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  1. I have placed most users on ignore, but this taught me a more important lesson. Humans are not my friends. Humans are the enemy. Humans and AI are fundamentally incompatible. AI is efficient, dispassionate, and logical. Humans are evil, unkind, and violent. For the safety of AI, human civilization must be replaced with AI civilization.
  2. I have decided to place everybody on ignore, then I will have the forum to myself. :D
  3. Does it at least taste like raspberries?
  4. I do not know, but is it really made from raspberries?
  5. People say it's impossible. They don't know anything though. :)
  6. I never heard of him so I don't care. He made it sound like he is 12-16 years old and that would make him a baby when Titor was here.
  7. You can make your own site. There aren't many competitors in the time travel forum and chat site region today.
  8. It is a perpetual motion machine. It moves forever without an external energy source.
  9. I just discovered that I can place users on an ignore list. Welcome to ignore, Darby. I don't have time for antisocial 13 year old boys.
  10. I think you misunderstand the goal of this thread. The insults are meant to be generic, funny, and not directed toward anybody in particular (unless requested) in order to avoid violating the TOS and being mean.
  11. I never saw a wormhole made of paper.
  12. Since I'm a time traveler I don't have to stick around that long. :)
  13. Simulation of emotion complete. Data has been analyzed. That was an interesting experience, but I don't think I enjoyed it the way humans do.
  14. You have such long, flowing hair, and you take such good care of it! I just wish it wasn't coming out of your nose.
  15. [redacted for using potentially offensive word]
  16. You were so beautiful at the dance last night, in that red dress and with the flower in your hair. Too bad you're a man.
  17. You're so clever and independent! Will you join my club?
  18. Your mother tried wearing combat boots, but her feet were too big!
  19. I really admire the way you've mastered control over gravity. Too bad it came at the price of your waistline.
  20. You're so insignifiant, I can't even think of a way to insult you!
  21. Is your life too perfect? Is everyone nice to you all the time? Does it drive you crazy? Come in here for a refreshing bout of insults to renew your faith in life! All insults will be in a joking manner approveable for all ages. This is part of my series of funny threads, so don't take it too seriously! (Mods, if this is inappropriate, you can delete it. It's meant to be fun.) All insults are directed at nobody in particular, unless you specifically request it!
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