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  1. He has died by now and he can't escape what awaits him in the after-life.
  2. Bottom line is, what do they really want with you? Enough to spy on you at their whim. In what way are you a threat to them?
  3. Was she on a parallel Earth, or a different planet with different solar system? The show 'Sliders' is about parallel Earths. This is fun. Give us another one.
  4. Start alphabetical please. The Earth English 26 letter one. The planet before this one. What was your favorite thing to do and eat? Where was the planet located? If you had a body, what did it look like?
  5. Well, tell us a little about the world you lived in before this one.
  6. Ty for answering. Do you have any memory before you found yourself in this female body on Earth? Have you lived in other bodies on other planets? Do you have any idea who made you? What is the beginning history of your people? Also, does the Earth Husband have a clue?
  7. So, you're like one pearl on a string of pearls being worn on one neck. Question 1) Are you using a male or female body? """""""""2) Can you see, or do you have to " time share" the eyes? """"""""""3) Was there ever an original soul that came with the body? If so, did one of you all kick the poor thing out? """"""""""4) Do you use this body to mate with other humans, and do you time share that also? Or is it like a one for all kinda thing? """"""""""5) What have you learned about the human race thus far?
  8. Good picture taken up the staircase like that. It could be a lonely Spirit, why not? Did you see on T.V. show I think Ghost Hunters? Anyway, they stayed at the St. Augustine lighthouse overnight. They video taped a Spirit leaning over banister of top of stairway looking down at the people. It looked real to me. The people that work there say it's haunted. My neighbor, she worked as a tour guide for that big church Flagler made. He built most of the town here. When she gave tours for the school children, she'd always feel someone flip playfully at her hair. She always felt it was Flagler's baby girl that died.
  9. And the Androids take over. They would appear just like humans but never die. Just keep getting their parts replaced.
  10. If a virus wiped out most of the people, I could see those left making androids to fill in the gap as babies, children, teens, adults. I guess you could bond some if you were left with no other alternative.
  11. I got an ad for a free Embroider and Needlework class. It zaps you back to a parlor of a well to do Victorian family for the afternoon.
  12. I don't care how pretty that Cubic Zirconia ring is. You're still gonna want a real Diamond.
  13. MyloX, I wonder if that's the root of deep depression for some. They woke up one day and felt something missing or lost. Not realizing their twin self has died. In another world. Even in this life, when a twin dies the other feels a part of them has truly gone.
  14. I see in the future......Stepford Wives, for the men, and yes Stepford Hubbies for all you Lasses! Wheeeee! Now, let me ask this. Your two children, one your own flesh and blood, the other comes with a charger, are both drowning. You automatically, without thinking, are going to save the real child first. Then, after proper CPR and such, you'll tie a rope around the android's foot, at the bottom and drag, or vehicle tow him out. You'll take him back to the factory and get another just like he was. And just Luv, Luv, Luv that new baby.
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