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  1. This site has some information on alternative science topics such as time travel, free energy, computer science and space travel. Site is at: http://www.nucleus.com/~science/ .
  2. To: Interested Readers I may have seen a U.F.O. I was looking out my window in Calgary on a cloudy day at about 3:50 pm September 12, 2004. I thought I saw a white colored kite being flown at about 600 to 800 metres height for about 10 seconds. It flew like a kite from side to side and with semi-circles like a kite in a windy day. Then it went downwards behind a tree branch and then did not show again. It could have been a broken kite, but a broken kite would have descended slowly. It may have been a radio controlled model aircraft, but its semi-circular turns seem a little sharp and no airplane engine was heard as usual. The object could have been a hoax like a radio controlled model aircraft being crashed with its engine turns off, but the object flew more like a kite. Unfortunately I was able to drive a car to the site to see if the object was a kite or model airplane. There were people playing baseball down the hill; they may have seen this kite like object also. Perhaps it was a U.F.O. (unidentified flying object) or a flying vehicle from another time.
  3. The first above branch growing experiment failed, because the temperature was to hot. Perhaps a humid, cool and sunny environment may work. Mold must be kept out of the water in the vase also with an air filter.
  4. To: Interested Readers There is a replacement site for the group site "Time Travel Research" at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Time_Travel_2 . Site may have postings on time travel and alternative science ideas from various authors. There is a site that has postings on alternative science such as time travel from various authors at: http://rexresearch.com . Leonard Belfroy, Calgary.
  5. To: Interested Readers I may have a linear magnet motor. Experiments to get more prove for it are not finished yet. The motor report can be seen on page 93 at my site: http://www.spots.ab.ca/~belfroy/TSScience.shtml . Leonard Belfroy, Calgary.
  6. To: Interested Readers I got some new information on my alternative science site. The site is: http://www.spots.ab.ca/~belfroy/TSScience.shtml . Leonard Belfroy, Calgary.
  7. To: Interested Readers There is a new website where you can post your ideas, discussions, or information about time travel or time travel research. You can upload your pages on time travel, or link to your site. The website is: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Time_Travel_Research . I also have some more additions to my website http://www.spots.ab.ca/~belfroy/TSScience.shtml such as tesla scalar wave and magnetic water propulsion information. L. Belfroy, Calgary.
  8. To: Interested Readers There are two new group websites that may have document and photograph postings on ideas of time travel, free energy, alternative science, and space travel by various authors. The postings should mainly contain writings and photographs of science experiments and some theories. The websites are: http://ca.msnusers.com/TimeTravelFreeEnergySpaceTravel , http://ca.msnusers.com/TimeTravelFreeEnergy . The first website is for postings pro or nuetral on the above subjects. The second website contains only postings pro on the above subjects.
  9. To: Time Travel Researchers, www.timetravelinstitute.com There a new goup website where you can post your documents and photographs on time travel research. The free website is: http://ca.msnusers.com/TimeTravelFreeEnergySpaceTravel . The website is mainly for vistors pro or nuetral on time travel ideas. You need to sign in; use long passwords and set your intenet security on high to avoid hacker pograms. You may also avoid hacker programs by setting your magnetic storage hard drive and other file folders on "hidden" mode on Windows or Windows XP software, and make your own file folders. You can upload your documents and photographs with Windows software by clicking on "Publish this folder to internet". Leonard Belfroy, Calgary.
  10. To: Time Travel Institute Readers: Electromagnetic field may be able to send some radio energy through time. These signals from other times may be electromagnetic background white noise that can be dected by a communications receiver or radio. You can detect this background white noise with a receiver like the Realistic DX 302. This radio has a signal sensitivity of 0.5 microvolts at 10 decibel signal to radio noise ratio and an input impedance of 50 ohms. The white noise signal are strongest at the citizen band channel frequencies. The citizen band frequencies are at 5 kilohertz intervals from 27.125 megahertz such as 27.115, 27.120, 27.125, and 27.300 megahertz. The citizen band transmitters transmit at these frequencies. The white noise amplitudes are strongest at these channel frequencies. This indicates that these white noise signals are generated artificially by the transmitters from other times. Some radio white noise may come from the sun. These signal differences can be heard in Calgary in the evening. These background white noise may be due to electromagnetic fields from citizen band transmitters from other times. See: http://www.spots.ab.ca/~belfroy/TSScience.html for Realistic DX 302 picture.
  11. To Time Travel Institute Readers: When an electron receives light photons, the orbit radius of the electron of the atom suppose to increase. The electron then may release an infra red photon or photons and decrease in orbit radius. When the metal strip is struck with a steel hammer, the hammer should not transmit photons to the metal. The atoms in the strip being hit absorb the impact from the hammer, and the electrons may increase orbit radii. These electrons may then release the energy as infra red photons. The photons may not come from the hammer but photons may be electric charges in space-time or waves in space-time much like musical sound waves in air. Leonard
  12. To: Time Travel Institute Readers Some details on water electrolysis to get hydrogen may be later at: http://www.spots.ab.ca/~belfroy/TSScience.html
  13. To Whom this may concern: When a strip of metal is struck many times by a hammer, the metal strip will emit infra red photons or heat rays. Where do these emitted photons come from? The photons do not come from the hammer. The photons may come from space-time. Photons may be waves in space-time. Photons can appear as waves or as particles. See my new science home page at: http://spots.ca/~belfroy/TSScience.html Enter , or http://www.spots.ab.ca/~belfroy/ . It will have some ideas and experiments on time travel and free energy.
  14. To Whom this may concern: See my new home page at http://spots.ca/~belfroy/ which starts soon and is still being build. It will have some ideas on free energy, time travel, and space travel. Leonard Belfroy. :)
  15. To Whom this may concern: When making a computer program like the game tictacto or a new computer programming language, using some variables types initially may have to be to be minimized in number. A variable may need other variables or subroutines to work and these may need other variables and subrourines to work. The program may need to many variables and routines work or the initial variable may have no solution. For example, if someone tried to look for a keyword to convert into machine codes, the user may have to store a number that indicates the location of the keyword characters. Then we need another number to indicate the number of characters in the keyword. The routine may then need more variables and subroutines to accomplish the task. An easier way to look for a keyword of a computer language is to just let the computer go to the codes needed automatically after a keyword was detected. Can start by using game rules or logic and exact routines as computer codes to start a computer program design and then add some variables later.
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