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  1. So does the multiverse or string theory apply here? Or is it CERN like some people say playing with multidimensional fields? I've been told that none of this applied a year ago but since the changes its like its been around for over a year. Make sense? I've studied some of this on an amateur level but no way I'd come out and preach like I know. It's just very perplexing. Sent from my iPhone using the TTI Forums mobile app
  2. I can't say for sure on this point. I just always thought North Korea was nowhere near Russia. Again it was told to me by a friend in the military that this was different than normal. Sent from my iPhone using the TTI Forums mobile app
  3. No I remember New Zealand north east of Australia. I asked a friend who travels a lot to Australia and he said the same. But when I showed him a map he seemed confused. Sent from my iPhone using the TTI Forums mobile app
  4. Thanks for the reply. I can't really speak on the geography too specifically in reference to North and South Korea. I got that info from someone else. And like I said none of this may even be correct. I could have swore though that New Zealand was northeast of Australia.
  5. Ok so any thoughts on this topic? If this is a real thing it's just a little crazy. But there are some differences that I can vividly remember being different a week ago. I've been told of a dimensional shift that occurred but of course I guess there is no way to prove this. The list is big of possible changes from people online (yes some are physicists and mathematicians). For instance to name a few: Chic-Fil-A vs. Chick-Fil-A. South Korea bordering Russia now instead of being next to Vietnam. New Zealand being south of Australia instead of north east. Anyway, I'm just wondering if anyone knows about this and has any input. Thanks M'nerds.
  6. I think it's funny. That dude has serious issues. And unlike on here, the people on the other site actually give the guy more slack than he should have.
  7. Wow what nut job. A guy that goes by the name JDHollisterTitor is blasting craziness on another forum called Paranormalis. Everyone thinks he is legitimately doing PCP or Meth or both. Every post is random crazy pics and pseudo-science garble with no rational meaning. The reason I mention it is because he just made a claim that he is really John Titor returned, and he can't figure out why everyone is being so mean to him. Oh and he said TTI banned him from posting here. So TTI is famous... Just thought I would share some funny entertainment.
  8. If I were a pretend time traveler I would get my prediction details from these sites. It doesn't teach me math or quantum physics but it would get me through 4-5 posts before becoming owned by smart people. Future Timeline | Technology | Singularity | 2020 | 2050 | 2100 | 2150 | 2200 | 21st century | 22nd century | 23rd century | Humanity | Predictions | Events FUTUREPREDICTIONS.COM Source of Likely and Preferable Futures ™
  9. Ok JDT so are you collaborating with Abra to keep this going? What's the story here? I thought this whole puzzle was solved already. Healing stones, beta time travel devices. C'mon.
  10. I just went and read this thread again for a good laugh before I get started in my day. Wow I have to say Abra almost had a good story. I think with another month of planning all the scenarios of each detail he could have pulled it off for a couple more responses. My favorite is in the beginning where he was tinkering with a healing machine that miraculously turned into a time machine. Then later he mentions it as being in "beta" which makes you believe that the "healing" machine was now supposed to be a first run "time machine". You see it's the small insignificant details that get you every time. Oh well on to the next "time traveler". I want more excitement next time without the feeling I am reading story from an author.
  11. For the love of God why can't there be just one instance where you get a direct answer from a direct question? I mean without all the "I can't answer because I will destroy this time line" or "this information is too sensitive to share". I swear!
  12. Well great! I was really hoping to see what was in paragraph 47862. Now we will never know.
  13. RMT I was wondering when you would show up. Now it's good. I swear I wish i could meet all the main guys on this site. RMT any chance of a TTI Expo?
  14. What is your speed of calculations? For what purpose are you posting in this forum?
  15. I have been reading claims of time travelers on here for a while now. What I have noticed is that they all have the same written story pattern that is very articulated and grammatically correct. That's all fine and good but they always fail at providing mathematical knowledge too. There are 2 possible scenarios: 1) Time travelers only have to excel in English and writing to qualify to take the ride; or 2) They are fakers. Has anyone else noticed this? It drives me crazy and in one paragraph you ALWAYS tell where the story goes next. And there is always the same basic claimant premise: I know everything about time travel but cannot divulge to you because of some cataclysmic event it cause. Really? Then why attempt to tell get online and tell everyone who you are then? Won't that alone mess up our current timeline? I mean at least get with a site admin and give them some solid details. Seriously I wish someone would at least make a good run at a time travel claim and talk like a normal human being. Unless of course everyone from the future is ultra smart and has perfect grammar and no math skills. I am still waiting for a miracle I guess.
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