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  1. I am not a monk I am far from that understanding. My mother and I had a long conversation about your request over some milk and so I decided not to talk about where others sanctum. At least not right now Traveling is proceeded through the actions of the body and mind. It is in turn pliable, the utmost natural occurrence and does not feel remotely strenuous or restraintful. Like astral projecting in the physical form.
  2. I am supposed to be 28 years old at least that's what my Social Security number and birth certificate states but in fact I represent a much higher age, this is why I appear older. I do not know exactly how old I am anymore. A traveler which from this point on I will refer to as 'other' or 'others' when speaking plural befriended me. I will not lay claim of any reference to when though it seems much longer in memories now. This relationship or should I say in an awkward scene forecasting the strange meeting all together. I will not tell because the actual encounter's pauperism and strange environment to how we met would void as backlash on my part to the circumstances around these envisage events. I will state now for what I've seen I have no overall cares about the future or the past.
  3. No, Your thoughts aren't right. You are thinking mechanics, physical form that's not how it works.
  4. It's been a while and I have even contemplated on talking about this to others other then my mother. She knows though more than I will tell here and though she doesn't know all that I know. It's strange really I will probably have many debunkers this I know, I have considered it and feared it because I don't wish to go to war with what I am telling you or about too in prefix notation or then trying to understand me through zeroth logic. All I can say is what I say is true and for the intelligent I know that you will know it is this that will be true. I have not read up on all the literature on the now subject here & now. I don't really have to because I know what is real and what isn't because I myself am real. There is so much to say yet so much not too because all the things and questions I'll answer will have things hidden like what lay behind the iron veil. This is about my own protection nothing about you. Things I kept hidden like technology well I know these, how they will play out I have even considered not telling you all of them or most to say the less. I am not a rich man, I am not even middle class. I've lived a hard life and it shows on my face which I will not show you now but maybe later under my own context and contract. I will not say much more in that and I will not say much more now. I would rather have the curious ask their questions I will find this more easier to comprehend. I will not answer until I feel fit to others I will not answer at all. Some of the things I say maybe strange.
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