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  1. is just a thinking game or you have some evidence? as a thinking game I could suggest you to read about the godel’s theorem of incompleteness and the Turing test. TL;DR. if it is like a real life, none can say you are in a sim.
  2. and even more strange, the lake drawing is quite…wrong, take a look at this screenshot with both altitudes and water, you can see the lake is over the mountain on the right :o also, checking on gmaps, there are mountains names on the left, but there isn’t any mountain, very strange place! [ATTACH=full]622[/ATTACH]
  3. It really looks like the lake is gone forever, looking at the satellite view, there is a big road in the center of the “lake”, I hope they will not flood the only road the little village at the north have… by the way, it’s quite weird that the coordinates points to a glitch on the map.
  4. well, without mention any butterfly effect you may cause with this idea... (see the film "butterfly effect" to have a clue on what could happen)
  5. Actually there is no way to do this, sorry. And as far as I know, also if that could be possible there will be two different possibilities: 1) (present)you send the informations, (past)you read them and change his mind, in that very moment, you create a parallel universe in which (past)you have made different choices, but since it is a parallel universe, (present)you will not see any difference. 2) (present)you send informations, and (past)you received them and use them to change his mind, (past)you will live a different life compared to (present)you and this lead to the fact that the (present)you will have no need to send any information to the past, so the (past)you will not change his mind and so on, in an infinite loop called paradox. welcome to the time travel. TL;DR You can't send anything to the past, and if you find a way to do it, you will find only a big paradox.
  6. realism is not skepticism. I strongly believe that we will understand time and space in a very precise manner somehow in the future, but asking for a time machine to deliver a message to yourself in 2006, it's another matter. I believe we are not alone in the universe, but I strongly believe we will hardly meet another intelligence in the next 1000 years. I believe in some sort of energy you should called soul, but I'm doubtful a pray could do anything to it. Time travel as you talk, is the one from the movies, real time travel is a matter of sending information in no time.
  7. and that's actually alter the past. so, if you (or a single atom) go back to the past, this will alter the past.
  8. oooh come on... are we discussing the story of the film "the one"? by the way, time travel is actually NOT POSSIBLE. stop. want to travel to 2006? your best bet is to invest billions of dollars into a research center and hope.
  9. actually there isn't any true recognized time travel, there are some claims, but nothing has been never recognized as true. there are some posts from 2006, because someone posted them in 2006, and that's quite normal, since this site is online since 2000 and even before. what is the purpose of your travel, if I can ask?
  10. I mean that no time machines exist at this very moment, or at least anything that is usable to go back in time, you asked to go back in 2006, I suppose to go there to change something that happen during that year, but unfortunately, this is not possible. I don't know the reason you asked to go in 2006, but if anything happens in that year, it can not be reached. and no time in the past is reachable at this time. Sorry.
  11. unluckily no time travel machines are available at this time. the best bet you can chose, is to accept what happens in 2006 and start from there.
  12. oh, I've seen just now all of us have already cracked his code... I'll not bore again posting translations.
  13. I really hate when they state pseudo-scifi things or worst, pseudo-programming things like guys it really blows my brain away. Or else I can answer that I've already deactivated the ultra-thin void inside the paradox interceptor behind the electromagnetic field, your argument is invalid.
  14. do you mean someone has contacted Pat Frank? what makes you think this (or well, if I don't understand right, who are you talking about and what makes you think so)? this is intriguing.
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