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  1. Has anybody here ever used the hemi-sync program to have your consciousness time travel? Please, no ridiculous anecdotes, only serious responses.
  2. Focus 15 in the hemi-sync program is indeed time travel.
  3. Interesting method for proposed time travel, because it allows only one’s consciousness to travel into the past or future, invisible, disembodied, and unable to create a “grandfather paradox “...
  4. Since the Chinese government isn't banning talking pigs, makes me think they are trying to remove awareness of time travel for propaganda reasons. Suppressing the truth yet again!
  5. i would be careful to not go back farther than the birth of my son. Changing something before his birth which could result in him not being born wouldn't be worth any gain
  6. Had I beaten a dead horse or was I a thread kiler?
  7. yeah, the pic is from 2008. At that time I weighed 180 and was fit, would not have worn sandles as I thought that was a bit weird. 7 years later I now weigh 225, about the weight of the guy in the photo, and I now am forced to wear sandles as I picked up a severe case of Vietnamese jungle rot several weeks ago in Ho Chi Minh City. Have been to the dr twice for it, now taking both antibiotics, and topical and oral steroids to knock it out (methylPREDNISolone tabs 4mg, 300 mg Clindamycin HCl, betamethasone dipropionate cream 0.05%, and I had a shot in my ass (needle) in the doc's office to boot). My wife has now bought me 2 pair of the most professional looking Rockfort sandles for me to wear at work in SE Asia. It's like no matter what we try, destiny pushes us towards the future. I never intended to wear sandles, and God only knows what will convince me to wear olive drab capris........
  8. The small watch in the tomb has 69000 search results when you google it in Chinese, which I just did. paste "小瑞士手表在上思县找到了" into google and you're off to either the truth or one helluva coverup... and the first page of results has a link to: http://history.gmw.cn/2014-05/27/content_11439064.htm Where they explain it is actually a ring from a groundskeeper which was lost and fell into the dig while it was occuring...
  9. there would only be 2 types of time travelers, the selfish dangerous ones, where danger is defined as altering history for personal gain, and the ones trying to stop them.
  10. I think this explanation is a limit state to an equation that is merely an approximation of the actual physics involved, for photons do not slam headward into a point containing all mass in the universe. the only problems encountered with G forces are when thee is acceleration. It's not the speed of light that hurts, just how fast we approach it.
  11. "an empire change"... Interesting that comment was made; I recently experienced a time slip. When I was a kid, my mother and sister worked in a pickle packaging plant one year. I was about 5 years old at the time, and after seeing the snakes, birds, and mice swimming around in the outdoor pickle vats, I have never been able to stomach the taste of vinegar since then. I travel the world and have eaten dog in Korea, pigeon in QingDao, scorpions in BeiJing, but for the life of me I cannot stand the taste of vinegar. I'm also a Christian, and have read the entire Bible, and the new testament, especially the gospels, I have read and re-read many times. For decades now, I have jokingly justified my dislike of vinegar by making an arguably out of context argument that goes like this: (1) Jesus rejected vinegar offered to him on a hyssop stalk while on the cross, (2) We are to be like Christ, (3) ergo, we should also reject vinegar. For decades now, this has been a cute way for me to deflect pickles and other vinegary things at family get togethers. Only one small problem now, my wife showed me recently that Jesus DID accept the vinegar offered to him on a hyssop stalk. So then, yes, empires could change, if Jesus' mind could change about accepting vinegar immediately prior to his earthly death.
  12. I have not only seen my alternate self, but photo-bombed myself in Juarez, Mexico many years ago. I still have that picture; it is one of the first digital pictures I ever took. Strangely though, at the time of the picture, I weighed about 180 pounds and was in top physical condition, the alternate me in the picture looks exactly like the current me, 230 lbs, and a smoker, even wearing clothes I now own... I've been keeping my eyes open for olive drab capris to complete the outfit... I've shown this picture to dozens of people, including my wife, and they all immediately recognize the picture as me; the only thing is, I was the one that took the picture 7 years ago...
  13. All it would take would be a different amount of black pepper at some restaurant, and ... WHAMMO!
  14. I would not go farther back then before my son was conceived, lest a ripple turn my son into a daughter.
  15. Hilarious. Been away from TTI for a while and now I come back to see a belabored thread that digresses into education on basic math. I know why my family is home-schooling our son, but is the public educational system this bad, or did we have someone on here who didn't get math in primary school?
  16. so lots of us on here have been abel to perceive the ripples/divergences that are easy to identify due to the popularity of the person involved. Makes the brane theory more believable than quilted multiverse, cyclic, landscape, or any of the other forms of parallel universe theories, now doesn't it?
  17. surely there are foreigners portraying Americans butchering their languages. I had a perfectly trilingual roommate in Hong Kong and I asked him what does my American accent sound like when I speak mandarin, explained to me in an analogous way that my native English speaking brain could understand. "A very tough question", he replied; one that he had never been asked before. He came back a couple days later and said when I speak mandarin, sometimes I sound like an Indian when they speak English, good grammar and vocabulary, but some sing songiness when I either over-emphasize the tones correctly or get them wrong here and there. Somebody surely must be exploiting this, and if they're not, look out, because I have a file full of Chinese faux pas that are begging for open mike nite at an expat club
  18. good point, a post like the one you mentioned would be meaningless, whereas Einstein's TT proof of simply stating something that will happen tomorrow is really the kind of proof that one needs to substantiate a claim of current TT
  19. Well, my ORT post was put on hold when TTI went down, and for the past 3 weeks i've been criss-crossing Asia. Alas, perhaps next couple of weeks i'll get some long overdue R&R time and cen get online for more than a minute...
  20. multiverses are mere theory, with no proof and they are not falsifiable. However, having said that, if you jumped into a parallel universe, you'd not only leave one behind without you, but you'd enter one with 2 of you.. a shortage here and an overage there.
  21. Well Darby, I suppose they would all see exactly what you do, since you have changed the past; they see the most recent version of history. Whatever originally happened would have been undone by your cavalier trip 20 light years into the past. I realize most people make the argument that if at some time in the future you change the past, then the past would always have been changed, and you should have seen yourself intercept the ball the first time you looked into the telescope, because if you saw yourself intercept the ball, you h=would have no need to travel back in time to do it because it already happened, so you you don't, then it doesn't, so you do, but...... but this is linear chronological logic, which wouldn't apply if you were capable of history meddling.
  22. you'd've thought he could have figured this one out with a little help from Wikipedia or some 15 year old who's good in math... HAHAHAHAHAH
  23. the first time you looked was prior to your altering their history, so you saw the original version of history. The second time you looked was after you had altered their history, so you saw yourself intercepting the ball. Being the time traveler, you get to see both without any contradiction
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