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  1. Re: Re Relative Perspectives Perhaps I'm not following the original question Transient, but it seems to me that Time was created by humans in order to measure the passing of...time. But obviously there is something else there to travel through, but I think Time is commonly thought of as the passing of years and months instead of something concrete. When you ask what it's made of etc, the answer to that to me is nothing, its more an idea or a theory than a tangible thing. I do believe in Time Travel and what not but it's not so much on the basis of time as it is something else. What that is I'm not so sure yet. I apologize as my thoughts are jumbled and it's hard to get them out in words. Let me know what you think Transient. -Rachel
  2. At least he writes relevant information... -Rachel
  3. You didn't prove just now that time travel to the past impossible. You simply stated it's a paradox to kill Hitler. Maybe it isn't possible to kill someone or change a significant event in the past, but that doesn't eliminate the possibility of getting there.
  4. When you say "the Black Hole", I sure hope you realize there isn't ONE black hole... But I'm curious...why is it you think we can't travel in time?
  5. Re: Who has seen 'Donnie Darko'? Donnie Darko is my favourite movie of all time...I'm glad you mentioned it! "...every living creature on earth dies alone..." -Rach-
  6. it's not a matter of if...it's only a matter of how
  7. No one has assumed anything. People have theories, we aren't limited to those. It's like religion, in reality, all religion is theory right? Everyone says theirs is right, but we all know it's just an idea... We have no set definition of Time that everyone must beleive...
  8. We did not create time, we created measurements and increments of it... maybe so we can understand it? :) -Rachel-
  9. creedo- i sent this in a PM but maybe i didnt do it right, i doubt you got it...anyway...i went to yahoo and searched, wasnt sure what to look for...i went to a few sites though...but please let me know... ~*Rachel*~
  10. Im afraid im going to have to disagree on the chances of "aliens" not being able to reach our solar system. many years ago when the atom was not fully discovered, the world all believed aristotles theories over dalton's, who were right, he was just not as popular. Therefore we could be some 2000 years more advanced than we are now. If another race could have discovered this at an earlier time, they could have knowledge now we won't have until the year 4002. As for technology only going so far...it seems logical, but i really dont see how you can tell.. :yum: ~*Rachel*~
  11. im not saying this in any way contradictory or to be a pain, im totally curious, how do you know all this? :D :D
  12. I honestly don't know an extensive amount on time travel, only what ive read online. I am also only 15...but i came to this site and saw the poll asking if we thought people from the future were visiting us. In my opnion, there is absolutely no way to tell. Here's why... If you were to travel back in time, and not travel back to the present, you would technically relive your past. If you were to go back a week in time, you would have the knowledge and experience that you did one week ago, which would not include travelling back in time. So if we are being visited by travellers from the future, it is very possible they themselves would not know they had travelled in time. Also, it is possible time travel will suceed so incredibly far into the future, they don't have the capabilities to travel back this far in the past. It's also possible that if they were to travel back, because of the speed, the molecules in the body were scrambled, and they did in fact not survive the journey... Please reply to this because im dying to hear an opinion on this!!!! -Rachel-
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