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  1. RMT: You are correct about the light not blinking. I just spent the last hour observing airplanes with a pair of binoculars. What struck me about the solid green and red lights: I couldn't make them out on the majority of the airplanes without the assistance of binoculars. Even with the binoculars, the flashing strobe lights and the flashing red light would completely bleed out the solid green and red light, making it difficult for me to ascertain whether it really was a solid light, or if it too were flashing. This convinces me more that the light I saw last night wasn't simply the navigation lights. Those lights are tiny and very hard to see from the ground. Additionally, none of the airplanes I observed just now, or any that I can remember, have ever been just a single, solid color. Red and white are always present (and were present) on every airplane I just observed. If this thing were a helicopter, then I should have been able to see the white tail light as well last night. It's not there. Ever. And it's really confusing that this thing would have flown south while facing east; continue east still facing east. Decide to turn west to move west; turn and face east again. And then turn and face west before heading south again. The only thing I am not clear on, and hopefully you can clear it up: does a Helicopter require the Red flashing light? And does it require strobe lights as well?
  2. It couldn't be navigation lights. First, navigation lights typically blink. In fact, in the second video an airplane with navigation lights flies by and is clearly blinking. Second, when I first spotted the object is was to the north of me; it headed south about two miles before it reached the Sear's Tower. The entire time, it was green. The back navigation light is supposed to be white. Third, the object is seen moving south, east, west, and northwest. It was never white. If anything, the navigation lights rules out it being any helicopter. Thank you for that information.
  3. That was my initial thought, too. I checked the routes for the Helicopter tours in Chicago, and none have a flight path that goes as far north as I this thing was when I first saw it, nor do they cut right through downtown.
  4. For it to have been a tiny drone, it would have to have been super close. An airplane goes by in the second video, giving a reference for height, at least. Also, I could see the thing as it went behind the Sear's Tower, meaning it was at least 2 miles away from me. No chance I could have seen, much less filmed, a tiny drone like this at that distance.
  5. Hi friends I haven't posted here in a while, but something crazy happened to me tonight. I saw a UFO. While walking home from work, I noticed a green, flying object. It caught my eye because it was an unusual color, and it was solid. It wasn't flashing, nor were there any other colored lights. I began recording it when I noticed it simply stopped near the Sear's Tower. The videos are below. I am open to any ideas as to what this could be. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbpxNUVCq_A [video 2] In the first video the object is clearer because after it moved again, it appears it increased altitude by quite a bit. My first thought was that it's a Helicopter, so I checked the Helicopter Tour routes through the city, and it turns out none of them go directly down town. So I am at a loss.
  6. I don't know what you mean. The test was to get a screenshot of the managers. I did it. Moz
  7. I am not suspicious of the official story because I can see no reason to lie. On the other hand, I could see why one of Osama bin Laden's children would announce his death. If taken seriously, the U.S. would have stopped pursuing him. However, by claiming that Osama bin Laden was slain in 2011, President Obama would have put himself in a precarious situation were it not true. If Osama bin Laden shows up alive, or if somebody in al Qaeda brought the definitive proof that Osama bin Laden had already died, President Obama would have surely lost in 2012. No question. Not to mention, al Qaeda officially responded to the death of Osama bin Laden in 2011. A message signed by the "General Leadership" was sent out speaking about how our joy would soon turn to sorrow and that killing bin Laden would not kill that which he fought for. Moz P.S. I will find the interview when I get home. Youtube is not allowed at work.
  8. Titor was definitely a hoax and whoever was behind it tried to profit from the hoax. There is a company "The John Titor Foundation" based in Florida that has copyright to various aspects of the Titor story, such as his military insignia. It also published a very unsuccessful book. In a sense, yes, Titor was a con artist. He just wasn't very good at monetizing the myth.
  9. Bhutto clearly misspoke when she aid Omar Sheik murdered Osama bin Laden. Omar Sheikh is only famous for murdering American Daniel Pearl in 2002 by beheading. And had been incarcerated for it since 2002. Additionally, if you watch the whole interview, Bhutto refers to Osama bin Laden alive multiple times. If Osama bin Laden had been definitely murdered, it would have been a huge news story somewhere.
  10. And in confirming Delp's death, I learned Boston finally released their sixth album. I suppose it can't be worse than the 2002 album! Moz
  11. I announced quite confidently in a room of 10 people, "but too bad Steve Perry's dead." And everybody disagreed. My best guess is that I'm simply mistaken and that I picked up that he died around the time Journey replaced him as lead singer. Now, if Brad Delp from Boston comes back, then I'll know for sure something is up! I remember exactly what I was doing when I heard about his death. Moz
  12. Roberta: I traveled in time last night, too! I went to sleep on 8/21 but when I woke up it mysteriously was 8/22. I, too, woke up in nothing but a shirt and underpants! Moz
  13. It's funny you mention those theories of conflicting memories. This week I was shown that Steve Perry of Journey was still alive. I was certain he died in the late 90's and that is why the band replaced him as lead singer.
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