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  1. Hi everyone! Any of you have read The Backtrack? It's a novelette about time travel that explains a way to travel that you have never seen before. It's written as an autobiography, and like the presentation says: In these pages I recount my experiences to serve as a manual for all those who can travel back in time. I hope my story will make your lives easier than mine has been. [ATTACH]650[/ATTACH] It's a translation of my original Spanish book El Retroceso, which had a very good reception two years ago (if you don't believe me, you can find a lot of reviews on the Internet and translate them with Google). You can buy it on Amazon, but if some of you have a blog or twitter account where you talk about books or science-fiction I can send you an electronic copy to talk about it. I hope you will give it an opportunity and you enjoy it. I say you goodbye with a time travel tribute video I made a few months ago. [MEDIA=vimeo]229739421[/MEDIA]
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