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  1. This could be a dangerous trap. Keep searching and focus on redeeming yourself in the present time.
  2. Everyone's days are numbered... death is the one thing that we have not found a cure for. His drug lab was full of absinthe. The DA and the investigation team has made fools of themselves and they are scrambling to cover their hindquarters. It will all come out into the open soon. I know Marlin and I am not making any claims for his knowledge of the time machine. I am just letting you know that you should not give up on him yet, he has some contributions that you will benefit from.
  3. I know Marlin and you will see him cleared of the sexual misconduct charges. You will see him redeem his character. You will get to ask him about his patent directly. He will soon make a societal contribution that will shed light to all of this darkness that he has allowed to grow around himself. I'm exited are you? גאולת הזמן, כי הימים רעים.
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