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  1. They say: " carbon-14 into nitrogen-14 with a half-life of about 5,730 years" That allows at least 2000 years into the future.
  2. Nice argument. But even then whatever in the dewar will go enough further in the future - at least several centuries. How long the C14 decomposes to what decomposes, and what energy does it emit?
  3. Thats the dewar with liquid nitrogen. Whatever preserved in it at -196 degrees celsius will reach the future. Today the only way to send someone in time is to crypreserve him/her as an embryo, and put it in the dewar.
  4. Sorry for the naive question. but if you have already dismissed the need of high energy, why not simply use an accumulator bateries?
  5. My prediction happened :) At least at some extent - ebolaz was cured and vaccines are in development, I think.
  6. I also believe, that aging can be stoped or cured. Simply I think, that it can't happen in the current moment (2015). One example how this can happen is with stem cells.
  7. If not a secret, what is (are) your idea(s) about curing aging?
  8. I will tell you a secret - you will die much earlier form aging :) and you are not doing anything about it. And the question asked was does white holes exist in the way that Hyououin Kyouma imagine it - and the answer is they don't, because otherwise we would see them. And global worming is survivable :) compared with the expansion.
  9. I will tell you a secret - you will die much earlier form aging :) and you are not doing anything about it. And the question asked was does white holes exist in the way that Hyououin Kyouma imagine it - and the answer is they don't, because otherwise we would see them. And global worming is survivable :) compared with the expansion.
  10. In brief, he claims, that in the very distant future there will exist an agency, named "Resurrection Recovery Agency", or RRA, which will be resurrecting people from its past, including us, in terms, that it will be making 3d computer models of us, which models will be uploaded in an internet like structure. All that is needed in order for you to be resurrected is a picture of you and the sun or the moon. Somehow this picture (photograph) will be enough for the future RRA to gain all necessary information about you, including your personality, in order to make the 3d computer model of you. He suggests us all to make as many such photographs as possible, and to spread them through internet as much as possible, in order for them to survive until the moment when the RRA will be formed and will start working.
  11. This can be a matter of education and training. People from the past didn't manage to have our education, and the possibility of getting such a high knowledge on many topics. Plus I don't think, that high IQ number is an absolute criteria. Some of my high IQ friends are extremely uneffective both in the life and in their jobs, but this is another topic.
  12. Your IQ probbably will be the same as the IQ of the future generations. Our brain hasn't changed anatomically in the past several hundred years.
  13. I wish it to be so - there to exist a force, that to stop the exansion - but as far as I know the expansion still goes on, and it goes faster and faster.... and this is scary.
  14. Well, it is the big bang theory. According to it, the universe started with from a very small size, that suddenly expanded (e.g.made a huge explosion of subatomic particles) in all directions like a sphere. Since then, it is constantly expanding. They depict it as a baloon, that gets larger and larger. In the space, there is no friction, since the space is empty - no air in the space, and if you are away from the gravity of other objects, then when you start traveling, you simply travel unstoppably. This continuous expansion of the universe is one of the theories about how the universe will end some day in the very distant future - everything will fly away from each - other, the stars (including our sun) will trun off, and everything will freeze to the absolute zero temperature.
  15. I am more likely to accept the view of the modern astronomy on that. And it is that the universe expands continuously because of the big bang. Everything moves away to each-other simply because in the space there is no friction, that to stop the expansion. This is scary, but if it is the true, then we will have to accept it, and to search for a way to survive that.
  16. The white hole should be something, that spreads matter into our universe. If there was something like that, the astronomy would have lready detected it.
  17. Alright guys. I want to make a list of people, who want to be taken from future time travelers to the time when the human immortality is possible. Here is how I imagine that working. The majority of people, that will join my list, you and I, for example, will have children. These children will live longer than us with lets say 20 - 30 years, or maybe more (due to the progressively increase of the average life span for humans). The children will be teached by us about the real sciece of time travel, and will be given our coordinates, dates, and places from where we would like to be taken into the future, and when exactly we would like to be taken. Thanks to our children and to their children (the future our generations), this information will be passing in time until the moment when the time travel is really invented. Then it will be enough only one person from our future generations, to have the information database about each one of us, in order to recover us all from the past (from their perspective). Why increasing the number of people matters? Because the chance of at least one of our future generation to have an access to a time travel technology increases with the number of people. There are many questions, really that wait to be answered, but I think, that we, or our future generations will answer them all, and will be found the way to recover us in the distant future without causing problems and paradoxes in the timeline, and the future and the present societies, and some day you and I may actually live immortal in the future :) who knows? I did my best to require as less information about the people in my list, as possible. What is needed is your name(s), the place where are you and the time when you want to be taken, e.g. the minimal information about who and when to be taken. If you (like me) want to be taken and immortalized in the future after your death, then will have to periodically contact at least one member of the list in order to be clearly known when you have died. Currently I made a rule for not resurrecting suicided people, because some mentally unstable person may kill himself/herself in order to faster go into the future, and the guarantee, that we will be taken into the future currently is none. Curently there are two people in my list - me and another person from this form. He may confirm his presence in my list, by answering to this topic, only if he wants. Are you with me? If so, write me your data to the email ( [email protected] ) or write in the topic to develope the idea further.
  18. Sooner or later you will loose your familly familly and friends anyway. Why not being revived after your death?
  19. Hello all again :) I decided to revive that topic. Plus I am still gathering people, who want to be immortlizedin the future, in case that the time travel works out.
  20. He may really have dreamed that :) People dream any kind of dreams.
  21. Yes, I wish there was at least one sure option for time dilation, that to have significance.
  22. Time dilation always is diferent. Simply you can't detect it, because it is extremely small. You need super high speeds for at least one of the fans, and atomic clocks attached on the blades of each fan :) (which is hard for me to imagine it) in order to register the difference.
  23. The same - you will see one of them like a single - colored circle, because of its high speed, and the other will be a snail, moving in circle :) P.S. if you connect them both in a single block, then they both will start moving with the same speed, and there will be no time difference.
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