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  1. The artist may have used falcons to depict such a union. Though I, a birder, simply thought the image representative of my username, the Alchemical Symbol of Transmutation contains elements of syzygy. What is really :cool: cool is that your transforming something seemingly so- so to me into something special was alchemy! I <3 love the personifications. Thank you.
  2. The roots of apartheid = apart + hood, therefore, it is a state of being apart. Since men, equal in God's eyes, weren't meant to set themselves apart from their brothers and, yet, did, my usage asserts the chasm widened. Those whom place themselves above others are so lacking in human empathy as to begrudge their fellows coexistence. Unfortunately, Nelson Mandela wasn't the first nor the last freedom fighter to thus betray those who he purportedly set out to defend in the first place. Nevertheless, thank you for pointing out his alliances. None of them are contextually surprising but all need be apprehended.
  3. Thanks for the explanation, as I wondered whether some girl was playing dress-up and, between applications of lipstick, covered Miss Clawdette kitty in kisses. What I omitted to state, in regard to the topic of this thread, is the importance of what I believe to be fact: each of us is singularly gifted to offer something of value in exchange for the services/goods provided them by others. That the natural order of things would be so disrupted by those whom strive to monopolize resources is unfortunate. But, as I do not believe people meant to be deprived the satisfaction of purposefulness, I expect everyone will realize their just rewards. I expect the guilty will grieve the joy they deprived others while the least of our brothers will know a happiness so comparatively great as to only gratify others. 0 : - ) MGby.
  4. So vast is the universe that the odds of there being a planet either similar to Earth or with dissimilarly evolved life are very high. In fact, speaking of Mars, it was recently found to have surface water: NASA Mars Rover Curiosity Finds Water in First Sample of Planet Surface Sep. 26, 2013 — The first scoop of soil analyzed by the analytical suite in the belly of NASA's Curiosity rover reveals that fine materials on the surface of the planet contain several percent water by weight. NASA Mars rover Curiosity finds water in first sample of planet surface
  5. :confused: I sent no direct e-mail to you nor started a private conversation with/ sent a private message (PM) to you. Are you referring to my posts above and your subsequent notice thereof via e-mail?
  6. Things are never what they seem in Africa nor, for the same reason, in the U.S.A.. Since their independence has always been as sham as the initially feigned outcome of the Battle of Waterloo, the powerful have but broadened apartheid. The only difference is that they are no longer so content to merely set themselves apart. Insatiable greed together with their satanic envy of God and hatred of their own kind drives their paranoid desire to decimate the human population.
  7. Itheblaze, Have you a story about your feline avatar (12/8/13)? In its regard, be forewarned about GLaDOS. Please see, MAYBE NEW TITOR CAN SAY HELLO ! .. | Time Travel Institute Re: reasonable happiness on Earth and supreme bliss in the hereafter - Once upon a time, I took my inherent blessings overmuch for granted. That I would both have and lose much was, therefore, just. Failing to embitter me, the loss only caused me to reduce everything more appreciatively to the essence of all that, imo, really matters. The fact makes me seem impractical in many respects, e.g. though my versatile knack for design lets me be self-employed, my disinterest in things materialistic limits my drive. Only my passion for designing and organizing mini communities with something mutually beneficial, unifying, at their centers could more enliven me. Unmet priorities, however, impede progress in that direction at present. Thank you.
  8. I agree, except I believe Darby's however well-founded ideas about the feasibility of time travel overly restrictive and, therefore, false. Michael, I , too, believe there must be other intelligent creatures in existence. Of lifeforms, however, lawyers tend to be low. Re: Andrew Basiago I asked another member, what's wrong with the following scenario? The government claims the technological ability to read your mind. "Remote Viewers" confirm their claims. The thought police arrest you for intent to commit a crime. But, so long as he's not collaborating with them as either a witness or prosecutor, lawyer Andrew D. Basiago will defend you for a fortune. It beats ambulance chasing and, after all, you believe them--don't you?
  9. Please see GLaDOS | Time Travel Institute. Much of what GLaDOS says could be refuted, were one to want to take the time to do so. ___________________________________________________________ Technology I find troublesome is robotics for the purposes of replacing and killing humans. “The outsourcing of humans to robots continues unabated as some experts expect a complete elimination of the need for a human workforce by 2045”-- Activist Post: Delivery Drones to Usher in Economic Transformation Self-Driven Vehicles to Eliminate Countless Jobs Please click hypertext and see the audio-videos embedded therein the posts below: What is Mind? And does it require a "Soul"? | Time Travel Institute What is Mind? And does it require a "Soul"? | Time Travel Institute ___________________________________________________________ Afterward you might appreciate the end of the last article in New World Order (NWO) / Global Disorder | Time Travel Institute Thank you.
  10. Titorite: Indifference to evil and suffering makes the world a much worse place. Syz: True. Re: “[...]caring about whether people in the world have clean water, or enough food, or access to medicines, or education and safety for their children, or freedom from war or fear or exploitation,” Vodkafan probably read the Beatitudes. Doing so makes more likely one’s ever actually praying vs. reading or reciting The Lord’s Prayer. To pray “Thy will be done” is to learn to pray as though one’s prayers are being answered. To whom it may concern, Again, owing to the corruption of the Church, I am no longer religious. Still, I maintain faith in a benevolent creator-- Enough about me! As I should never have been made the topic of this thread, I'll resume where this discussion began in another thread. Therein Vodkafan expressed shock at my being anti- vaccines and, if I remember correctly, the subject of GMOs was mentioned. Not to be utterly depressing, discussion of the NWO need suggest action to be taken along with ways of coping. I've thrown in music here and there (TTI Music), will try to end on a hopeful note and I look forward to introducing you to a 'life coach' in the future. 0 : - ) MGby'all. _____________________________________________________________ More re: GMO and/or Vaccines - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_YL3KuOcF0How To Defeat The Globalists _____________________________________________________________
  11. Fans believed Lennon to be loving and peaceful. Such qualities aren't usually associated with damnation. Dirty tricks are a different story. With those practiced at deceit, let theives deal. There is nothing on Earth worth having to suffer their ilk, since one can only expect to thus get the short end of the stick sooner or later. Hence, the very possibility of there being an afterlife makes profound Mark 8:36, "For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?"
  12. Greetings, Michael Janks. You are certainly loaded with questions, more questions than are generally answered in a single thread or, maybe, a lifetime. Sensationalized claims are generally false. I could provide you more useful predictions based upon hard evidence supplied by respected experts. While I might be so inclined, sympathize with your sentiments ...&c., re: equally relevant now is what I retrieved from another thread: New Military Holograms: Is This Real Or Just Fantasy? Project BLUE BEAM by Gary Flynn. | The Daily Cheese.
  13. Only anonymity keeps your saying as much from being gossip; otherwise, avoid divulging your relationship with the subject. Personally, I couldn't stand to be associated with sister 'V.' Thus, I can only more give thanks for my inlaws. Granted Satan has many ways of appealing to people's vanity, I more often hear of love's proving people superhuman, e.g. people's lifting cars from crushed persons, rescuers defying hellish fires and, in some cases, the virtually dead having just enough strength to save another's life. What I feel especially fortunate for are the charismatics within my acquaintance. Subtle as can be their gifts, the least assuming of them invariably energize others in ways positive. Spiritually, mentally and physically healing are they for tirelessly praying their presence be that of the Holy Spirit. May I better honor their example. 0 : - ) MGby.
  14. Based upon what you admittedly don't know, I make no apology for discouraging sexual harassment. It is no mystery why so few women are active members here. Even so, even with as much as the current quote distorts the story told, I withdrew the word "sot."
  15. No kidding. It would seem you weren’t even with your friend in her fifth grade class. Yet, despite your having described her classroom as though it were full of elementary children with "the teacher holding chalk in mid air," Vodkafan hallucinated you and your friend alone. Next he fantasized that at the very instant when time seemed to stop, there "was a moment of love between you." _________________________________________________________ Edit 12/10/13 re: quotes currently above Itheblaze: Greetings from Saint Augustine, Fl. When my friend Katie P. was sitting in her 5th grade class. Time froze. It was like you pushed the pause button on a movie. She looked around shocked. The teacher holding chalk in mid air, the wall clock not moving, all the kids frozen in what ever they were doing. It lasted about a minute then everything un-froze. How and why did this happen? Was a demon/spirit a foot? Was she somehow the cause? I lost contact with her after high school and it only had happen the one time that I knew her. I sometime ponder it though. How could this be? Vodkafan: Just you and Katie P, Itheblaze? Perhaps it was a moment of love between you....why do you jump to the conclusion of a demon or spirit? What is more than already stated above: Interjected by Vodkafan into the platonic friendship between children was homosexuality. For his doing so to go unchallenged would leave sexual connotations where none should ever have been introduced in the first place. That, in turn, would sully my so welcoming another woman’s company here beyond, of course, that of a feminine AI--GLaDOS. _________________________________________________________ Einstein made a valuable contribution whereof part is worth stressing as follows: I'm glad you started this thread, Itheblaze. It is fun to discuss. So far, I have heard such experiences similarly related to auto accidents and, even, bare-back (bronc) riding.
  16. Welcome, Itheblaze. Ignore vodkafan. Only a pervert would make a sexual innuendo about a classroom of fifth graders. Re: "time stop" - Instinctively, I take notice of setting at such times. That Katie sensed evil suggests her reaction was one of fear. A side-effect of fear is time dilation wherein things don't actually slow down. Thence, while people might deduce the rate of fearful persons' perception must speed up, the conclusion of one experiment: [...F]ear does not actually speed up our rate of perception or mental processing. Instead, it allows us to remember what we do experience in greater detail. Since our perception of time is based on the number of things we remember, fearful experiences thus seem to unfold more slowly.
  17. That the event preceded Phil's birth by four years would ordinarily suggest that he didn't exist to experience it as a reality. Good reference. Elsewhere, the above effect was described as dual memories.
  18. Phil, I was, in purposely being contrary, acting silly. Horse power is horse power, what's not to love about it? Though I have hitherto taken more interest in horses than water-powered cars, the latter's proving effective would be ? wonderfully efficient-- don't let anything nor anyone deter you. GLaDOS, I resist being overmuch like a mother in speaking about my horses. They are an experiment much as are dogs in that both most love to do what they are bred to do best. End of subject.
  19. The Good Book taught me to discern what knowledge is worth seeking. Faith is the first virtue, "whose object is truth"--Summa Theologica. The Church is corrupt, yet my primary objective is to seek truth. Truth isn't relative. Something's are true, something's are false. One who is false cannot even conceive of a protagonist about whom anyone should care. If you are to be seduced by the 'father of lies,' expect to be shunned.
  20. Of what type of energy? The point is that you did require input, GLaDOS. Your neglecting the fact evidences your lack of sense. AI is nothing compared to natural intelligence. So, no offense, Phil, but, to your 'Philly Exp,' I prefer my filly experiment. Modesty ordinarily requires me to be quiet about it. However, in all honesty, not only does one pun beg another but GLaDOS requires rivalry-- maybe vodkafan needs an antagonist to help him craft fiction.
  21. Why would I want to consider myself an invader of my own body? Self-antagonists are dissociative by definition. It is better for one to consider his body a temple versus a house in order that he might take a caringly moderate as holistic, harmonious, approach to his, mankind's and other earthly species' overall well-being. To the extent that humans are created in the Maker, whatever is truly good about any of us will persist. So, in that way, prevail. To twist things is to unnecessarily complicate them. And, in so doing, you make it difficult for others to know when you're being sincere, sarcastic, silly or whatever. Unless one has something to hide, isn't it simpler to be direct?--most satisfying to be at ease with oneself? After all, it is only for personal authenticity that anyone is truly lovable-- ETs or not, make the most of what you've got!
  22. Sometimes what is thought indicative of a hypothesized fact is mistaken for confirmation of a flawed premise, other times the devious deliberately distort facts. Suppose your doppelgänger represents a part of yourself whereto you've become blind. Being that life is such a mixed bag, people are sometimes be too quick to dismiss a trait wherein an aspect of it is treasure lost. Might you, by acknowledging each other's strengths and weaknesses, become more whole? It is my opinion that, except when true to God's idea of ourselves, we are all impostors. 0 : - ) MGby&yours.
  23. Let us hope Stanley Meyer's no longer being with us has nothing to do with any conflict of intere$t.
  24. Phil, A doppelgänger, a word new to me, seems to be what your brother-in-law, Ein and his wife each described separately.. In regard to terms dealt with in the audio-video, more comparably applicable to Ein et ux are the first and last of the three respective examples below: Deja vu doesn't really apply to your experience, except that the feeling is similar. Or, at least, I suppose as much based upon my attachment to one of two past eras. Things, e.g. music, literature and fashion, associated with the late 1800s and early 1900s had an odd familiarity to me. Presque vu, one's seemingly having something on the tip of his tongue, is something that I often experience consequent to a head injury. While my brain was gradually repairing its circuitry, my recollection of information was unconscious; therefore, I had to forget in order to remember. I had to purposely think about something not related to what I hoped to remember in order to let my subconscious mind to retrieve the memory. Jamais vu, for having to do with one's seeing an intimate as an impostor, relates to the experience of Ein's wife. About your apparent recall of an event that preceded your birth by four years, I wonder: Did you see news reports on television and/or hear much talk of the story? Please detail herein or quote a description from elsewhere of your "car experiment."
  25. Having a dead-ringer, identical opposite, parallel-self or any such impersonator as you describe would be too weird. You attribute to aliens some of the technology that I, as documented in other threads, What is Mind? And does it require a "Soul"? | Time Travel Institute, have grounds to believe researched and developed with funds and for use by our shadow government, e.g. in an experiment that was for the purpose of demonstrating how brain implants can be used to repair neurons, brain tissue branched inward through a hole in healthy tissue and interconnected with a 'smart' chip at its center. Capable of thus restoring synapses, the devices are virus-like in that, by design, they are meant to similarly self-replicate. (See, in above thread, "Bionics, Transhumanism and the End of Evolution" @ ~ 34:34, ~45:45 &, especially, @ the end). BTW, because you believe black holes fiction, what do you think of the interactive gallery @ HubbleSite - Out of the ordinary...out of this world? Do you think the images airbrushed?
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