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  1. Welp, on the very day I was notified that TTI is back up and running, I found the below when searching for an audio delay unit for my upcoming livestream music performance. It must be a sign! Also - is Cosmo still around or is it all on Paula's back now? Incidentally, you're all invited to watch/ listen to some solo variety music this Thursday the 11th at 7:00 pm Eastern Time. Or if you miss it, you can travel back in time by viewing the captured video :D No facebook account required! Event link - https://www.facebook.com/events/2470252956556214/ Stream will be on this page - https://www.facebook.com/MaroonCorey/ (Just doing this for fun) TIME MACHINE selling for under $50 :LOL: And, it's "vintage". Titor would be proud. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Behringer-Vintage-Time-Machine-VM1-Delay-Chorus-Vibrato-Guitar-Effect-Pedal/303589959067
  2. Wow, a blast from the past! Thanks for your work. You should see the notification emails I'm getting. The font size is as massive as a black hole!!
  3. Interesting thoughts, and point well taken. At the same time, there is more to life than intelligence (which I just misspelled at first, lol). Think of how important you could be if you chose to take the risk of revealing yourself as a time traveler. Think of the exhilaration (also spell-checked) of discovering the future! A bit of devil's advocate work there, as it would certainly be a double-edged sword at best.
  4. Totally agreed on the emergency preparedness! Regard of what I think the chances of a particular disaster are, there is no way of knowing what might happen or when. Also - I certainly assumed all your images were legal! I has just seen the note on your page where you purchased rights to an image, so I thought I'd mention a potential free source. Cool to know that NASA permits free use with credit!
  5. Gpa, I'm confused as to why you brought government into the conversation, being that it was neither mentioned in the original post nor the articles. I am also at a loss as to where the quoted text in the last line of your post comes from. Interesting articles, Paula! Your style and presentation make for a nice read. I like the way you tied the various pieces of information together. I never knew about the parallels of the Titor story to "Alas, Babylon" - I hope to read the novel some time! In the meantime, while I would really like to be better prepared for the possibility of emergencies and natural disasters, I'll recall Gene Siskel's advice to Roger Ebert when he said "Never bet on a hunch." :) Also - take a look sometime at http://www.morguefile.com/ for totally free, legal images to use on your blog that you can modify in any way. You don't have to credit the photographer or anything!
  6. Interesting thought, Paula. What are the ethics of deciding sentience? Where do we draw the line? Is a Venus Flytrap sentient? Then again, what difference does it make if we do make a judgement? Perhaps it plays into the rights of the "being". Wasn't this a theme in Battlestar Galactica? Never watched too much of it. I know it is a big theme in the new fembot movie that's out now.
  7. Science and Religion. The existence of God. These are very interesting topics to me. It seems so easy, so very easy for online discussions on the topic to spring up, seemingly out of nowhere. I've read so many of these discussions - both formal and informal, written by laymen, scholars, and those in-between. I always get drawn into the topic and while on one hand I want to kick myself after reading the same debate yet again, I feel that I hopefully glean just a little bit more understanding of various viewpoints each time. And while I am dismayed by the tone taken at times in this thread by my fellow theists, this conversation is no exception to offering insight. In fact, this thread holds a more interesting variety of viewpoints than any debate or discussion I can remember offhand. It holds everything from mathematical proofs, to mystical numerical interpretation of Ancient Hebrew (mystical is not meant as an insult), to working definitions of Atheism, to quotes from Carl Sagan - a true wealth of viewpoints and opinions. In full disclosure, I am technically an Evangelical Christian. I also have a love and fascination with all things scientific, even though I have no formal training past requisite "101" classes that were part of a liberal arts college education. I continue, not without questioning and outright struggling at times, to believe in God and in the divinity of Christ. I do seem to get hints of empirical evidence of a higher being in my life, but they are only anecdotal. A perfectly timed blessing here, an unexpected solution to a problem there. And certain thoughts seem to point me to divinity. An example of this would be the observation that for every increase in human knowledge, there seems to be an exponentially greater increase of what we are aware that we do not know. But, this is not necessarily conclusive evidence of a master puppeteer. Another example would be the mere existence of anything at all, and our continuing lack of knowledge as to how matter came into existence in the first place. I have seen physicist's theories on the subject, but they don't appease me. However, perhaps I can just not wrap my head around such a large question. In any case, scientific and empirical direct evidences for theism fall flat to me, personally. While I am no great philosopher, I too see pretzel logic and evidences that are either less-than-compelling or explainable in simpler ways. I do enjoy reading and learning about them, though. Perhaps one will ring true to me some day. And while there may be elements of history, literature, myth, and poetry to the Bible, and even vague correlation with scientific principals, it will forever be, to me, a book of theology. Therefore, it needs not coincide with science, or even logic, to have great value to me. For me, I think that faith and science will forever be separate "lenses" on our existence. For better or for worse, I feel a different kind of understanding inside me that leads me to connect with what I believe to be a greater, sentient love. It is a discipline that I cannot necessarily explain with logic, nor do I feel that I need to. At the same time, I have great respect for Atheists and Agnostics. I respect their viewpoint. It is rational and solid. It does not keep them from living a full life or from doing great good in the world. In my humble opinion, it does not even mean that they cannot respond to the will of God, do God's good work, and even receive an eternal reward. In fact, I would propose to other Christians that Atheists have at least as good a chance to end up in heaven as a believer. I do have fears regarding arguments/ debates/ discussions such as these that happen online and in meatspace. I fear that they will polarize people further, separating us into deeper factions, creating undue strife. I fear that theists may be too fearful of changes to life and relationships to admit less fervor than they purport. Perhaps I am guilty of this at times. I also fear that Atheists and agnostics may not yield to the "still, small voice" inside that is the gentle urging of the spirit, for fear of ridicule or cognitive dissonance, thus giving up what I find to be a valuable "lens" in my everyday life that brings great fulfillment, challenge, and ultimately joy.
  8. Darby, I'm curious. Judas described traveling to a very distant future Earth where one would be unknown and would encounter only unfamiliar persons and surroundings. While time dilation is certainly very real and had to be accounted for practically with orbiting satellites and such, I find it difficult to imagine our current technologies affording us the capacity to return to an Earth in the distant future, practicality and affordability notwithstanding. Between problems of fuel, life support systems, and the whole slowing down from near-light-speed/ re-entry process, I'm just having a hard time imagining it working at this stage of humanity's collective capability.
  9. An insightful and balanced approach! Nice theory.
  10. Actually, I see you are Greek, Ninja, so efarishto or however you say it! Sorry!
  11. Origato and/ or shay-shay and/or kam-sa-ha-mi-da, Ninja Bear!
  12. Thanks for your input and thoughts in this thread, Z and Ninja Bear. I have a concern, though, with your remarks regarding pinterest. In my opinion, insulting a member's comments and collectively begrudging the member in the third person is neither constructive nor appropriate. It comes off as passive-aggressive bullying. If you want to ignore a member, then feel free to do so. I would simply refrain from letting everyone know about it. Or, if you sincerely want to understand a member's comments, simply ask them about it in the context of the thread or a private message. Just my two cents in an effort to be inclusive and peaceful. I am no better and have certainly done worse. Thanks.
  13. Hey, if someone will volunteer for Armin Meiwes, someone will volunteer for anything. :sick:
  14. Recently went to Colonial Williamsburg for a trip back to Revolutionary War times. Highly recommended! They do a great job between the restored buildings, trade demonstrations, programs and roaming in-character performers. It was even better than I expected!
  15. And yet you wear the same clothes and top hat regardless! Perhaps the jewel-studded cane is the difference.
  16. As mentioned prior, I think that it looks promising as an installment. I especially enjoyed 2, and also 3.
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