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  1. I'm sorry, this has called for my permanent silence on the forums. I thank you Syzgzy for your knowledge, good bye.
  2. No,no,no. I'm sorry if it came across that way, the first part of that about your choices was just a joke to lighten the mood. I meant no harm,sorry.
  3. Well them that's a path you better correct before it consumes you, science doesn't always have to fall into morally grey areas. Although its harder to define these days. (Yes, what Syzygy said. Understood Rainman, sorry for you having to step In)
  4. It's alright, I just didn't want to come across as a preacher with close minded views. Trot I respect your opinion, after all as the others stated this thread was designed to be very controversial hence the title.
  5. Yes but this never defines the laws of time travel, it never defines the fact that if we do travel forward Ir past we will be able to alter things. Quite possibly our actions will have no effect.
  6. Here is my rebuttal, I do not believe in god because it provides false hope. I find great solace In knowing that their is no god and knowing that there is no plan for humans or even any organic, by sheer happen stance we exist in this wonderful universe. Doesn't it excite you knowing there is so much mystery, so much chance for anything. I like thinking that life is not planned and that nothing is certain, knowing a god existed i would not cope, Sometimes ignorance is bliss.
  7. Fair enough, I wasn't belittling your beliefs. I have faith in humanity and not some supreme being. I understand your point of view but humans can have faith and still be decent people without believing in god.
  8. Uhu and god exists. Fairies wander the earth and unicorns fly through rainbows. I'm sorry if I come across as rude but why do humans revert back to religion. Putting faith into a mystical being Is ludicrous. As a man of intelligence why do you believe in such a figure, I'm very fascinated by how people believe in god. Honestly explain as I've never understood why people believe, I do have knowledge of religion and have studied the catholic faith as thoroughly as possible.
  9. In that case head over to my " Ethics" thread.
  10. Oh, please do Mylo X. I would be quite interested to listen to the delusional ramblings of this user.
  11. Why thankyou my master mathematician. I joined this forum mainly to enlighten myself and discuss this area of science. However I consider this to be a great learning opportunity and wish to learn as much as possible about science. So I thankyou for your knowledge, I hope in later posts my understanding and ability to assert my thought consicely with mathematical evidence is well.. Evident.
  12. I would like to share my views and opinions on the ethics of time travel and whether ultimately it is a goal humanity should aspire to achieve. To do this I have constructed a pros and cons table, my main goal of this thread is to get a debate rolling based on the ethical values and principles of Time Travel. I am curious as to people's ideas as I predict they will be quite measurably different. Pros * Unlocks ultimate knowledge explaining how life was up to the present * Completely maps out all possible scientific discoveries for humankind * Great teaching mechanism for students * Ability to correct all mistakes and events that we desire, such as the holocaust * Shortens the length of time between great scientific breakthroughs * offers a view into the future and issues that will shape the future Cons * Creates a sluggish lazy civilization, this would occur because human kind ultimately knows everything and needs not try as their path is mapped out * The rich hoard such time travel devices and shape the world to their views * Political groups use these devices to manipulate the world and create a dystopia in which they see fit * Quality of life and human existence is rendered non existent * The prices of use of such machines would no doubly be exorbitantly high. This would create a finer line between economic classes and possibly lead to a rebellion between groups * The country which creates the first time machine is theoretically holding a ticking time bomb, other countries if found out about such a discovery would fight with that country ultimately leading to a world war. This could end up with the destruction of the human race. ( Theoretically if the time machine was used and the future of human kind was witnessed this path should be seen, if not it could lead to speculation about a multiple reality theory) * The affects of using the machine to traverse back into humanities past could alter the future of life for every being on earth. The judgement for such a change to be made would come down to a small radical group most likely, this group would not be acting in interest of humanity. Such changes for humanity cannot be made by singulars, this would be unethical, the choice comes down to the global populace. * Our travel into the past could completely remove our future making human kind or even planet earth objects that never existed * The effects of time travel could not only change the lives of the humans on earth but change trillions of possible lives across the universe * A recession or economical crash could occur sending humanity into another dark age, possibly worse than the Wall Street crash in 1921 * The answers to all have been found and humans have no desire to continue on * The future is seen and it is quite horrific, this would be similar to telling a person up they are going to die and when, mass panic would set in and humanity would become uncivil to say the least. As you could imagine the list could quite literally extend for a fair few pages, I've summed up m major concerns and issues within this topic. I would now like to hear the ideas from users of the forum.
  13. I was taking a course in Mathematical Methods and Advanced Math but I felt I was unable to achieve that at the current time, my math is terrible. And I understand the concepts behind some science just not the mathematical formulas that are attached to these. I will in the future reassess my goals and try again for mathematics.
  14. Sound idea, I was actually unaware that any non theoretical testing had begun. Would you care to enlighten me on some particular cases of this?
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