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  1. WOW! Great video, I always like to listen to Penrose. Thanks!
  2. Robot


    It seems interesting, however my personal philosophy differs a bit. Here is a quote from the link: " it is plausible that it is the exceptional among all mathematical structures"(Nature) I personally don't see nature as a mathematical structure. I believe Math to be a man made logical relationship tool that we try to apply to nature. I don't think nature knows anything about math, it simply often understands the best way to serve it's means. Many flowers are parabolic in shape, by nature. But, I think nature is simply following the correct path which is what man happens to call a parabola,(Parabolas have a mathematical formula/definition). We need to make sure we don't have the tail wagging the dog by saying the flower shape follows the formula for a parabola. When you try to apply math to nature or physics, most of the time it doesn't fit very precisely, we need fudge factors. I think math is a great tool for man, it is the best tool for many applications, but often it falls short in nature or physics. Math is useful for describing nature, but I'm not sure nature understands anything we would call math. Just my .02
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    Except.......................... "The theory is incomplete and not widely accepted by the physics community." Antony Garrett Lisi - Wikipedia "Duff states that Lisi's paper was incorrect, citing Distler and Garibaldi's proof, and criticizes the press for giving too much positive attention to an "outsider" scientist and theory." An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything - Wikipedia
  4. Metal and Rubber do not a human make. Make it look like a human, make it talk like a human. It still isn't human, seems like a big lie to me. I don't think robots will ever have true consciousness, only deceptively complex algorithm's that make it seem that way.
  5. Variable physiology of patients with multiple personalities. Scary! Probing the Enigma of Multiple Personality
  6. An updated version of 2 magic 8 balls throwing answers at each other, LOL
  7. "All preordained A prisoner in chains" "A planet of playthings We dance on the strings Of powers we cannot perceive"...................................
  8. Bottom line is that "Bose–Einstein condensate is propagation of light through a "medium". Many mediums including water "appear" to slow light down. When light is absorbed in a medium, it takes time to re-emit. Bose–Einstein medium is unique for a few reasons. Best explained in a couple very short videos here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EK6HxdUQm5s If you can run faster than 38mph/ 17 meters per second, you could win the race with light in a Bose-Einstein condensate. Keep in mind it is the stopping then re-starting that is "slowing" the light down.
  9. A machine is a machine, no matter how good of a liar it is.
  10. I spent years working as a Dupont Contractor in a R&D facility. All of Dupont fibers including Kevlar, are highly detailed in their development and evolution. I found Corso less than credible in his claim that Alien Technology gave us Kevlar. It wasn't a leap in technology that gave us Kevlar, it was a logical progression with existing polymers. I also feel the same about the laser, looking at it's logical development. Just my .02
  11. An interesting analysis of what it costs to get a pound of something into space. Showing present cost, projected cost, and Space Shuttle cost: Here's how much money it actually costs to launch stuff into space
  12. Does this count? Nasa reveals Boeing and SpaceX to build America's new 'space taxi' | Daily Mail Online
  13. Quark Gluon Plasma is purely theoretical. CERN proof pending, correct?
  14. I've spent plenty of time with Maxwell's equations, never found any that imply anything FTL, can you elaborate?
  15. I am well aware of Cherenkov radiation: Cherenkov radiation - Wikipedia " passes through a dielectric medium at a speed greater than the phase velocity of light in that medium" The words I put in red is "medium". Light never moves faster than it does in a vacuum. In a "medium" , something like water, photons actually still move at the same speed, except, they are constantly being absorbed and re-emitted. The time to be absorbed and re-emitted is what gives the perceived velocity difference. "Cherenkov radiation results when a charged particle, most commonly an electron, travels through a dielectric (electrically polarizable) medium with a speed greater than that at which light propagates in the same medium." The above massed electron can never reach the speed of light,(let alone go superluminal) it merely propagates more quickly through the medium than the constantly absorbed and re-emitted photon does. When you move at the speed of light, if you are constantly stopping and re-starting, your path will take longer. There is no real FTL event with Cherenkov Radiation......................
  16. An interesting short video from a Phd. in Mathematics. He feels there is a supernatural/paranormal element to time that Physics doesn't address: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBFtrWndSZk
  17. Spinning electromagnets don't induce a negative charge. They induce an electromagnetic field. Negative charge comes from a charge carrier, typically an electron.
  18. At absolute zero, molecular action stops, but atomic action does not. The carbon 14 in your body is an atomic clock that keeps ticking, even during cryogenic suspension.
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