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  1. there is no empty space, the air is aether, and for example the sound waves and radio was travel trough aether. we can receive packs of informations trough aether directly to our subcounscious mind, and there is also the noosphere, and things like that.and we are also connected with the frequency of earth, (schumann resonance) at 7 or 13hz our brain generates frequencies, due to activity of neurons and biomagnetism, when we are in the Alpha state we are in ressonance with the Earths field, and we receive informations (intuition)
  2. hi paladius. galileu was called a "crazy" too, and Einstein also ,probably, called a "crazy'", he made some quotes about the Universe with a higher counsciousness behind. many scientists and genius ,were called crazies. some of the recent quantum physics scientists and astrophisics are talking about god and parallel universes, are they "crazy" guys too.? the Fbi used some psychic guys in remote viewing projects, like scan gate, and more... are they "crazy"..? Some quantum physics scientists, like Amit Goswami, are talking about a Universe Higher Counscience, they are scientists with studies
  3. the best free energy is "zero point energy" , and Nikola Tesla discovered it....
  4. hi timecrime1986, you are a timetraveller..? that picture of 2 computers proof something.? :) the blue image its only a computer wallpaper, and that " time machine" its one picture with copyright in yellow letters. to time travel you must create a vortex, a wormhole, do you have any giant generator or something to generate energy.? And the best way to bring a proof of timetravel, could be : telling the headlines of the newspapers from 22/January/2014, for example. :)
  5. hello Iam from Portugal, a guy, with 34 years old. this is my first time in this forum, sorry If I write with errors, my english is not perfect and Im writing in my samsung tablet, Im not using online translator to help... I guess that, is almost impossible for someone to time travel alone, its necessary huge technology to create a wormhole (vortex, portal) manipulating anti-matter, and a huge amount lf energy to keep the "other side of the portal" open, and the time tunnel constant. its necessary a team of many scientists, a huge budget of millions of dollars, and technology, I believe the project CERN, particles collider, its a kind of time travel experiment, but they lie to us telling they are studying the "big bang".. There is no "past", or "Future", there is online the "now", the time is a perception, its a spiral without beginning or end, without divisions. past there is no more, past are only memories. and the future is the "present" continuing for years and years, thomorrow is "future" but is still the present line continuing to eternety, (sorry my english!!) its difficult to travel to the "future" because there is not only one future, but there are many probable futures and paralell realities (as mentioned in quantum physics). so if someone travels to the year 2019, for example, he doesn't knows if is travelling to our earth 2019 future's, or to another paralell earth future in 2019, because there are many paralell futures at the same time, in parallel dimensions (they are different in density and in vibration). I guess the only way, for people, to time travel, is in "mind travel" remote viewing, projectiology, astral travel. I study and practise spirituality since mine 17 years old, I also like to read about quantum physics, metaphysics, gnosis, remote viewing, sometimes I make astral projections, and I saw a nuclear blast in year 2017, but I didnt perceived the location or country regards silvio
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