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  1. Well let me just say that if anyone really discovers time travel, they won't be writing about it in any journals.
  2. No, the beginning of the fall of America was in the 1960's when the first SWAT teams were formed. Why is that, you ask? Because it represented the first militarization of government forces against citizens.
  3. I think you're going to have problems with anything anyone posts, no matter what. So why bother making an argument anyway? Your generation is part of the problem.
  4. I'd take the silver, but one must really ask why you're really here. You're clearly well into your 50's, and you're arguing against people on the internet. Did your career not pan out? Did your woman leave you? If you're educated and secure, you don't need to argue with complete strangers over unproved theory.
  5. There was no 'holocaust', but there was a war in which many people died. I know because I checked. Why are you afraid of government? I know they lied to you. They are not all powerful, or all seeing. You're easier to control when you believe so, though.
  6. Time travel is not invented in this era. Few visit this era because of soviet tactics. Government confiscation would only happen to those poorly prepared for time travel's unpredictable fiascos. My time machine is aware. Awareness is required for a time machine to await the traveler while avoiding threats.
  7. That's a very unkind assessment, both of our homeland security neighbors, and our fanatic brethren. Let's all try to live freely and happily, shall we?
  8. Humor is the only thing that makes sense in this universe, or whatever you call it. Laugh when you can, because the crying times are too often and unbearable when they come. Do you remember anything from your coma, or was your NDE during that?
  9. Don't take yourself so seriously. No one else does.
  10. While I can appreciate your frustration and sarcasm, I must point out that Designer is at least willing to test his hypothesis. As long as he follows a rigid guideline of testing, the results should guide him along the correct path.
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