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  1. Hi Cosmo, thank you for the welcome back. Actually I have been quite ill for almost all that time, but hopefully getting a bit better now!
  2. Not new, but I was here last about 3 years ago, and for some reason was not able to log in....then a couple of weeks ago I started receiving email notifications again and here I am!
  3. I been listening to this quirky one...I think she is singing in Norwegian. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOB5xVo30BE
  4. I thought there was a theory she was his wife?
  5. I don't know what you can mean. Nothing I have read about black holes or the possibility of micro singularities mentions any type of charge.
  6. I should have said a viable power supply. You really think it's possible to maintain electromagnetic fields to contain TWO mini black holes with the low energies from such sources ? The LHC at CERN has just been upgraded to operate at 13 TeV and they haven't managed to create a discoverable microsingularity yet. Not to mention the huge size of the superconducting electromagnets and the racetrack they whizz the particles around in to get them up to atom smashing speeds. That's real physics.
  7. Ah yes had a quick look up and refresh. The manyworlds/multiple timeline hypotheses. That is only one speculative view; it's not even a testable theory as yet. But I am not going to argue about it.
  8. I don't know his theory, if he had much of one; I must have not paid much attention on those posts, if I read them. Yes his "machine" was BS and because he never actually came from the future, his predictions were all BS too.
  9. You would be there 16 years before 9/11. Knowing that Russia will withdraw from Afghanistan, you would best prevent 9/11 and other atrocities by persuading the US NOT to back and give weapons to 'ole Bin Liner in the first place. With hindsight you could prevent the invasion of Kuwait and prevent 2 wars in Iraq which solved nothing and killed lots of US servicemen and hundreds of thousands of people in Iraq Hell, with 16 years of forward planning you could pay to train and equip your own counter-terrorist force to assassinate, discredit or simply make disappear Islamic (or other) troublemakers before they even know what they are going to do themselves. Just ask them if they are Sarah Connor before you blow them away.
  10. I'm on a real dilemma here. The making money part is easy; tell my earlier self what to invest in, and tell him not to do a couple of the stupid things I did do, but the negation of which won't matter. He is on the brink of splitting up and divorcing his (our) first wife. That's perfectly fine. The REAL dilemma is: do I advise my earlier self not to meet my second wife, who he will meet in the future? She will cheat on me further down the line after 20 years together , but only after we have had SIX kids. Do I have a right to deny those children their lives? I suspect that I will not. But I will plan it so that we ( I mean him) have a much better life and marriage and she won't be tempted into an affair.
  11. Looked interesting Jonathon but I wasn't getting any sound....?
  12. Can you be more specific? What do mean by his "concept"? If you mean his alleged physical method I have to disagree. His diagram showed 2 mini black holes contained in a tin box with no power supply.
  13. Fantastic Cosmo! This is what actually happens in the novel I am writing, only with a lot more plot twists. Only another 50,000 words to go
  14. Going back to Nicholas' original speculation, personally I never thought Pamela was involved in the hoax. I always considered she was just a very gullible person who lapped the story all up. I speculate that at a very early stage the Titor hoaxer may have entered into some private messaging with her, because maybe he was gratified that somebody was buying it wholesale, but Pamela turned out to be a loose cannon, releasing her emails and keeping bits of "information" back because it made her feel important. So the hoaxer soon dropped her, as he was getting heavy flak by then anyway, and could prove zip.
  15. It's not really a theory....your words are unscientific. "Forcing the light source to work in overdrive"....."push the light out..(maybe a little faster?)" The speed of light is an absolute. Light goes the speed it goes. You think by ramping up the input to a light bulb you will make the light come out any faster than the speed of light? "Mix this with a strong gravitational pull..." OK. This extra gravity is being created where and how exactly? The second paragraph "negative interval...initiating a reverse cycle ...." I don't know where to start.
  16. That makes sense. Thanks Cosmo I will note that tip it may work for many other sites
  17. I never got an error message Cosmo. The site would partially load but only the skeleton of a page with bits missing....it would never finish loading and wouldn't let me click on anything.
  18. Uh-oh. Hope I don't get shunted off somewhere again then...I missed this place it's lonely outside...
  19. I am back!! Again!! I couldn't load the website for a long time but the move to Discourse seems to have worked for me. What have I missed?
  20. We don't even know how the space-time continuum works so who can say whether it would make a disruption? The universe might just accept it fine.
  21. Like not wear those flared trousers, platform shoes and those huge kipper ties!!
  22. oh deep joy.....I haven't been able to get onto the forum for months. I guess I'm back. Thanks for your rejig Cosmo
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