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  1. Einstein, shall we change topic and discuss the Snowden leaked confirmation regarding paid disinformation agents? ;) I'm sure your post history, once carefully looked through, would be an eye-opening and thoroughly entertaining in-field look at how subversion, character assassination and attempted steering of conversation might look. I understand that you might be confident in your 'skills'. But you may want to either discredit me via a false threat accusation towards yourself or create another sock puppet. As I've just voiced these ideas, I'm cutting you off before you can ;) Either way, your replies of not addressing the issues and just insinuating mental instability is now exposed. It's an easy way to discredit someone, but very, very lazy. And thank you for proving my point... Your blind faith in Wikipedia is worth applause. I also have a bridge to sell you....... (awaiting the new excuse or reasoning as to how you can character assassinate me instead of addressing the extremely clear points that the US is waging a subversive war on the populace)
  2. Lol. Nobody is holing up anywhere. I neither have supplies or defense. I am currently watching the middle east conflict and Russia being baited into war. It is like a Clancy novel. Or a series of predictions from a time traveler...
  3. I believe government 'statistics' could also be added into what John said... There is a psychological effect called Cognitive Dissonance that comes into play. "I also think that unwavering belief is dangerous. One very disturbing thing I have noticed about your society in general is your blind acceptance of what you are told. Do you really think the news industry doesn't have an agenda? Do you really think those hamburgers you stuff into your body are safe? Do you really think your government is telling you the truth? What proof do you have of any of that?"
  4. Einstein, having read your posts and replies in other threads, it's fairly evident your MO is to attempt to hijack and discredit via nonsense and your running theme of calling mental stability into question instead of staying on topic. You have just proven my point. I am a pacifist and a political atheist. Nowhere did I call anyone to arms. That is all your words. Again, unless you have something worthwhile to say, just please don't reply. I can easily compile all your diversionary attempts and compile them. As can anyone else. Good day.
  5. I can assure you that If I was privy to any information that might harm anyone physically, or put their life in mortal danger, I'd be screaming from the hilltops. Sadly, a great many people are anticipating yet another bogus 'false flag' style orchestrated 'event' using Crisis Actors in which nobody actually gets hurt, but it will be portrayed as another reason to ban guns. The populace will believe everything, and whatever the US propaganda media churn out will be quite believable to the average citizen. Titor made many references to the 'civil' war that is being waged by the US Federal Empire upon not only its people, but elsewhere. As its no real secret that we have been witnessing an escalation of gun violence in the US, would it come as a surprise to anyone that last month a certain government contractor was advertising for actors willing to participate in a 'mass casualty' exercise to occur in Atlanta on the dates of 27-29 June via Craigslist? Would it also be coincidental that Cobb stadium is holding a children's LEGO exhibition on the exact same dates? If I were the Gov, looking for a final excuse to ban and confiscate guns, a false flag involving many children/actors would be the way to stir up the emotions of the population. Now, this information I have presented is not secret, I didn't time travel to predict it. It's just getting so obvious, it's downright nasty. As we now know there are data collection/fusion centers disseminating all data/communication in real time, and a great many paid contractors embedded in all the forums, it would come as no great shock if this message, my own mental health or any other reason to dismiss the info would be presented. For the old-timers, I will give an indication of what we are dealing with, and that is PROMIS. Only combined with a hefty A.I. and 30 years of evolution. Cheers.
  6. Not particularly. Though the incident may be moved to Sat 28th, possibly due to rehearsals.
  7. Vodkafan, I have been moving from city to country. No job move. Yes, in a way I am fleeing. I still have a couple more days finishing up. I know many may scoff, but I have been studying world politics, military tactics, the global economy and even without considering Titors predictions, I don't want to be in any city. The 27th of this month I am sure of a very nasty incident that becomes the tipping point for the US gun confiscation plans. July 1st onwards has been my main concern though.
  8. WOnderfully written reply RMT. Thank you for taking the time to convey. I will go back and look at the points you have made. Cheers
  9. wow. Have taken a lot of the replies , info, opinions and suggestions and will definitely respond. Am packing my house up at the moment to move rural. I will reread and post when I am able. Cheers.
  10. Please friend, point out one inconsistency, contradiction or flawed logical view. Im more than happy to reference any of my views and beliefs via mainstream articles. Or you could be more civically aware of your surroundings and environment, using critical thinking skills to craft a response that just might contradict your own beliefs. I would like to spoon-feed you drops of information, but again, from your response, you seem to get that just well on your own. Ironically, Einstien, your response sounds like a very young child. Unless there is something about Titor, time travel or the pertinents of the subject, please dont reply. Thank you friend. Cheers
  11. Vodkafan, I replied to yourself and RMT in the other thread, but wanted to clarify this again. I have 1 account here. The website owners or administrators have my email, name and IP logged. I am not in America. Me turning up here has nothing to do with the posting of TT_OO. Not that I am aware of anyway. The only reason I decided to join here is because there was mention that John, or a divergent John would surface in either 2014-2015. Now, according to John's ww3 predictions, I dont see myself having access internet in 2015. I plan to be relocating to somewhere very isolated and rural. If John really was giving us a covert hint about march 2015 and N-day, then we have very little time. His 'civil war' predictions only fall flat if you look at them in the classical sense of the word 'war'. There is, and has been a visible, yet obscured 'war' against the people of America by its government. It 'has' been increasingly getting worse from 9/11 onwards. We now find ourselves in a classic Orwellian society of indoctrination, the removal of opinion/critical thinking and almost every single liberty of a 'free' peoples have been removed. The populace is distracted with twerking, dances, parodys, 'entertainment' and carefully scripted 'news/propoganda' that 'everything is, and will be, ok'... Everything is not ok. Why is the Us postal service, DHS, Parks services and a multitude of government entities buying up million upon millions of rounds of ammunition? Why did the last lead smelting plants close under Obama? No lead smelting means no more production of Ammunition. Why collect, analyze and eavesdrop on every single US citizen? I'm afraid these are not wild and crazy 'conspiracy' theories anymore. I wish they were. Titor predicted an American Federal Empire. Just because there no ACME sign that says 'Federal AMerican EMpire' this way', doesnt mean it is not real. Russia want no part in Americas style of world government. They have banned GMO's, just signed a 400 billion, 30 year gas deal with China and look to become self-sufficient. They dont need the NWO. Though the NWO need them. Days ago Russia opened an expo, inviting every country to make import/export/goods/energy deals with them. A great many countries, companies attended. Though there was quite a few missing 'players' and it was made clear the US put pressure on these entities not to attend or make any deals. Now, considering China have been overtly and covertly buying as much physical gold as possible since 08, they look set to announce the yuan will be backed with 'possibly/rumored' 20,000 tonnes of physical gold in its banks and spread into its population.. (Yes, China have been encouraging its people to buy physical gold too. At last report, the China media and the 1000 gold P.O.S across their land means something big. I can only imagine come July 1st, China will announce their gold holdings, the fact that their yuan is backed by physical gold, will mean they will become the worlds reserve currency. Lets face it, the US has no gold. It's been squandered and stolen a long time ago. Combine that with the fact the engineered 08 collapse meant printing money, fiat money, backed by nothing, has been flooding the market. Well, I'm sure you know the rest.... Cheers Gentlemen. Cheers.
  12. My apologies for the late reply. I cannot always take time for composing my thoughts and an expression. Vodkafan, I can assure you I am 'not' claiming to be anyone but myself. The website owner must have logs of my email address to signup and I'm sure the ability to back-trace these things would be available to them. TT_OO I believe might be the man you're looking for. Call it instinct, gut, intuition, I don't know. Its just what I believe. Look at 'their' age... RMT, after careful thought, and curious pondering, I think that If I were to have something valuable that otherwise might be corrupted, might be attacked, or even lost, I would suspect that a select few 'guards' of information would have the honed ability of experience to 'keep the wolves' at bay. I can appreciate and understand that its been a very long time and a very long road for some. There is some confusion though, as I am unsure of who believes the Titor story, who doesnt believe, what each person hopes to gain, what knowledge they are seeking. This makes communication difficult. My personal belief is that once you look at MWI, it becomes clear as day that the 'theory' seems to be 'for all practical purposes', an umberella or maybe a glove of idea that fits snugly over the existing, seemingly 'unconnected' realms in not only science, but paranormal, personal and other areas that are 'mysterious'. To digest or understand the Titor tale, the only way any of it makes any internally-consistent sense is by using the backdrop of MWI as, at least, a working hypothesis and thus factor into ones thinking. (Or, more accurately, replace our awareness. Much like a 3d understanding of our surroundings and nonlocal surroundings being replaced with a consistent 4d awareness.) Otherwise, then the story doesnt make any sense. I think this is where people have big trouble in digesting the 'predictions. An example is with the seemingly failed 08 Olympics prediction. On the surface, the prediction never happened. To most of us, this is a clear example of why John 'must' be a fake. The Original John was from an approx 2 percent divergence worldline to our own, or his being equal distance relative. Now, I dont know much about the why's, and answers, but someone mentioned somewhere that the 08 Olympics were marred by controversy at the time and they mentioned an approx amount of protesters. For this, we will say, hypothetically there were 100 individual protestors. Now, If I am to 'consider a 'resolvable conclusion' that somehow is a working explanation on John's validity, and MWI's, then the only explanation that I can come up with is that approx 2 percent (divergence) of Protesters, who would have otherwise possibly been the 'needle that broke the camels back', for whatever reasons (divergence) never showed up. Sounds silly on the outset, how could approx 2 protesters be of any difference right? Heres the intresting part. it is very possible that the percentage of protesters 'missing' could well have been the most vocal and If they did happen to attend, they might have inspired the other protesters to be more adamant and vocal about the issue. The way I see it, the only way to take John's predictions seriously is to account for the MWI. Without it,the Titor story is full of seemingly 'failed' predictions and inconsistencies. Now, as debate is often marred with bringing triviality, ego and personal attacks, I can only illustrate this with a very real example of divergence. I have a favourite band, as we all do. Now, I know my favourite musical group consisted of 4 members. 2 were highly creative and innovative, but for the most part, the other 2 were accomplished, just not as creative. Ok, so Band X, before they become popular, decide to enter a battle of the bands with 24 other musical groups of 4 members each. Again, this is just an example, so stay with me. Band X is 4 members. 25 groups of 4 is 100 bandmembers. What if there were an approx 2 percent divergence? Is it possible that my 2 percent, my 2 favourite band members did not attend the battle of the bands. a 2 percent divergence. My favourite band never go on to fame, and I never hear amazing songs from them. Instead of the 2 percent, the 2 creative people going on to being a very visible and major part of musical history, they were not. In my eyes, this explanation works 'only' if we consider MWI. Trying to understand most of what Titor said 'without' the MWI is flawed and really is damn confusing. I think any of John's claims can be explained. You just need to accept the MWI, and it all makes a helluva lot more sense. Im fairly confident any 'confusion' in the John story can be found to be 'internally consistent' in the MWI framework/mindset. Cheers Gentlemen.
  13. Vodkafan, you are overlooking probabilities. Is it a possibility that in one universe you wrote the original Titor posts whilst asleep? Yes, it's 100 percent certain that you did. Johns 'message' was about a new way of thinking. A Copernicum breakthrough in not only science, but in our fundamental limited single universe consciousness being replaced by a 'many' approach. Once you start down the rabbit hole, there is only a broadening of horizon. My question to you. What does depression feel like? Unlimited possibilities or no hope. No possibilities? Cheers
  14. Vodkafan, you've got some good points. If a dog doesn't act like a dog, does that mean its a cat? There is obvious 'expectations' to as what a 'real' John would say or do. Is there an Excaliber test that would appease your minds/bring unwanted government attention to John if he exposed himself without a care? RainmanTime, a scientific explanation to support my claim that everything John said has come to pass within a 2.5 percent divergence. If we drop our expectations and ego regarding all this, then seeing things clearly becomes very easy. I have heard of posers claiming to be John. I can assure you I am not using a sock puppet. My initials are J.T. And I just like those 4 numbers. I would be happy to civilly debate how I see how Johns predictions have come true. I ask just that you keep any questions in point form. Where would you like to start my friend? As for the clown jab, I can see you have a well-sharpened wit :) Cheers
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