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  1. Joan, actually I did train as a psychologist, and I have no problems with precognitive dreams -- I've had a few myself. Do you feel that your ability had some influence on your developing mental problems? You seem to be hinting at some kind of connection.
  2. Sorry, with all the changes on this site I have only just spotted your post -- a year late, I'm afraid. It seems to me that for whatever reason you are one of those rare people whose social conditioning hasn't succeeded in making you automatically censor the kinds of perceptions that you have. It may be that the censor does a useful job in protecting most of us from the disturbing things you have experienced. I have been studying time slips for a few years and I feel that the only theory that really makes sense out of them is the matrix/virtual reality idea. And of course there are plenty of full on "glitch in the matrix" experiences reported all over the net. But while the matrix may exist, it doesn't necessarily mean that you are "the only one here." It may mean that there are fewer people here than appears to be the case though!
  3. I can appreciate that you're in a difficult position. The only idea I can come up with is that you consider writing your autobiography, so that everybody, not just a handful of people on a site such as this, gets a chance to understand what you've been through in your life. As you will no doubt know, there are always those who take an ultra sceptical viewpoint on sites such as Unexplained Mysteries, Above Top Secret, etc., and at least you would get a chance to express yourself in exactly the way you want, and get a larger potential audience. Maybe others who have knowledge of some of these matters would feel more confident coming forward in your support. I wish you luck!
  4. Walt, I don't doubt any of the many experiences that you've had, as described in that link. But interpretation is the problem for me. And I am suspicious of revelations written up for the express purpose of providing explanations for such things that might be parts of a hidden agenda. Do the US agencies have top secret projects in antigravity and time travel? I would say yes and no. I came across a book about the so-called Montauk Project, and it read like complete fiction, and poor fiction at that. But there are also claims that what is really going on there is actually mind control, and that makes more sense to me. If the Nazi Bell device was, as sometimes claimed, a time machine, and it came to the States, maybe that might have led to something -- we just don't know. Maybe UFO pilots are time travellers -- the Rendlesham case is sometimes cited as evidence of that. I have also come across a couple of time slip cases where people apparently entered a future where discoid aircraft were flying about regularly. One thing that came to me listening to your life history, especially in the armed forces, is that although people were noticing your special abilities, and obviously reporting them to higher levels, the only things that came out of this were an offer for you to represent the US at the next Olympics, and the chance to join the FBI. Nobody tried to recruit you in secret projects (e.g. remote viewing, telepathic spying, and the like). If there were highly secret things going on you seem to have been under their radar, which, of course, may actually have been a good thing for you. I have come across only one other individual who has had experiences of the same general kind as yours -- you might have come across him, he is a native American seer named Jimmy Two Hats. He had a web site but I think he is now withdrawing from contact with others and might not welcome attempts to get in touch with him. He gave me a lot of very useful info, but suddenly broke off contact.
  5. I think we have a long wait before any theories about time travel are "proven"! I think we are at the very earliest stages of understanding such things and I think time slips provide the most relevant information. I am still doubtful about Corso and the whole Roswell affair. The whole subject is awash with disinformation. I am inclined to think that experiments with Nazi technology led to the initial crash, and that the alien bodies were a brilliant piece of deception. Quite likely the claims about back engineering alien technology were aimed at disguising the true (German) source of many innovations. Check out Henry Stevens' books. To me the big clue to this was the request to a local Roswell undertaker for several "child sized" coffins! As if the Air Force didn't have plenty of body bags and equipment of their own -- and if you want to cover up the presence of small corpses, why not order regular coffins? The only reason to ask for small ones was to plant the idea of other worldly little men in peoples' minds. However, I agree with you 100% about Travis Walton -- every interview I have seen with him makes him seem totally honest in my view. But then so were the Hills. But if they were the victims of mind control manipulation, they would believe what they thought they experienced. There are no easy answers to these questions. I always thought I had a chance of finding out the truth some time, but now I'm 68 and with not many years left, every issue still seems unresolved and every one of these major mysteries gets more complex the deeper you delve into them!
  6. If different time periods can influence each other then it's already happening and the effects have already, as it were, happened. You couldn't go back and change (say) the colour of your curtains if you know them to be red. If you tried to go back and make them blue, then as they are red you must have failed. What you might be able to do is to create previously unknown effects -- e.g. by burying something in a certain location and returning to the present and digging for it. The real problem is knowing what to do to create effects that you want. You can't change the present and past that you know but you might be able to affect the future. That is the standard argument of scientists and philosophers. The alternative viewpoint is that there are multiple parallel universes and by going back and changing the past in some way you would create a new universe -- I recall an SF story where people could go back on tours to the prehistoric past, but were warned to stay within the area of the machine; one idiot jumps off and runs into the forest and is dragged back by the guide. When they return to the present, the universe has changed and America has voted a fascist dictator into power. The guide examines the idiot's shoes and finds he had stepped on a butterfly...
  7. Thanks, I have downloaded that interview and will listen to it ASAP.
  8. If you had travelled back in time (whether now or in the future) the undesirable changes would have already taken place. So you needn't worry.
  9. That's very interesting. Would you mind giving your grandfather's name and approximate age and the date and location of his experience? It seems like the kind of possible time slip that people would automatically think of as ghostly.
  10. Unlike urban legends, it is often possible to identify and sometimes interview the witnesses.
  11. I'm afraid most of these alleged time travel cases are down to misinterpretation. But there 100s of cases of time slips that strongly imply a degree of time travel.
  12. Yes, this was the theory that the healers had, but I had my doubts. I think a lot of them were using their own energy, chi, or whatever, and a few I know developed health problems themselves. My later healer was a Reiki expert, and obviously they take the line that they are using their own chi or ki. However, when I reported my experiences to him, he remarked that “I had the type of aura that would attract help from the other side.” I noted one clue that might be of interest. The experience that I had most sessions with the Reiki man was of a hand grasping my right foot and pressing its thumb into the area between the big toe and the next one. It was a very strong feeling and I learned that if I thought it must be the healer doing it I would open my eyes and the sensation would fade. The more solid and unambiguous it felt, the more likely it was to be the invisible hand. (Not energy – once the unseen helper got the initial position a bit wrong and had to adjust it.) Now I was already getting herbs from a Chinese doctor and I decided to take up her offer of acupuncture for my ankle problem. When she did she put needles in the ankle area but also always a needle in that same area next to my big toe. I asked her why, and she said this was on a major acupuncture meridian. So it’s a clue that seems to connect the healing with both energy and other worldly intervention! After my breakdown I was grateful for help whatever its source, so no need to freak out. What goes on in this world freaks me out a lot more!
  13. Like you I have had a lot of interesting experiences although on the whole I don’t find such things at all scary. In fact, I find “everyday life” a lot more frightening! But one experience did startle me, and that was when, following a physical breakdown, my wife had signed me up to visit a group offering healing at the local village hall. I started off rather sceptical, but after my first session, when I felt a blast of heat from the healer’s hands rather like opening an oven door, and felt a lot better afterwards, I decided to carry on. The group worked in a large lounge; around the periphery were chairs where you could sit waiting your turn, and after your session you could sit there with a cup of tea and a biscuit. Pleasant “New Age” music was playing in the background. In the middle of the room were pairs of chairs where 5 or 6 healers would sit with their patients before starting their work. One day my regular healer was ill and her place was taken by rather a stern-looking lady with cropped hair and a somewhat mannish manner. I explained that my lower back was my major problem, and she took that in and started. Some healers used to hold their hands over the affected parts but not touch it; others liked to touch as well. My new healer immediately started on my shoulders with a gentle massage. I closed my eyes and relaxed. After a while I felt a strong sensation of heat in my lower back, and then a second later, she started to massage it, very firmly indeed. I could feel her fingers and thumbs digging in and targeting some bones, giving a sense of immediate relief. (“My goodness, this girl’s got strong fingers,” I remember thinking.) The massage eventually stopped and the sensation of heat also, which told me the session was over. In the debriefing moments that followed I explained about feeling the heat before she started the massage, and she looked puzzled. When I repeated it she said, “Someone else must have been touching your back.” I didn’t say anything but I thought this was crazy. Nobody could sneak up and give me a back massage without the healer, the other healers, or all the patients sitting around, seeing it. I was puzzled, then I got a very cold feeling up my spine. Unconsciously, I had been assuming that the plastic seats were made with separate seats and backs, leaving room for someone’s hands to operate freely – but in fact as I could now see they were moulded with seat and back in one continuous curve. Not only could you not get a massage that way but it was impossible for someone even to touch your back! Later on I changed to a healer working outside the group and experienced hands touching me on a regular basis, so I became quite blase about it. But I have never forgotten that first shock…
  14. An excellent read for anyone interested in the Sufi phenomenon! I can't recall now whether I had left a link to my time slip research report on the old TTI site, but here it is for anyone interested in the topic: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2bci69we0ji3avi/THE%20ROUGHAM%20MYSTERY.pdf?dl=0
  15. The key fact about this particular case is that the dervishes weren't changing a known situation (as in the Hitler example). Very briefly, the author was visiting a dervish monastery and expressed scepticism about their powers (to get a response!). In response, he was told to go a long way to a nearby town and mentally select a particular individual. He walked to the town and in the bazaar he picked an old man selling watches. He walked back to the monastery and when he got there was immediately told to return to the town. He must have been feeling a bit irritated by the time he returned to the town the second time, but when he went to the old man's stall it was closed. The guy on the next stall told him that he just missed an emotional reunion. The old man's son had arrived unexpectedly from South America where he had made his fortune, and offered his father a new life with him. The old man had obviously jumped at it and gave away his stock of watches to the other stallholder. The author didn't think the dervishes had really altered someone's life but it looks like it to me!
  16. I did some research into the time slip phenomenon and found that quite a few reported time slips imply physical time travel, so the possible effects of the witnesses' interactions (mostly in the past) on the present was an issue I had to consider. The scientific consensus is that such effects are possible, but the present is what it is as a result of all possible causative influences, including the present and the future, so if you know that Hitler existed and did what he did, you can't alter that. Therefore your attempt, assuming you still try, has already failed, and you cannot do anything to make it succeed. I did come across an interesting report of a telepathic effect on the past in the book "Journeys with a Sufi Master" by H. B. M. Dervish, where a dervish community demonstrated that they could change someone's life by making his son a financial success.
  17. Yes, quite a few of the remote viewers working on the US Army projects wrote books and ran courses.
  18. There is plenty of evidence that RV is effective under controlled conditions. The more dubious tales come mostly from self-proclaimed experts, people who have taught themselves, etc. Check out the SRI research. By the way, a lot of original documents from that period were declassified and can be found online--search for Projects Gondola Wish, Grill Flame, and Stargate. Also for SRI remote viewing.
  19. I'm not sure if it's destabilising unless it arises in someone who is a sceptical type and as a consequence worries that they might be insane. I do suspect that it may be physically debilitating. Training does help to distinguish genuine viewing from imagination, e.g. by discouraging the viewer from speculating about what he is seeing and thereby biasing the results.
  20. I think the key element is the innate ability of the viewer. The SRI researchers were lucky to have a number of really good RV people, especially Swann and Price, and the US Army also had some good viewers. The most important factor in developing their natural skills was the feedback provided. This told them when they were just imagining things and when they had zeroed in on the target, so they were eventually able to distinguish between the two. The most important technique was the paradigm for completely relaxing the viewer before he or she tried to sense the target. Any kind of stress or self doubt would block the process. (When the SRI staff travelled to the USSR to give talks on their findings, the most common question they were asked was, "How do you relax your subjects?")
  21. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before some quasi official body for the regulation of remote viewing is set up. Trouble is, remote viewing is fine provided it's confined to the Earth, but once the viewers venture off planet they get all kinds of dubious stuff that can't, of course, be verified. Even Ingo Swann, who was critical of such people, wrote about his remote views of alien bases on the moon and encountering a non human female in the supermarket, among other oddities. The Heaven's Gate affair is fascinating in itself. Their leader, judging from the videos he made for his followers, was clearly totally deranged, and yet was able to convince some intelligent and pleasant people to give up their lives. Didn't they ask, "but if I have died and left my body, why would I need a physical space ship to give me a lift?"
  22. Nobody has directly compared the two, to my knowledge. However, various people have claimed success using pendulum map dowsing. A German dowser reportedly was able to detect British warships at sea using a pendulum.
  23. The courses may be hoaxes, as you need to have a natural ESP ability to start with, but the phenomenon is real enough. The basic paradigm was developed by the Stanford Research Institute in the 60s, and the CIA took an interest in it for intelligence purposes. The US Army's remote viewing group became well known initially through the book by David Morehouse, Psychic Warrior, and was said to have provided useful information for the military. However, the CIA publicly backed away from the method following a critical review of the project; it is very likely that other projects using similar techniques still operate under a more effective security screen, just as mind control methods have continued to be developed following the closure of project MKultra after its Congressional investigation. The US Army has released several reports on Soviet bloc research into "psychic" phenomena with a view to determining their usefulness for intelligence or offence. There is plenty of original documentation regarding remote viewing on the net.
  24. Sounds like a Victorian unsolved mystery. I wonder if anyone has studied the contemporary police records.
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