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  1. Cold

    Time & unity

    A Interest of kings, and of knights. Strife to find a better future, kill to have a better present.
  2. Cold

    Time & unity

    A Code remains hidden, no matter how thorough. Kill a light, and truth will shine. $%
  3. Cold

    Time & unity

    You cracked the code...... But what to do with the numbers? ^%##$999483mod39293/=r-
  4. Cold

    Time & unity

    Prediction, a tool of humans used to see what happens in the future. Sad to say that many do not see, like we see. Im no time traveler, so what am i? Space has existed forever, and time has existed forever, closing in on itself. A manifold of what was, and what is. I have one message, "Crack The Code". For this code is special, and you might never find it. It doesn't involve public encryptions, nor random blurbs. No, this code is mathematical, iv left clues throughout the image, and this post. Crack The Code. Ridicule me, or try to Crack The Code left in the image. I wish you well, and im really Digging the new layout of the Site. -Cold (Noah) 5+2 = 7 7 mod 5 = 2 Good Luck
  5. Cold

    We're back!

    Please, than you ... so much, i will suck your **** please omg thank you, jk seriously thanks man
  6. Wannabe no ha. But the theory does allow time travel, either way i never gave an expanded viewpoint, And paulajedi i already claimed up to my deception please do not ask for photos. However if time travel has happened we might have experienced temporal distortions. I only typed like that to grab future attention to the fact i was "trolling", and my crappy keyboard made it easy. Hm, true i tried to make up contradicting logic hidden in there, the calculator is corrupting children in the sense of self-learning, back before calculators people had to memorize the multiplication table. Interesting yes, this site did go under a brief period where no ownership had happened until people payed for it. True, i do hope to help every-one on here with discussions on time travel, and i do bid a good day to this old thread.
  7. i might be a fake but logicly the machine would work taking it with it
  8. Okay you got me, but ahhhh, ever one has one claim or two when they sign up.
  9. Yes, very sad. However, time isent one straight line, its a sphere. One poke leaks time out, and the opposite sucks it in. Titors worldline theory isent correct but isent completely crazy, no matter how much you study, no matter how much you try, time travel or not. You will never truly understand the power, and outcome of pure time.
  10. Yes i do have plans to build a new one, though this take multiple people, and lots of time, and some money. A method could be Gravity Acceleration, or even basic electromagnetic charging
  11. 2015? im from 2019, and its the same, seeing technological advances, take years to develop, But ah, the website is not running, But even, if i left a post it would seem like i posted it, and like i said, I dident control my travel. Believe me or not, be the risk, or the doubt
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