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  1. Hehe, you know, I used to use iPhone until I got tired of how expensive and disposable they were. I then got a Samsung and never looked back, been happier ever since, my wallet and I! But yeah, no, I was talking about my Kindle! I love it so much ??
  2. What I was trying to say is that I would easily fall in love with an android. I love a much less complicated device already!
  3. An android you say? Well, I love my Kindle. I don't know what I would do to an Android... :love::devilish::love:
  4. Nope. Just a hill surrounded by favelas basically.
  5. I always find it amusing when people tell me they believe in a god that can interfere in our world. So many questions arise, but the first that comes to mind is: how does your God decide which cases he will act upon and which he won't? Anyway, I don't mean to derail the original discussion ?
  6. The thought of free will never made much sense to me. Of course, within our individual boundaries we are free to choose, but it's very clear that each person is different and our "free wills" are very personal. These boundaries aren't frozen solid. But, I haven't seen them change drastically. There's some room to adaptation, but nothing too significant. For instance, I don't have the free will to feel attracted to men. I was born heterosexual. I don't have the free will to get addicted to alcohol, tobacco or marijuana. I tried these drugs and they have zero appeal to me. I can't choose to talk a lot. I have friends and family who are big talkers and I just can't do it, nor stand it. Etc... Doing any of these things would mean I'm being forced and am doing them against my will.
  7. Shit, really? Damn... I have some of the conversations I had with him still saved in a .doc file... He knew a lot about Titor... He will be missed...
  8. That's why I put the question mark on my previous post, I wasn't really sure. I only asked because I saw signs on the video saying it was a lie. I'm sure NY has a good infrastructure. Better than ours anyway. If you wanna see a real "hype" , look for news about Manaus in Brazil. We sure don't have near enough hospital beds nor respirators. It's a catastrophe down here :confused:
  9. Gotta say I didn't finish it when we talked about it on this thread. But, I just found it on Netflix here in Brazil so I might go for another spin ;)
  10. I'm curious. I know you posted this on the beginning of April, but I was wondering if maybe you still(?) think that the pandemic is a lie.
  11. Hello everybody, I just wanted to share a website I found a while ago. It's called ZLibrary and basically it has all the books ever published available for download. For free. My Kindle was never this full and my brain, happier.
  12. Good point. Although... well, nevermind. I mean, lawyers can tell the truth sometimes, even though they lie for a living.
  13. That sounded and looked honest to me.
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