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  1. Trust me, my friend, if it were possible for you, in the year 2017, to somehow build a device that would allow for ‘travel into the past’, you would be in for quite a shock once you experienced it. Even if you could manage to get back to your present ‘time’ after conducting your research and data gathering, your brain would have quite a difficult situation in understanding what you had done. Psychological problems resulting from time travel are real and not reversible once the brain keys in memories of the events in which it is exposed to. Also, you will have inadvertently caused yourself to question the nature of reality, because believe me, you will question reality if you do this. As far as inventing some sort of machine, forget about that. The process requires not one machine or computer, but many, in a coordinated effort within a large facility employing a large team of highly skilled scientists, and of course well-trained and educated test subjects to carry out the projects. It is also extremely expensive and requires extensive financial support to continue operations. Even so, the technology is not perfected and is considered high risk.
  2. No, they are not invisible; you can see them, but you would probably not recognize them as time travelers since they look just like any normal person. Even if one of them told you they were a time traveler, you would not believe them anyway, even if you observed their equipment. Earlier this year, I was asked a similar question from a colleague, a new member of our team. He asked, “is it okay to talk to people? Will I be arrested, or will our project be compromised if they find out who we are?” The answer is yes, it is okay to talk to whomever you want, and you can tell them what we are doing… it really doesn’t matter, because no one will believe you; they will discount you and then forget about it. And no, the project will not be compromised simply by talking to people during the project. However, interacting with people will most certainly create a future that is different from the one you left. The changes can be so slight that it’s never noticed, or, the changes could be disastrous. The mathematical model we use predicts an acceptable risk as long as the project is properly planned, and we follow predetermined guidelines to help reduce the risk as much as possible. But simply talking to people and interacting with them poses only a slight risk, which we accept as part of our work.
  3. "Anotherworldlydevice", that is actually a very intelligent question. I can easily answer that question for you: Time travel is used experimentally for the purpose of increasing scientific knowledge. As far as I am aware, this is currently the only purpose of time travel. To elaborate on this just a bit, I could add that one of the purposes of time travel is very simply to try to either prove or disprove the current theory.
  4. This is very silly, but he or she does at least have one necessary component correct; consciousness.
  5. To Paulajedi: Very nice representation of the Torus model. On the right track there. And you are correct, what lies beyond the torus is still unknown, or, more correctly, beyond the scope of the equations. "Something" may exist outside the boundaries of the model, but we have no way of knowing if that is the case, since we are all concerned with applied mathematics, not fantasies. In any case, successful time distortions do in fact rely on the Torus model; however, and while it IS the case that travel to the future, or the past, is not technically occurring (we are not physically stopping, then reversing the motion of every atom in the universe during an experiment), a distinct alteration or 'tuning' of the current experience is in fact occurring, which does allow for a type of 'travel to the past and the future'. It's so difficult to explain, but try to think of a type of 'movement' within pre-existing conditions that have always existed. The process is related directly to entanglement and relies on quantum archiving (recording?) in order to achieve results, all within the confines of the Torus model. It is good to see that you are still here Paulajedi, hope all is well.
  6. Interesting question, I think I can help you understand at least to some degree. When you mention 'mental' time travel and 'physical' time travel, you must first define what is mental and what is physical. The easiest way to understand the concept, I believe, is to think of time travel as a combination of both mental and physical. What I mean by this, is that the mental aspect of time travel is based on the observer who is consciously aware that it is taking place, and is capable of making observations which can be measured, and then observed by others (third party agreement). The physical sense of time travel, while not technically "physical", is based, once again, on the conscious awareness that such a thing is taking place, can be observed, and measured in some way. So in other words, without a conscious observer, nothing can be proven to exist or occur, because nothing can be observed and measured. It can get quite complicated to think about, especially when you get into the idea of transporting information into a 'past' time period, as well as introducing 'new' matter into a time period where it did not exist in the same configuration before the time traveler arrived. There are equations which explain this concept, and actually get around the problem of introducing 'new' matter and 'new' information, because in fact energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only exist in varying formats. As a result, the concept of 'time' can be considered not only inadequate, but incorrect. One of the errors that Einstein made was the idea that time exists at all, which it does not. The term 'time traveller' is not technically correct at all. Instead, the process is actually a type of 're-formatting' of energy. The actual process is complex, and certainly not perfected; however, it works well enough to achieve at least a basic and very limited 'range' for 'travelling through time'. Energy levels required to achieve the shift are exceptionally high, so use of the technology is strictly controlled and its use very limited. It also requires a large facility and a large number of people to achieve results.
  7. I agree. It is this sort of nonsense that is helping to discredit the real science of 'time travel'. It also makes it extremely difficult to communicate with the people here at a professional level, and be taken seriously as a scientist. TR Jameson
  8. It is probably a mute point, because once 'time travel' has occurred, once the energy has been expended, there is no going home.
  9. Very interesting reading, thank you for the tip. Unfortunately, it appears there is no way to prove if Eugene was indeed the son of Leonid Gayduchok. However, the story certainly fits, except for one detail; Leonid Gayduchok, as far as I am aware, never constructed a particular machine that could be entered, in order to travel through time. He worked from a very large complex of multiple buildings and laboratories, as well as a particle accelerator over 100km in circumference. He and his colleagues also used a teleportation system that stretched from the west coast of Africa to the northeast coast of South America (Brazil). His projects were more of a modular construct, utilizing functions of each module simultaneously to achieve a result. The system is currently more of a global effort, but functions basically in the same manner.
  10. Where did you locate the information about Eugene Gayduchok? He may have been the son of a Russian physicist named Leonid Gayduchok, who conducted a series of successful experiments from a complex near Gdansk, Poland, beginning in 2210 and continuing until his death in 2227. He is well-known as the first scientist to implement QP archiving in applied physics.
  11. So here we are, still searching for a re-entry point, and as of yet, no luck. That is expected to some degree when the original insertion point is weak, less stable, and right on the border of normal parameters. Enough complaining and on to the point of this posting. Let's suppose that a 'real' time traveler did indeed visit your era, stumble upon a library, examine the computers in said library, and discover this webpage. Then, out of curiosity, try to make a posting and explain who he or she is. Would you honestly expect to believe any claim of time travel from that person? Of course not, because in 2014 such things are only dreamt of. Certain high-minded people will pick you apart, using antiquated science to do so. As a result, the curious time traveler responds with silly lies or absurd explanations, then leaves, since there is obviously no point in communication with someone who actually has no idea about how the process functions. So, I have said my peace, and now I will leave again; but this time, I will not offer any patronizing words to the skeptics, false scientific data, or anything else. (Would anyone here truthfully expect a time traveler to share technical information?) Have a fun day, TR.
  12. I don't remember, must have been pretty drunk that night !! haha
  13. I can assure you that all information posted by that person is a hoax. His information is clearly in error from any point of view that you choose to examine it, technically or otherwise. The process is far more complex and most likely impossible to properly explain in 2014 terms. I made only one attempt to explain a few of the most basic concepts, some of the historical developments that led to where we are today in this science, and some of the technical details involved with the process. I was met only with ignorance and of course a complete lack of understanding, especially concerning physics such as quantum entanglement, as well as string theory; both key components that will be greatly expanded upon into practical applications much later. If anyone makes claims of predicting the future, you can be assured that such things are currently not possible from a scientific approach. If one travels to the past successfully, it is a one way trip. If he is not successful, he dies. A return trip is not possible with current equipment and processes, and this is mainly due to entanglement only occurring (and being maintained in an entangled condition) between particles and/or harmonics already in existence, not ones which do not yet exist. Since faster than light travel is not yet achievable, it can be stated that travel into the future remains theoretical. A successful traveler will not be able to communicate with his origin, as it does not yet exist. So how does he himself exist in the past, since he didn't exist until a later date? This is actually very easy to explain, since every component of the man existed already, and has probably always existed since the beginning. The problem in travel, however, is how to maintain a specific harmonic between particles at the planck scale when moving into the past, in order to preserve the traveler's life, and, how to enter an area of space which previously did not contain his mass as currently constructed? That's the trick! T.R.J.
  14. I make no claims, predictions, etc. Doing such a thing would accomplish nothing. Instead, while we are here, I would simply enjoy the use of this site for conversation concerning our common interest of time travel. Paula Jedi, how do you know these things about authors? Or, why would you think such a thing?
  15. Paula, my apologies. I didn't realize you were referring to the photograph. That photo was taken in mid-February, at a site we were testing for the possibility of a viable grid point. Some of our equipment is visible; the device I am holding is a type of even recorder (or data collector) that we use during projects. This handheld device is linked to a larger component attached to the top of the black pole (partially visible in photo). A third, even larger device, is positioned over a viable grid point, attached firmly to the ground and positioned in a very precise manner. This device is linked with the other two devices via a signal. The device keeps our team linked, so we are free to explore the area and collect vital data for our experiments.
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