time.
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