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  1. Event 201 is a real pandemic exercise dreamed up by Bill Gates and Johns Hopkins. If you read about it, it sounds eerily like this Covid situation. My theory: Covid=Flu renamed. All flu tests were made DUDS. Motive? Event 201. In 2020, the flu vanished....or did it? The flu kills thousands per year. Why would it just vanish? I think they simply took the flu and called it Covid. Could it be that simple? https://centerforhealthsecurity.org/event201/ I remember when they said thousands of bodies were stacking up at hospitals. Florida health care workers said their ER's were slow. Others in states like New York investigated themselves and did not see lines, or bodies, or any extra activities around hospitals. Do not trust your television. It's a lie. What's in the vaccine? Saline? Something that changes our DNA? I just know it is experimental and I will not take it.
  2. Wow, that's a creepy story. They always say that legends begin with a tad bit of truth.
  3. Here are some photos of this carp.
  4. Banning anything without having means to enforce said ban is equivalent to ensuring that evil people will most assuredly employ that which is being banned for their own perceived benefit." Yes. Banning things with no backup plan is also simply idiotic, like reducing our oil production without giving us access to low cost electric vehicles. Are we all supposed to ride horses to work, or does horse shit cause global warming? (Sarcastic). And I agree, banning things like guns only ensures that the innocent have no guns and the evil people still do. It actually makes guns a valuable commodity that thrives in the black market and more crime is created as a result. I believe you about the upcoming war. I have a hunch. You were able to put it in words. 🙂 "The two previous World Wars came about because of tyrannical government movements that sought to oppress certain groups of people." It seems to be a pattern. A "HItler" seems to keep trying control the world over and over again. What is wrong with humanity??!
  5. I skipped the flu shot for the first time in years and only got a small cold this year. I survived the flu season. Incidentally, my son brought the cold home from school, all while wearing a mask and social distancing. What does that tell you? The sheep won't listen to me. They want the security blankets on their faces. So, I await this next season to see how much fear mongering the CDC is going to do.
  6. "PROPOSED: Whatever intention you can describe for the concepts of Time Travel can, should, and do have a reciprocal description (& engineering definition) in the Frequency Travel concept. " I do not possess as much knowledge of Physics as you, so please consider me a student of the topic. I've considered frequency in my thought process and thought about using sound as a method of time travel. My only problem is, what exactly am I trying to accomplish? I determined, and I do not know if I am correct, that sound would travel fastest through liquid and metal, so I wondered if we could achieve faster than light sound waves by using a circular vat of liquid mercury. Would anything happen? I apologize if it sounds off the wall. I didn't really have a goal in mind but pondered what would happen to sound frequencies if they traveled faster than the speed of light. And then, I wondered how we could do it. I came up with this.
  7. It's really quite odd. If you search for "2021 flu season" you will see everyone agreed that the flu disappeared. Then, I read an article saying the next flu is going to be dangerous, and now not a whole lot. I really think they test all of us by putting out news pieces and seeing if we react. Here is a sample. NBC... https://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/after-year-virtually-no-flu-scientists-worry-next-season-could-n1266534 And nobody asks WHY? It isn't odd to the sheep at all? To tie in the previous conversation, what does this have to do with Trump? All of this began while Trump was in office. I am not blaming him, but some of us feel betrayed that he is allowing this to happen and is still pushing the vaccine as well. I don't trust this vaccine. Why is he promoting it? (see "desk" at www.donaldjtrump.com). Didn't Trump find it odd that the flu disappeared, or does he know what is going on? Our biggest question is WHY. WHY. WHY is greed and evil so strong that people are willing to destroy humanity?
  8. @Classicalfan626 If he did sign the Insurrection Act, wouldn't he be in charge? Why would he allow some of these horrific Biden policies?
  9. Ok, was this a dream? Which actor?
  10. Last week of school. I'll have more time to help you test, now. Just keep in mind our time difference. LOL.
  11. There has been no other mention of the flu. Sometimes, I think they throw out news stories as experiments, and people didn't fall for this one. Not many even bat an eye when we tell them the flu vanished. I believe the flu tests were made to be duds and they simply renamed the flu Covid. And there is more recent evidence that it was developed in the Wuhan lab. (You can do a search and find it). The moral of the story is to live as healthy as possible, get sunshine, and don't trust any government. That is the key to survival.
  12. If time travel exists 1000 years in our future, you can bet that they've been visiting the past. They would need to be stealth to do it, IMHO.
  13. I will try to remember. But I won't be home Saturday! It's my son's birthday.
  14. I still believe Titor was fictional but there is always the possibility of Habers being TOLD to do what they did. It all could be one big joke, too, but "Titor" was right. We are sitting back watching our freedoms being taken away. I will be 65 in 2036 and hope TTI still exists.
  15. I agree Kerr. By not pursuing the insurrection act, the guy we trusted, Trump, handed us over to all enemies on a silver platter. They are using viruses to control us and even China is making threats to use more viruses as a biological weapon. Trump could have stopped this with one stroke of a pen. I will never understand. I think that there will be sheep that will wear masks indefinitely, especially if MSM convinces all of them that this is a more dangerous flu. MSM is simply one big propaganda machine.
  16. I hope you are right. Trump WAS quoted saying he wanted people to see how bad this administration would be. Is there any place we can see if the Insurrection Act was signed? Trump seems a bit quiet about the vaccine, but has in no way told us what is really in it.
  17. First, the flu vanished. (Or it was renamed Covid). Now, news outlets such as fox (which I don't watch. I just saw it pop up on my phone) are declaring that Covid will be gone by winter and the FLU is the next danger. How can anyone possibly trust any of this BS? The flu has always been dangerous to the elderly and those with weak immune systems, but they want masks to be permanent. I guarantee you --- middle eastern style face garb will become permanent. This doesn't make you suspicious in any way? It doesn't raise a red flag? Scared people can be controlled. It has been proven with the Covid BS. Event 201 was even planned just before this Covid crap. This is all one big experiment in control and sadly, it is working. Our freedoms are being removed one by one. The U.S. Constitution is being ignored. When the judges are also corrupt, you can basically just toss it in the trash. The flu vanishes one year and is now supposedly going to be dangerous the next year? And the sheep don't find that the least bit odd? Wow, I thought masks worked (according to them)? I wish people would wake up. I didn't get the flu shot for the first time and I have not been sick for over a year. I got sick a lot WITH the flu shot. I don't wear masks unless I go to the doctor and they demand it. (I can't walk out. I do need my annual checkup). It's so frustrating to see how bad this new administration is controlling the sheep. And instead of thinking, they will shame you and ban you and cancel you. Not that I care. The Reebok store literally told us to GET OUT when we walked in without a mask --- and this is after DeSantis declared we are no longer in a state of emergency. (We never were). I told the sales guy to move to China and we spent our money elsewhere. In conclusion, expect more BS because they are bringing the flu back, but will push fear to control you. Me? Not falling for it. No mask. No Vaccine. Still alive.
  18. Razimus received an email with a confession from one of the Habers. Now, if you want to be really creative, you can believe that maybe a time traveler told them to do it. You never know. But Larry was an entertainment lawyer and every lawyer on the planet is out to make a quick buck. Unfortunately, they hurt someone in the process, and created an entire world of schizophrenics that now believe Titor visits them. The Karma of this saga has been extensive.
  19. Look what I missed, being busy. I just ran out of things to ask Titor. And impostors come and go.
  20. I’m not so sure it is anxiety. I feel a longing when I am alone in the woods, which I enjoy immensely.
  21. I will check it out soon. The earth is full of fractals, that’s why the computer versions look so real. Even sound makes them.
  22. I hope they taught it how to clean the dust off its sonar panels.
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